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Is your Web site too slow for dial-up users?

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Bob Bly’s Direct Response Letter: Resources, ideas,
and tips for improving response to business-to-business,
high-tech, industrial, Internet, and direct marketing.

March, 2005


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**Mine your e-zine subscriber list for gold**

Let’s say you publish and distribute, for marketing
purposes, a free e-newsletter like this one.

You decide to send your subscribers a solo e-mail –
either to generate a lead or sell a product. What kind
of click-through rates to the landing page or response
form can you expect?

It depends on a number of factors, including:

* The freshness of names on the list. * The
relationship between list members and the personality
who’s sending the e-mail. * The extent to which the
list has received similar offers (there is a risk of
burn-out). * The persuasiveness of the copywriting. *
The appeal of the offer. * Whether you are asking for
an inquiry or an order – and if the latter, the price
of the product. * The balance between what’s shown in
the e-mail vs. what’s shown in the landing page they
click through to. * How targeted the topic is to the

Click-through rates are all over the lot, ranging from
less than 1% to as high as 27% or more.

In niche markets with much smaller, more highly
targeted lists, click through rates average about
10% to 12%.


**Collect past-due invoices faster***

When calling delinquent accounts, always tie the
promise of payment to a specific date.

For instance, if the customer says “We will send you
a check by Friday,” say, “Then we can expect your
payment no later than next Tuesday?”

Having an established deadline seems to increase


**Try digital “print-on-demand” (POD) technology for
your next promotion**

Get a free $50 Print Test job by using Promotional
Code: PRINTOUT, a Hewlett Packard
e-services company, has developed the most
technologically advanced digital print-on-demand and
consequently revolutionized the print industry
(Clients include: GE, Novell, Pfizer, Home Depot, Avis
& Compaq). This technology is for everybody: whether
independents/individuals or small, mid and large-sized
companies. Right from your desktop, you can
“Click-Print-Bind-Deliver” and send your created
documents to as many recipients as you’d like.
Call (212) 847-3575 for more information.


**Find new products for your mail order business

The National Mail Order Association (NMOA) maintains
an online database of products suitable for catalogers
and other direct merchants:

NMOA also has a “new product alert” service you can
sign up for to receive notification of available new
products via e-mail at no charge:


**Pay royalties promptly to avoid liability**

When you’re using someone else’s material – copy or an
image – make sure you have the right to do so, and pay
any licensing or royalty fees due to the copyright
owner on time.

Otherwise, a court may find you liable for many times
more than the normal asking price.

Example: Taster’s Choice used a photo of professional
model Russell Christoff on the labels of its coffee
jars from 1997 to 2003 without his permission.

They offered him $100,000 to settle when he found out
and complained to them.

But instead of settling, Christoff sued – and was
awarded 5% of Taster’s Choice profits for the period
during which his face appeared on the label. Total
amount of the award: $15.6 million.

Source: The Week, 2/11/05, p. 6.


**Recommended vendor of the month**

Hot Guest specializes in arranging for clients to be
interviewed as guests on radio shows including FM, AM,
and Internet.

Being interviewed on radio shows can help establish
your reputation as an expert in your field, promote
your book, get you speaking engagements, generate
leads, and even sell your products or services. The
cost? As little as $83 per show!

For more information, contact Laurel Howanitz at Hot
Guest, phone 702-839-9250, e-mail
Or visit:


**Is your Web site too slow?**

Sure, you have broadband access. But visitors to your
site may not. So watching how quickly your Web pages
download on your PC may not give you an accurate sense
of what your visitors with slower Internet access are

Web Site AnalyzerTM is a tool you can use to measure
how long your Web site or pages take to download over
various Internet connections including 56 kbps
dial-up. You can use this free tool at:

**Unusual business card idea**

I’m not usually a fan of “creative” business cards,
but one from the owner of a local dog sitting service
caught my attention.

The card has a die cut in it the shape of a dog paw.
That alone gets you to look.

But even better, a small plastic bag is tied to the
paw hole in the card with a thin gold ribbon. And
inside the bag is a tasty dog biscuit for your pooch.

What a great way to stand out from the crowd, win the
potential client over, and show him or her that you
really care about Fido!


**Book of the month**

If trade shows are part of your marketing program,
I urge you to click below now and buy “Trade Show and
Event Marketing” by my friend and colleague, marketing
consultant Ruth Stevens.

To get virtually everything you need to manage your
trade shows with less stress and more success, click
below now:



Bob is available on a limited basis for copywriting of
direct mail packages, sales letters, brochures, white
papers, ads, e-mail marketing campaigns, PR materials,
and Web pages. We recommend you call for a FREE copy
of our updated Copywriting Information Kit. Just let
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interested in seeing (ads, mailings, etc.), and if Bob
is available to take your assignment, we’ll tailor a
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Call Fern Dickey at 201-797-8105 or e-mail


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