Breakthrough Report, Internet Loss Leader Strategy, identifies top list building secrets and Helps Internet Marketers with their online lead generation and prospecting techniques.

River Vale, NJ - For decades, retailers and direct marketers have used "loss leaders" - inexpensive items sold at or below cost - to acquire new customers. Now, a new,free special report, "The Internet Loss Leader Strategy," written by freelance copywriter and Internet marketing consultant Bob Bly, shows Internet marketers how to build their email-lists using an online variation of the offline loss leader technique. The report can be downloaded free at:

The report outlines a case study: Bly using the Internet loss leader strategy to acquire new names for his Internet information marketing business.

According to Bly the strategy is simple, yet powerful, "In a nutshell, I created an e-book, priced it at $39, and notified my bigger affiliates that they could offer it for only $19, a $20 discount off the cover price."

Bly added, "To give my affiliates an incentive for promoting this to their lists, I offered them a 100% affiliate commission on sales instead of my usual 50%, giving affiliates all of the revenues from books sold."

When asked how he benefited from this arrangement, Bly replied, "Every person on the affiliate's list who ordered did so through an affiliate link directing traffic to my landing page for the e-book. As a result, each person who bought was added to my e-list. You see, initially, it seems like I'm taking a loss, but having that name on my file is priceless ... once it's in my sales funnel this person could spend tens of thousands of dollars over a course of a lifetime."

The first time Bly used the loss leader strategy with one of his largest affiliates, he added 946 new names to his list within 72 hours. The out-of-pocket cost per name was zero. Even better, these names were not inquirers - people getting on the list in exchange for free content. They were all buyers spending an immediate $19 on their initial purchase.

To download a free copy of Bob Bly's new report, "The Internet Loss Leader Strategy", visit:


Best selling author, marketing strategist, copywriter and consultant, Bob Bly, has more than 25 years of business and direct response marketing experience. Bob's clients include Fortune 500 companies and some of the country's leading publishers such as IBM, Nortel, Medical Economics, Sony, and Boardroom. He is the author of more than 75 books and is a distinguished speaker and editorial contributor to prominent publications and associations including DMNews, Target Marketing, the Specialized Information Publisher's Association (SIPA) and more. His popular free newsletter, The Direct Response Letter, has nearly 100,000 subscribers and contains "insider secrets" to double response rates, generate more leads and orders, and help your marketing make more money.

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