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Save $500 on Bob Bly?s ?Copywriting Secrets?

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Bob Bly?s Direct Response Letter:
Resources, ideas, and tips for improving
response to business-to-business, high-tech,
and direct marketing.

January, 2006


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***3 weeks left to save $500 on my upcoming copywriting boot

The $500 Early Bird discount for my upcoming ?World?s
Best-Kept Copywriting Secrets? Boot Camp, to be held in Las
Vegas on February 24-26, expires on January 26, 2006.

If you?ve ever wanted to learn my copywriting secrets from
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***25 ?lost? sales secrets now available once again***

Many years ago, I privately published a booklet, ?25
Secrets of Selling Success,? that many salespeople
confidentially told me changed their lives.

Now my 25 proven sales secrets have been expanded into a
book, ?Magnetic Selling,? just published by Amacom.

?Concise and brilliantly written, ?Magnetic Selling? is a
masterpiece,? says Steve Roberts, President, Edith Roman
Associates. ?It took me 30 years to learn these selling

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***Are you working hard or hardly working?***

If, like many of my readers, you feel like you?re juggling
a dozen balls in the air and churning out copy like crazy,
well ? don?t compare yourself to Barbara Cartland.

Cartland, who died in 2000 at 98, wrote 723 books selling
more than a billion copies. She also left 160 unedited
manuscripts, now being published by her estate.

Having written only 62 books, I feel like a total slug. And
I don?t think I?m even close to selling a billion copies.

Source: Parade, 8/21/05, p. 2.


***Tom Collins: 10 secrets for writing great ad copy***

Tom Collins is a legend in direct marketing and writes a
regular column for Direct magazine.

Here?s Tom?s 10-point formula for writing a winning ad:

1. Flag and snag the prospect.
2. Identify the product or service.
3. State or imply the problem.
4. State or imply the benefit.
5. Strengthen the verbal with the visual.
6. Invite reading with typography.
7. Build brand recognition and trust.
8. Don?t hold back the Web site?s best sales points.
9. Include outside recognition if possible ? awards,
reviews, testimonials.
10. Encourage and reward response and involvement.

Source: Direct, 10/15/05, p. 78.


***Don?t get hung up on keyword density when writing Web

Keyword density refers to the number of keywords per Web
page. But is it important?

If your keyword is ?tennis,? and the word ?tennis? is
repeated 15 times in the text of a 300-word Web page, your
keyword density is 5%.

?Basically, I never worry about keyword density,? says
Heather Lloyd Martin, a specialist in search engine
optimization (SEO) copywriting.

She explains: ?Back in the old days, many SEO experts used
keyword density, because having a specific density did
seem to help influence search engine rankings.?

But as I?ve said, SEO is a moving target. And now, says
Heather, search engines have learned how to avoid being
manipulated by keyword density.

?I don’t see a specific density percentage having any
influence,? she notes.

What is important is optimizing for 2 to 3 key phrases per
page ? including those key phrases where they naturally
flow within the copy.

?That usually means that every keyword is included three
times, but never so much as to be overly repetitive within
the copy,? says Heather.

For more information about SEO copywriting best practices,
visit Heather?s Web site:


***Quick and easy way to own your own business***

Want to start your own business? Buy a franchise. The
success rate for franchises is much higher than for
non-franchise businesses. You get to be your own boss, but
you buy into a proven success formula of an
already-successful business.

Victor Patterson?s First Franchise USA can match you with
franchise opportunities that fit your budget and
preferences. And their service is free! For more
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*** Secrets of writing for the health care market revealed
at last***

Writing copy for the high-paying healthcare market just got
easier, because copywriter Kelly Robbins has put together a
toolkit to help copywriters understand the unique writing
needs of the healthcare industry.

The Healthcare Copywriters Toolkit walks you through the
copywriting process from the minute you get the assignment
to the second you hand the copy to the client. The toolkit
tells you how to save time doing research, specific
questions you should ask every doctor when interviewing,
and ways to make sure your copy gets approved easily and

For more information, click below now:


*** The great Madison Avenue ad agency rip-off***

There are certain industries with inherent flaws that make
them, at best, marginally effective. And the ad agency
business is one of them.

I believe that the ad agency business as practiced today
also has a built-in flaw that dooms the majority of it to
mediocrity at best, and an outright drain on corporate
productivity at worst.

Reason: despite protests to the contrary, Madison Avenue,
as evidenced by national ad campaigns, has as its primary
objective creativity, not sales.

Example: the Six Flags TV ad campaign with the crazy
dancing old guy (rumored to be a young woman in makeup) was
the talk of the ad agency world ? universally heralded for
its humor, energy, and cleverness.

But, according to a short item in Parade (8/21/05), after
spending a stomach-churning $72 million on the campaign,
Six Flags reported the results: no increase in attendance ?
and not a drop of added revenue.

That?s a return on investment (ROI) of less than zero,
putting Six Flags $72 million in the hole on this marketing


***60-second commercial from Fern Dickey, Project

Bob is available on a limited basis for copywriting of
direct mail packages, sales letters, brochures, white
papers, ads, e-mail marketing campaigns, PR materials, and
Web pages. We recommend you call for a FREE copy of our
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