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More mileage from LinkedIn; best web site colors

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December 3, 2012


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***Getting more mileage out of LinkedIn***

1—Make your profile easier to share and remember with a LinkedIn
“vanity URL.” Example:

2—Customize the anchor text on the links to your web site and
blog. For instance, instead of “blog,” say “Stock Investing
Blog.” Each profile can display up to 3 web site links and they
can be customized.

3—Optimize your profile for search engines by adding keywords to
various sections such as the headline or summary.

4—Use the SlideShare application to allow LinkedIn users to view
PowerPoints of your key presentations.

5—Add an icon known as a Profile Badge to your web site; it is
hyperlinked to your public LinkedIn profile.



***Web site color design tips***

>> Use a limited color palette. Choose and use two main colors
in additional to black. Use these colors consistently throughout
every page of your site.

>> If you use your two main colors consistently, you can
occasionally draw attention with an accent color that stands out
from this limited palette – for instance, on a button you’d like
visitors to click. See the red push pin in the upper right
corner of the home page as an example.

Source: Copyblogger, 11/14/12.


***Turning webinar non-attendees into leads***

Don’t neglect the folks who register for your webinar and then
do not attend. Although not everyone who registers will be able
to attend your webinar, anyone who registers is probably
interested in your topic.

Follow up diligently with all. Send attendees a “thank you for
attending” note; send those who didn’t a “sorry we missed you”
note and encourage them to access the webinar on-demand by
sending a link to the archived content. The on-demand period can
generate 40 percent or more of your total attendees, so don’t
take it for granted.

Source: Target Marketing e-mail, 11/21/12.


***Getting leads from Facebook***

What kind of conversion can take place on Facebook? Fan
acquisition is most common, or asking a user to “like” your
brand. Ads with conversion events that stay within the platform
perform better than landing pages outside of Facebook.

Example: Details magazine used Facebook ads to promote a contest
for a trip to NYC. They had a dedicated Facebook landing page
for their “Homerun Sweepstakes” that required you “like” their
brand page before you could enter.

Source: Social Ads white paper, Trada, p.1.


***Best sentence length for copy***

“Use short words, short sentences, and short paragraphs in
writing copy,” advises master copywriter Ted Nicholas. Keep 75%
of words 5 letters or less. Sentences should average 8 to 17
words. Paragraphs should have no more than 5 sentences. But vary
the length, says Nicholas. Otherwise your copy will seem
repetitive and boring.

Source: 87 Marketing Secrets of the Written Word, p. 7.


***Avoid humor in global communications***

When dealing with foreign partners, “keep the message clear,
conservative and on the mark,” said Amy Frey of ATC
International. She recalled a time she received foreign business
partners in America on Halloween and decided to conduct the
meeting in costume to introduce them to the American tradition.
The foreigners, she said, didn’t quite understand her gesture.

Source: SIPAlert Daily, 11/8/12


***The 6-letter word that doubled sales***

A copywriter working for a shampoo company wrote on the bottle:
“Lather. Rinse. Repeat.”

By adding the word “repeat,” he effectively doubled product
consumption and sales.


***Overcoming price resistance***

To overcome “sticker shock,” quote the price in more palatable
terms. If your price sounds too high, rephrase so it sounds less

Instead of $60, offer three easy monthly payments of $19.95
each. Instead of $100, sell it for $99.95. Instead of $22, make
it $19 plus $3 shipping and handling. Instead of $1,000, make it
$500 upon order and $500 upon delivery.


***Accepting someone’s business card***

Ask everyone you meet for their business card, advises an
article in The Successful Practice. When they give it to you,
look at it. A business card is an extension of the person.
Handle theirs with respect.

Let them see you put it in your wallet. Ask for a second card to
pass along to someone who might be interested in their product
or service. Then do so.


***Why I don’t multi-task***

“Multi-tasking” — doing two or more things at once — means
you’re not giving any one task your full concentration.

Don’t, for example, read mail while talking to a prospect over
the phone.

Philosopher Umon sums it up this way: “When walking just walk,
when sitting just sit.” Poet May Sarton adds: “Do each thing
with absolute concentration.”


***Quotation of the month***

“Of all the forces that make for a better world, none is so
powerful as hope. With hope, one can think, one can work, one
can dream. If you have hope, you have everything.” –Memorial
Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center


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