The safest way to profit from rising oil prices!

Dear Ben Berentson:

If you’re a regular reader of Forbes magazine, then you may have already heard about the amazing profit potential of “Canadian energy/royalty trusts.”


These closed-end investment trusts produce a steady stream of earnings from royalties received from the distribution of natural gas and oil.


They are yielding a handsome 10% to 14% dividend income … taxable at only 15%. And they have capital appreciation as well.


That appreciation can be considerable: for instance, Shiningbank Energy Income Fund, an oil and gas royalty trust with properties concentrated in West Central Alberta, has been returning an average 29% annual gain since it was formed almost a decade ago.


And if you're an American investor, you pay a special 15% withholding tax to Canada, for which you can get a full credit against your U.S. income tax bill. So your dividend is effectively tax free if you hold the stock for more than 60 days!


As continued geopolitical instability in the Middle East threatens to interrupt the flow of oil imports to the U.S., savvy investors are adding energy investments to their portfolios to hedge against rising oil prices. And there’s no safer energy hedge than these high-yield energy trusts.


That’s why Richard Lehmann -- who, here at Forbes, is our “Secret Weapon and the #1 quoted source on bonds, preferred and convertibles” -- recently issued a priority “buy” alert on his #1 Canadian energy/royalty trust pick.


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Trusts may be "boring," but...

I admit it: I'm a sucker for safe profits.

The whole idea of collecting a fat 12% dividend from an energy trust - and paying a paltry 15% on the dividends I collect - sends my "greed" hormones into overdrive.

However, when I start telling my friends about Richard Lehmann's high-yield royalty trusts, bonds, convertibles, and preferred stocks ... their eyes glaze over!

They admit to me that they find the whole subject of fixed-income investments "boring."

But to me, there's absolutely nothing boring about earning double the returns of the S&P 500 ... with far less risk than buying individual stocks.

Now, Richard Lehmann wants to help YOU clobber the market ... with his ultra-safe, low-risk bonds, preferred stocks, and convertibles.

In 2003, Richard's top fixed-income portfolio generated an incredible 47.3% return.

And in 2004, a volatile, nail-biting year for investors, his top fixed-income portfolio still produced a respectable 15% total return ... nearly double the return of the S&P 500.







Low Risk






Medium Risk






High Risk






Convertibles -8% +4.8% -.07% +24.3% +17.99%







S&P 500












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We sleep nights with handsome profits others find "boring"

Like I said, lots of investors find bonds "boring."

They look for the thrill of a big return on a tech company or other high-flying stock...In much the same way that a compulsive gambler mindlessly feeds coins into the dollar slot machine in pursuit of the big pay-off that never comes.

But given the anemic performance of the market these days, more and more investors are realizing that stocks aren't the only way - or even the best way - to build your investment capital.

That's why my colleague, bond expert Richard Lehmann, launched Forbes/Lehmann Income Securities Investor over a decade ago -- to help you find ultra-safe, high-yield fixed income assets with 3 important advantages you won't find in most stocks:

1.) High-yield providing a steady income -- Follow Richard's recommendations on which fixed-income securities to own, and you can live quite nicely on the cash flow they generate!

2.) Preservation of principle - Richard maintains several portfolios where a primary objective is to never lose money ... important if you've stopped working (or plan to some day) and your earning power is limited. 

3.) Above-market total returns - Even though gains are not the primary objective of   fixed-income securities, Richard's high-yield portfolio handily beat the Dow five years in a row, earning a total return for 2003 of more than 47%.

This conservative approach to building wealth has paid off handsomely for Richard's readers in both bull and bear markets.

For instance, during the crash of 2000, Richard Lehmann kept his subscribers' money safe, outperforming the NASDAQ by a whopping 51.4%.

He beat the S&P 500 by 49.8% in 2001 ... and again by 34.1% in 2002.

Making your portfolio safe with Richard's bonds, convertibles, and preferreds in today's volatile market is vital to your plans for a safe, secure retirement.

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Is your portfolio safe - and profitable?

Does your portfolio contain enough bonds? If you're like me, probably not.

Stocks are "sexy" and bonds "boring." As a result, says Richard Lehmann, most of us are over-invested in stocks - and don't have enough assets in safe, high-yielding fixed-income securities.

"At retirement, you should have approximately 50% of your portfolio in fixed-income securities, and that percentage should increase for every year you are retired," says Richard.

Therefore, if you are 75 and retired at 60, you should have 65% of your wealth in fixed-income securities. Do you?

If not, I recommend that you add to your portfolio some of the high-yield securities Richard Lehmann recommends each month in Forbes/Lehmann Income Securities Investor.

He's found bonds and preferreds with yields of 7 to 12% -- and convertible preferred stocks with profits of 100% ... 120% ... even 144%.

For every $100,000 you invest in a portfolio of fixed-income securities with an average yield of 10%, you get $10,000 a year in income.

Build your fixed-income portfolio to the million-dollar mark (often quoted as the "magic number" for retirement savings), and you collect a cool $100,000 in annual passive income -- for doing absolutely nothing!

But it's not easy: 95% of the bonds that come onto the market are NOT available to the individual investor.

Of the 5% you CAN buy, only Forbes/Lehmann Income Securities Investor shows you which are actually worth owning -- and which to avoid. Click here to get started.

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  • Free Report #2) Earn Powerhouse Returns in the New PET Bonds - Preferred equity-traded bonds (PETs) are the hottest investment in the bond field. Invest as little as $25 in highly attractive bonds that would usually require a huge minimum investment. PETs are exchange-traded in $25 denominations, allowing you to follow their prices like stocks.



  • Free Report #3) Richard Lehmann's Bond Investor's Owners Manual -- The good news is that coming off two of the worst years ever for bond defaults, most of what was going to go bad has already done so. Richard's carefully timed purchases of select below-investment-grade bonds can help you beat current low yields on AAA to BBB bonds.


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You can't afford to sit on the sidelines

Don't sit on the sidelines in cash. Money market rates are a miserable 1%. At that rate, inflation will cause your net worth to shrink every year you do nothing.

With Forbes/Lehmann Income Securities Investor, you can diversify your portfolio away from stocks -- and into safe, conservative convertibles, preferreds, and bonds paying handsome yields of 10% or even higher.

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Charles Morgan
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