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Bob Bly?s Direct Response Letter: Resources, ideas, and
tips for improving response to business-to-business,
high-tech, industrial, Internet, and direct marketing.

February, 2005


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**3 ways to increase sales of luxury products**

?As a rule, I believe it pays to think of high-end buyers
as the same as you and me, except they have lots more money,?
says my friend, Ruth Sheldon, a copywriter specializing in
luxury product marketing.

Here are 3 tips from Ruth on how to sell costly goods
and services to affluent buyers:

1. They love a deal. Even though they have more resources
than most, buyers of luxury products want to
think they’re getting a bargain. Being frugal may be
how they got their money in the first place, and wanting
to get a deal will always be a part of their emotional
make-up. Besides, thinking you’ve scored big-time
is part of the game — and everyone wants to feel like
a winner.

2. They love exclusivity. Consumers of luxury goods
want to feel the product or service for which they
are being asked to spend top dollar, will not be
available to everyone. They can afford to be
different — and they’re willing to pay for it.
Try to use one-of-a-kind or limited edition
positioning if possible.

3. They want value — and do their homework to make sure
they get it. Although luxury car buyers, for example,
will spend hundreds of thousands of dollars for a
car without flinching, you can be sure they’ll carefully
evaluate performance, safety, acceleration speeds, etc.
to make sure they’re getting exactly what they want.

So be prepared to give them the facts they want along with
a knock-your-socks off emotional appeal. You can call
Ruth Sheldon at (212) 873-0496 or e-mail her


**How to supercharge your copywriting**

The two-part secret of the world’s most successful

1. Know and use the tested, proven methods that get the
highest response for you.

2. Pour 100% of your energy, focus, and intention
into the copy you write. Master copywriter David Garfinkel
and a team of Web, e-mail, and multimedia copywriting
specialists will present a high-powered small-group
workshop later this month in warm, sunny Las Vegas.

At Breakthrough Copywriting, you can learn the shortcuts
and other powerful techniques these copywriters use
themselves to get exceptional results with
their copy. Plus, peak performance coach Dr. Melissa
Andersson will reveal new, simple techniques to
increase your personal energy level, eliminate writer’s
block, and help you move into the “fast lane” of
high-profit copywriting. For more information, go to:


**Landing page conversion rates depend on the source of the

?Conversion rate? refers to the percentage of people who
click to a landing page that actually buy the product
advertised. But what conversion rate can you expect?

There?s no simple answer, because conversion rates vary
based on (a) the price point and (b) the type of
advertising/media buying that’s being done.

For example, let’s say that you market heavily on Google
Adwords — and that you select only the best, most highly
targeted keywords to initially market to.

After a few weeks, you measure your conversion rates, and
discover that you’ve got some pulling as high as 2% or
more. Ok, so that’s great. But you want more sales.

So you start getting more aggressive with your keyword
buying — and broaden to some less targeted keywords.

Now, you are getting 3 times the sales. But your conversion
rate has plummeted to an average of .60%. Is that bad?
Not really, because you are still making 50%+ margins.

In general retail markets, it’s great to get conversion
rates around .75% – 1.25%. In more targeted niche markets,
you can get 2% to 3% or even higher.


**Figuring out those !#@&!@ RSS Feeds**

I admit: I?ve never been able to figure out those RSS feeds
that allow you to subscribe to blogs.

So I was thrilled when Internet marketing guru Mark Nenadic
told me he?d written a clear, easy to follow guide to the
subject, ?RSS Masterclass.?

To download your free guide, click below:


**The rebirth of direct marketing in the Internet age**

Target Marketing columnist Denny Hatch writes: ?With the
Can Spam Act and do-not-call laws, snail mail is once again
the workhorse of direct marketing. And all direct marketers
better learn how to write it, design it, and find precisely
the right people to send it to, or they will wind up in the
same career ash heap as the smarty-pants, dot-com wizards
of the late 1990s.?

According to a recent article in BtoB, 60% of marketing
executives surveyed said they planned to increase their
direct marketing budgets this year, while only 5% said their
budgets would decrease. And 70% of direct marketing
companies surveyed said they planned to add staff
in the first quarter of 2005.


**Write and publish an e-zine like this one**

Online marketing offers you – the small business owner – an
outstanding opportunity to build and enhance your
relationship to your customers and prospects.
Online marketing is cheap and it gets results.
If you are not using email and the Internet
to market to your customers, you need to start right now!

The new 150 page eBook ‘Email Newsletters 101’ – written
by – shows how any small business can and
should start sending a regular email newsletter. Get
the inside tips, tricks and know-how about Email
Newsletters. The eBook will guide you so you get it right
the first time. Watch your business and sales start
growing! $A $29.95 value — free to our readers.

Download your free e-book here:


**Answers to your questions about the freelance copywriting

Almost every day, I get at least one e-mail from an
aspiring or practicing copywriter asking me questions
about freelancing or asking if I can coach

The good news is: you can get unlimited personal coaching
from me on how to earn $100,000 or more as a freelance
copywriter. For details, click below:


**Quotation of the month**

?Procrastination is the language of the poor.?
–Yanik Silver



Bob is available on a limited basis for copywriting of
direct mail packages, sales letters, brochures,
white papers, ads, e-mail marketing campaigns,
PR materials, and Web pages. We recommend you call
for a FREE copy of our updated Copywriting Information
Kit. Just let us know your industry and the type of
copy you?re interested in seeing (ads, mailings, etc.),
and if Bob is available to take your assignment, we?ll
tailor a package of recent samples to fit your
requirements. Call Fern Dickey at 201-797-8105
or e-mail


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