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Can fruitcake reveal a marketing secret?

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Bob Bly’s Direct Response Letter:
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to business-to-business, high-tech, and direct

November, 2005


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***Can a fruitcake boost your response rates?***

Semantics ? the language you use to describe your
product and offer ? can make a huge difference in
bottom-line results.

If that were not true, no car dealer would
advertise “pre-owned automobiles.” They would just
sell used cars.

Another example: Collin Street Bakery,
headquartered in Texas, was struggling to generate
sales for its fruitcake.

The cakes are delicious. But “fruitcake” has a
negative image.

One of the reasons Collin Street fruitcakes taste
so good is they are made with pecans grown on the
Texas river banks.

So Collin Street Bakery repositioned their
fruitcake, calling it a “Native Texas Pecan Cake.”

The results: response rates to direct mail selling
the cakes increased 60% … and the promotion was so
successful, the bakery sent 12 million pieces of

Source: Sandy Franks, Agora Publishing


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***Describe your product?s benefits at 3 levels***

In a presentation at the American Writers and
Artists Institute October Boot Camp, copywriting
legend Herschell Gordon Lewis showed how to write
more powerful copy by using first, second, and
third-level benefits:

* First-level benefit: Make a statement of
superiority to others.

Example: “Here at last is a silent dishwasher.”

* Second-level benefit: Relate that statement of
superiority to the reader.

Example: “Kitchen noise and clatter are gone

* Third-level benefit: Tell the reader how this
superiority brings an improvement to her life.

Example: “For the first time, you can have a
civilized kitchen conversation, or play quiet
music … and actually hear it.”


***Direct mail isn?t dead yet!***

* According to a study by comScore Networks, 65%
of consumers read more of the credit card offers
they get in their mail box instead of online, and
61% respond more to credit card offers they get in
the mail than online.

The study concluded that most consumers still
prefer and respond more strongly to direct mail.

* A different study, from the U.S. Postal Service,
found that 95% of all American households search
through their postal mail daily and 63% said they
enjoy getting catalogs.

* Another study found that people remember what
they read in print better than what they read on
the Web.

“Print is consistently better for recall than
screen,” concludes the study. “Individuals have a
better ability to recall after viewing materials
in print rather than on screen.”

* According to research from Vertis, direct mail
readership is on the rise: 76% of adults surveyed
read direct mail, up from 72% in 2002.

* Finally, a Direct Marketing Association study
found that sales driven by direct marketing are
projected to grow by 6.4% compounded annually
through 2009 while overall U.S. sales are
projected to grow 4.8% in the same period.

The Direct Marketing Association also reports that
direct mail expenditures have increased
approximately 76% since 1992.

In 2005, $36 billion was spent on direct mail ?
more than either print or broadcast.

Sources: DM News, 9/26/05, p. 14; Direct, 10/1/05,
p. 12; Metalworking Marketer, 10/05, p. 6; Sandy
Franks presentation, AWAI; BtoB, 10/10/05, p. 29;
Deliver, 11/05.


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On November 9, I will be giving a talk titled ?10
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***Recent projects (just a sampling)…***

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***60-second commercial from Fern Dickey, Project

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