Subject: What I love most about writing copy


Dear Direct Response Letter Subscriber:


Just about everyone selling copywriting courses talks about the benefits of becoming a freelance

copywriter -- such as more money ... no boss ... no 9-to-5 job ... work at home ... no commute ... live

wherever you want  ... set your own schedule ... travel ... and so on.


But for me, they miss the boat, because my favorite thing about being a freelance copywriter is ... writing



You see, I love the work ... and am grateful that I get to do something I love every  day of the week.


The "joys of copywriting" for me include....


1--Getting to write about interesting things.


2--Doing research, reading, and learning about the interesting things I have to write about.


3--Writing the first draft and in doing so creating a piece of writing that has never existed before.


4--Editing and reworking; I enjoy revisiting the copy and making it the best it can be.


5--The satisfaction of reading the finished draft -- and being confident and content that I know I

did a good job.


6--Seeing a good designer transform my copy into a finished ad, mailer, email, or landing page.


7--Getting intelligent feedback from the client and other reviews that strengthen the copy when I

incorporate those changes.


8--Holding the finished promotion in my hands, and seeing it get distributed in its final form.


9--Watching the responses come in and the sales curve moving up.


10--Getting testimonials and repeat order from satisfied clients.


11--Knowing my copy has convinced many people to try and therefore benefit from products I believe or knowto be good quality and good for them.


Many copywriters confide in me that they hate writing copy -- and would loaf, play golf, or drink.


Okay. Maybe I'm the odd duck.


But for me, the writing of the copy is the primary reward ... a pleasure to be savored, and not -- as

some see writing -- and unwholesome mental chore to be avoided at any cost.


I have often quoted Noel Coward in my newsletter as saying: "Work is more fun than fun."


For me, that's true: the work is the fun ... writing copy that generates a great response rate for the

client is the reward for me and them.


Anything else is mainly gravy.


Do I really love copywriting?


Of course.


As Dennis Quaid says to Topher Grace in the movie In Good Company: "Why else would I do it?"


Copywriting course purveyors brag endlessly about how much money they make and can help you make too.


Yes, money is important.


But if money is your primary goal, there are other—and probably better--ways to amass a big pile of it.


Everything from being an investment banker or orthodontist, to starting an e-commerce business or a

hedge fund.




Bob Bly


P.S. One more thing....


Some senior copywriters reduce the amount of writing they must do by subcontracting much of their copy to junior writers -- or even by using ChatGPT.


They then polish up the subcontractors copy, slap their own name on it, and submit it to the client as if it

was  all written, start to finish, by one person.


I have been writing copy for more than 4 decades, and I have never, not even once, subcontract any client copywriting assignment to a junior copywriter – or any other ghostwriter.


When a client gets copy from me, they know that, for better or worse, every word was written by me – which is after all why they hired me in the first place.


Nothing inherently  wrong with pawning off the work to an anonymous junior copywriter, I suppose.


But that's not the way I roll