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Dear Lindsay,

The New York Times says they are a "great innovation...a boon to depressed markets."

Euromoney Institutional Investor predicts that this new, highly-leveraged investment will "shake up the world."

And The Economist praises it as a "new tool to deal with increased volatility ... a more leveraged way of protecting individual bets."

I'm talking, of course, about the new Single-Stock Futures -- perhaps the most exciting and profitable investment vehicle of the 21st century.

Single-stock futures or SSFs as they are called, give investors an unprecedented 5:1 leverage -- allowing you to own any or all of 85 popular stocks in 15 choice sectors for just 20 cents on the dollar.

That means your up-front costs are greatly reduced. For instance, you could buy $10,000 worth of IBM by putting up just $2,000!

And, with these highly leveraged trades, even small movements in the prices of your stocks -- up or down -- can generate tremendous a relatively short amount of time.

With 5 to 1 leverage, modest gains of just 3% to 4% in your stocks can turn a $40,000 investment into a $505,712 nest egg in just one year.

That means an investor with $80,000 in his account can literally grow his portfolio to over $1 million in just 12 months!

Earn 143%...149%...472% or more per trade!

As you know, normally when you buy stocks on margin, you have to put 50% down.

But single-stock futures have only a modest 20% margin requirement. That means you can control $100,000 worth of stock for just $20,000.

With this attractive 5 to 1 leverage, you can easily turn even a modest gain in a stock's price into a large leveraged profit.

Already, we've used SSFs to earn tremendous profits from "ordinary" stocks -- literally in just a few days or weeks.



Micron Technologies -- 149.4% leveraged profits in 7 days.


American Express -- 35.16% leveraged profits in 2 days.


IBM -- 143.9% leveraged profits in 10 days.


Q-Logic -- 94.4% leveraged profits in 19 days.

Take Micron Technologies as an example. We simply purchased a futures contract on the stock. (Ordering this contract is as easy as calling your broker to buy the actual stock.)

One week later, Micron shares were up 29.88%. That's a quick, handsome gain.

But hold on a minute! Because of the 5:1 leverage, the actual return on the money we put up for this contract is 5 times the gain in the stock price. And 5 X 29.88% = a whopping 149.4% return!

Now, in my new book, The Single-Stock Futures Revolution, I show you how simple and easy it is to profit from the incredible leverage of SSFs.

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The greatest market discovery of the 21st century

For 18 years, political infighting between the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Commodities Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) prevented single-stock futures from being granted regulatory approval.

But in 2000, Bill Clinton signed a law empowering exchanges to offer futures on single stocks, and SSFs officially began trading on November 9, 2001.

And in just a short time, pro traders and savvy investors have discovered that SSFs offer a host of advantages other investment vehicles do not provide.



Greater leverage -- 5:1.


Lower margin requirements with 0% interest.


Realized gains credited daily to your account. You can access your profits while your trade is still open!


Extremely high liquidity.


You can close one trade and open another and pay one commission.


Trade any time of the day or night.


Global diversification -- reduces reliance on U.S. market performance.


Handles long and short positions with equal ease.


No need to wait for an uptick when you want to go short.


Lower prices.


Stop orders to reduce downside risk.


Exchanged-traded -- you can move in and out on a dime.


No slippage or time decay.


Small bid/ask spreads.


Commissions can be lower than stocks.


Trading is actually more cost-effective and easier than with individual stocks.


Ideal for both short-term trading as well as longer holding periods.


No management fees.


No special account needed. Just use your existing broker.

"It's my opinion that single-stock futures are the most important revolution in trading since the advent of electronic markets," says David Nichols, Editor of 21st Century Investor. "The Single-Stock Futures Revolution is the definitive book on single-stock futures -- truly one of the most important books to read if you want to be active in the markets."

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Trading futures on single stocks --
once impossible, now is easy!

Whether you're an experienced options and futures trader ... or a stock investor getting into options and futures for the first time ... The Single-Stock Futures Revolution makes it easy for you to start trading single-stock futures like a pro.

You'll discover:


Which exchanges trade SSFs? On which stocks can you get contracts for single-stock futures? (See page 62.)


How to place an order for single-stock futures -- with one simple phone call to your regular broker.


No special account needed! (Page 116.)


The 8 best trading strategies for boosting SSF profits. Which is right for YOU? (p. 139)


Why SSFs are the ideal contract for short sellers (p. 51)


The 9 types of SSF orders you can place -- and when to use each (p. 115).


Minimizing your risk with "instant diversification" (p. 154).


Your company won't let you sell shares of their stock you hold in your 401(k).


Now you can bypass this restriction without ticking them off (p. 157).


How to reduce your risk (p. 192).


10 ways you can make big, fast profits using single-stock futures (p. 45).


Maximize trading profits from energy ... technology ... health care ... telecommunications ... biotechs ... airlines ... and other niche sectors (p. 157)

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Trading pros praise The Single-Stock
Futures Revolution

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--Phil Erlanger, Editor, Erlanger Squeeze Play

"A wonderfully complete guide ... perfect for both the novice and experienced investor. I strongly recommend this book."

--Tobin Smith, Editor, ChangeWave

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Bill Johnson

Bill Johnson, Editor
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