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Is blogging worthwhile?

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Subject: Is blogging worthwhile?

Bob Bly’s Direct Response Letter: Resources, ideas,
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high-tech, industrial, Internet, and direct marketing.
December, 2004

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Introducing Bob Bly’s Marketing Blog

I am diving headfirst into the blogosphere — with the
launch of my own marketing blog.

My new blog shows you 10 ways to improve your
marketing ROI by thinking like a direct marketer.

You can read this article, dozens of posts made in
response, and post a comment of your own at:

Product Preferences: It’s All In Your Point Of View

My oldest son Alex loves filet mignon, and we indulge
his taste for it often. So he was disappointed when he
found out my wife had made meat loaf instead of steak
last Monday night — and asked her why she had done

“Meat loaf is comfort food,” Amy explained to him.

“Not for the cow,” Alex replied.

Free Stuff For Consultants And Other Service Providers!

My friend Bob Serling publishes a first-rate free
e-zine, “Consulting Success Tips,” which can be
subscribed to from any page on his Consulting Success
Web site.

Along with his free e-zine, subscribers also get a
free report, “Four Things You Can Do Today to Double
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“The Marketing Effectiveness Calculator.”

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Best-Selling Author’s Secret Technique For “Reader
Friendly” Writing

When you write with a clear picture of your reader in
mind, your copy is much more effective.

Samm Sinclair Baker, author of many best-selling books
(including “The Scarsdale Diet” with Dr. Herman
Tarnower), had an interesting way of picturing his
reader as he wrote:

Baker looked through magazines until he found a
picture of a person he imagined was a typical reader
for what he was writing.

He then cut out the picture and taped it to the edge
of his PC monitor.

As a result, he was constantly looking at his reader
while he wrote.

Baker says this helped him write more
conversationally, because he was “talking” to the
person in the picture as he typed.

Blogs for CEOs

Business blogging expert Debbie Weil is offering a new
consulting service as an executive writing coach for
CEOs who want to develop a thought leadership blog.
Her new blog offers
tips and resources for how to write an influential

And for more information on Deb’s CEO blog coaching
service, click below:

And Now, A Marketing Tip … From Your Waiter!

If you give your customers a little something extra,
they will reciprocate by spending more money with you.
Reason: the consumer feels indebted.

For instance, in one study, when restaurant waiters
gave their customers two free mints with the check,
tips increased 14%.

Source: Bottom Line Personal, 11/04, p. 6.

How To Get Prospects To Read And Respond
To Your Articles

Although writing and disseminating information about
your product or the problem it solves is a good
marketing strategy, how do you make your articles
stand out from the tons of content already clogging
the reader’s in-basket?

One technique that works is to be controversial …
that is, to take a stand on one side of an issue.
Readers love a good argument, fight, or debate.

If your competitors say “black” and you say “white,”
your article will cause a buzz … provided it centers
on a topic readers care about.

An example is my recent DM News article in which I
questioned whether blogs might be just a waste of time
— and a terrible marketing tool.

Now, most of my DM News articles generate a few
responses. But this one produced literally dozens —
mostly from irate bloggers who were angry that I dared
to question the efficacy of their favorite medium.
(Blogging expert Deb Weill told me I had become
“famous” in the blogging community.)

But the article also brought several e-mails from
clients and prospects (all in the direct marketing
industry) praising my hard-nosed assessment of the
(perhaps) over-hyped blogging medium.

To read my blogging article, click below now:

By the way, all this hoopla wasn’t deliberate on my
part. I had no idea I was writing a controversial
article; I just thought I was stating an obvious
conclusion: that blogs are untested and unproven, and
therefore nothing to get excited about (yet).

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How To Create A Winning Blog

My colleague B.L. Ochman has just published a new
special report, “What Can Your Company Do With a
Blog.” Detailed, specific, and instructional, it’s the
perfect starter guide for blogging novices and even
blogging skeptics (like me!).

For more information, click below now:

Quotation Of The Month

“Even though the greatest boon a poet grants the world
is to reveal that secret and sacred presence, they
will not know what he is talking about.”
–William Carlos Williams

60-Second Commercial From Fern Dickey, Office Manager:

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