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Why Steven Spielberg made “Jaws,” not “Cows”

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July, 2005


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**Master information marketer reveals his secrets
? yours FREE!***

I used to think of Fred Gleeck as just a friend
and swell guy.

But after attending his seminar “How to Create,
Market, and Sell Your Own Information Products” at
the Learning Annex in NYC last week, I now know
what he really is?.

The world?s leading expert on the topic of “how to
get rich creating and selling information

Fred has written a series of books on the topic,
which he had on a table at the seminar. But then
he told us, “As attendees, I will give you the
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Then he turned to me and said, “And Bob, you can
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So that?s what I?m doing now!

Go to the special Web site Fred has set up and you
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**Sell perception, not reality**

If you think people are guided more by logic,
truth, and reality when you market to them, rather
than perception and emotion, consider these facts:

1. “Jaws” was a smash hit because it played on
people?s universal fear of sharks. Yet 24 times
more Americans are gored to death by cattle each
year than are killed by sharks.

2. People joke about George W. Bush being dumb.
But at Yale, he had a better grade average than
John Kerry, widely portrayed as being the more
intellectual candidate.

3. In a Princeton University study, people were
shown photos of rival candidates for dozens of
seats in the Senate and House of Representatives.

Based solely on the photos, they picked the
correct winner 70% of the time — demonstrating
that voters are less rational and “more shallow
than we would like to believe.”

Source: The Week (6/24/05, p. 5, 19)


***Best typefaces for your Web site***

“For Web sites, you want to stick to common fonts
like Arial or Times New Roman,” says Peter DeCaro,
the Web master for “Bob’s site is in
most sections Arial 10 and for subheads Arial 12.”


***The surest way to become a better and more
confident public speaker***

In Robert B. Parker?s latest Spenser novel, “Cold
Service,” Spencer says to Susan this about his
sidekick Hawk: “He?s nearly always right. Not
because he knows everything. But because he never
talks about things he doesn?t know.”

This is a good tip for public speakers, bloggers,
writers, and anyone else who communicates: stick
to what you know and you?ll be a more effective,
more persuasive, more credible communicator.

And by “knowing” a thing, I don?t mean just
researching and reading about it. I mean knowing
from actual experience.

The only way to ensure total credibility as a
speaker is to not speak on a subject unless you?ve
actually done it. If you haven?t done it and an
audience member challenges you, you are completely
vulnerable… because you don?t totally know what
you are talking about.


***Sy Sperling?s secrets to outrageous business

Do you remember the commercials from The Hair Club
For Men? It’s a company that does hair replacement
for men.

The founder of the business, Sy Sperling, did the
commercials. In them he said: “I’m not just the
owner, I’m also a client.” Great commercials and
great marketing that helped Sy build an enormously
successful business.

Sy and Tim Paulson have just released an audio
tape set entitled “How To Succeed In Business
Beyond Your Wildest Dreams.? I have known both of
these men for many years, and give their program
my highest recommendation.

These tapes track the way Sy started, built, and
eventually sold the business for millions of
dollars. They’re full of very specific marketing
advice, strategies, anecdotes, and philosophy.

For more information and to order the tapes, click
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Coming to beautiful Denver, Colorado on July 16th
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***60-second commercial from Fern Dickey, Project

Bob is available on a limited basis for
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