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Bob Bly’s Direct Response Letter:
Resources, ideas, and tips for improving
response to business-to-business, high-tech,
and direct marketing.

February, 2006


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***Meet me in Chicago in April — and master
Google AdWords — at Perry Marshall?s Seminar***

If you were disappointed that I cancelled my February
Copywriting Boot Camp in Las Vegas, you can still
meet me in Chicago in April at Perry Marshall’s “World?s
First Google AdWords and Sales Conversion Seminar” …
where I will be attending as a student, not a speaker
(though if you want to ask my advice during lunch
or breakfast, I?ll be glad to share what I know).

Listen: the two keys to making money selling
information products (or anything else) online
are (1) driving traffic and (2) conversion.

Perry Marshall is the undisputed master of Google
AdWords — and the pay-per-click advertising secrets
you’ll learn from him can get
you the traffic you?ve been sorely missing.

And both Perry and his guest speakers will show
you how to take all that traffic and maximize
conversion of unique visits to sales.
They’ll also show you how to make a ton
of sales through affiliate marketing.

Bottom line: Perry’s students are making
more money with their Internet marketing
businesses than any other group I know …
and after attending his seminar, you could
be, too.

For more information and to register,
click below now:


***Is using coupons in space ads obsolete?***

Recently a direct marketer I respect told me:
“Don?t use coupons in the ads you write.
Buyers don?t use them any more; they order by
phone or Web.”

Is he correct? No, according
to Lois Boyle of J. Schmid & Co.,
who writes:

“Just because people are not using the coupons
does not mean that coupons do not act as a powerful
call-to-action. People know what those dotted lines
mean … they mean offer, act-now, you are
asking me to do something. We have tested this theory,
and the bottom line is that coupons,
or some variation of them, will lift response.”


***Did anyone get that customer’s e-mail address?***

What is an e-mail address worth? How about
a tenfold increase in lifetime customer value!

David Cross, a top Internet marketing consultant
to Agora Publishing, says that customers who
give you their e-mail address will spend up
to ten times more money with you than customers
for whom you do not have an e-mail address.

David should know: Agora Publishing has
500,000 subscribers to their free e-zine,
the Daily Reckoning ? and 150,000 of these
subscribers are buyers spending approximately
$97 million in 2005 alone.

Source: NEPA Conference, 12/8/05.


***Free report from ?The Webinar Professor,? Bob Hanson ***

Marketers are jumping on the Web seminar bandwagon.
Webinars are a cost-effective way to create sales
leads, build a marketing database, and position
your company ahead of the competition.

In his new report, “7 Secrets of Winning Webinars,”
Webinar guru Bob Hanson reveals the key to putting
on a Successful Web seminar. His “Webinar U”
is now available on demand, and he is extending
a special introductory offer for Direct Response
Letter subscribers. To read his free report and
for more information on Webinar U, go to:


***Podcasting news***

According to a recent article e-mailed to me by my friend
Mark Amtower, the editors of the New Oxford American
Dictionary have selected “podcast” as the Word of
the Year for 2005.

Defined as “a digital recording of a radio broadcast
or similar program, made available on the Internet
for downloading to a personal audio player,”
the word will be added to the next online update
to the dictionary in early 2006.

“Podcast was considered for inclusion last year,
but we found that not enough people were using it,
or were even familiar with the concept,”
said Erin McKean, the dictionary’s editor-in-chief.
“This year it’s a completely different story. The word
has finally caught up with the rest of the iPod

My friend, copywriter Joan Damico, has just
published a new white paper on podcasting
for beginners like me: ?Postcasting Demystified.?
To download it at no charge, click below now:


***Online library of classic ads***

One of the few ways to master copywriting is to study
great ads. You can start by viewing this online
library of old ads, many of which are classics:

Source: Thanks to Peter DeCaro of for putting
me on to this site!


***Quotation of the month***

?Being a writer is my dream job. I don?t have to get
dressed up and I can sit in a coffee shop with
my laptop and make stuff up.?

–Jennifer Weiner, best-selling novelist

Source: Writer?s Digest, 2/06, p. 43.


***Selling your content for fun and profit***

Do you hanker to get into the “information marketing”
business online ? to package and sell content?

If so, I recommend “101 Ways to Turn Content Into Money”
by Marcia Yudkin, an experienced book author
and copywriter turned Internet entrepreneur.

Marcia is a true expert and great teacher in
the information marketing field. In this report,
she reveals multiple ways to package and market
your content as reports … speeches …
seminars … books … e-books … CDs …
DVDs … coaching … newsletters …
and many other formats, some of which
you probably never thought of before.

For more information and to order,
click here now:


***60-second commercial from Fern Dickey, Project Manager***

Bob is available on a limited basis for copywriting
of direct mail packages, sales letters, brochures,
white papers, ads, e-mail marketing campaigns, PR materials,
and Web pages. We recommend you call for a FREE
copy of our updated Copywriting Information Kit.
Just let us know your industry and the type of
copy you?re interested in seeing (ads, mailings, etc.),
and if Bob is available to take your assignment,
we?ll tailor a package of recent samples to fit
your requirements. Call Fern Dickey
at 201-797-8105 or e-mail


Bob Bly
22 E. Quackenbush Ave.
Dumont, NJ 07628
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