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How much sales can a TV appearance generate?

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Bob Bly?s Direct Response Letter:
Resources, ideas, and tips for improving response to
business-to-business, high-tech, and direct

April, 2006


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***The most important copywriting advice you?ll get this

On March 15th, I interviewed world?s highest paid
copywriter Clayton Makepeace about the up-to-the-minute
marketing and copywriting strategies that are working best

In this instant download audio MP3 of our tele-seminar —
?The New Recipe for Maximum Response Tele-seminar: What’s
Working Now — In the Real World!? — Clayton reveals 27
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***5 ways to turn more leads into sales***

The late Ray Jutkins, a great marketing teacher, gave these
5 rules for more effective inquiry follow-up:

1. Answer every inquiry, no matter how ?bad? it may seem.
You never know who may buy from you tomorrow, even though
today they may not.

2. When you answer, make it with a personal letter. A
letter will improve your response.

3. No matter what you send in response — do it quickly.
Take no longer than 48 hours … sooner if possible.

4. Be warm and friendly. Write your answer and present your
message as if you care. You do, so express that caring.

5. Reply completely and fully. Do not tease. Give your
prospect what you promised you would. Give them what they


***Tax-saving tips for freelancers***

Find out where you can save … what the IRS really needs
to know … how to make the most of those deductions for
travel, meals, entertainment, home office, and more,
including practical worksheets you can use to make sure
you’re paying as little as possible to Uncle Sam:


***Who writes white papers? And how much do they get

Selling by way of educating draws prospects to a company in
droves. When businesses are selling to other businesses,
the most powerful marketing method is education. The white
paper stands at the top of the heap of educational
marketing weapons, ready to convert lookers into buyers.

Sponsored by, the results of the
industry’s first major study of white paper writers are
revealed in a new report titled “2005 White Paper Writer
Industry Survey.” This report, compiled by top white paper
writer Michael Stelzner, provides pivotal insight into how
white papers are written, distributed, structured, and

The survey normally sells for $49, but Michael?s not only
dropped it to $20 for subscribers of Bob Bly?s Direct
Response Letter, but he?s even added 8 pages of excellent
?how-to? detail on writing white papers.

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***Desktop publishing with Microsoft***

Over the past twenty years, Roger C. Parker has introduced
design to generations of non-designers. Just published: his
latest book, ?Design to Sell: Using Microsoft Publisher to
Plan, Write, and Design Great Marketing Pieces.?

?Design to Sell? shows how to save time and cut marketing
costs while attracting qualified prospects. It begins by
reviewing the basics, and includes detailed instructions
for creating newsletters, postcards, and tip sheets. Roger
also describes writing tips to help you keep your
newsletters on schedule.

To order, click below:


***Write and publish your book this year***

?You can make a difference and make a living with a book,?
says self-publishing guru Dan Poynter, whose new
information kit contains detailed information on book
writing, production, and promotion. To request your free
copy, click below now:

I also recommend you subscribe to Dan?s free e-newsletter
on book publishing, Publishing Poynters. I get dozens of
e-zines, but only read a handful, and this one is at the
top of my list. To subscribe, click below now:


***Make $9,281 an hour talking on the phone***

The easiest ? and most profitable — information product to
sell on the Internet isn?t e-books, CD albums, or DVDs;
it?s ?tele-seminars.?

In a tele-seminar, your prospects will pay anywhere from
$29 to $179 to listen to a 60- or 90-minute phone call.
I?ve earned as much as $9,821 to present a one-hour
tele-seminar ? and others are making even more.

To find out how you can make money promoting and producing
your own tele-seminars, click below now:


***How much sales can a TV appearance generate?***

The problem with PR, in my view, is that you don?t control
it: whether you get publicity depends on the whim of
editors and producers. But when they do decide to feature
you, PR can outperform every other promotion on an ROI

For instance, Good Morning America recently did a segment
on a medical device manufactured by one of my clients.

They sold 462 units at the retail price of $299 per unit
for total sales of $138,138. For 9 solid hours on a Friday,
they were making a sale every 2 minutes on their Web site.


***Bob Bly on ASJA copywriting panel***

Each April, the American Society of Journalists and Authors
(ASJA) holds a weekend conference for writers that?s always
worth attending. I know, because I?ve gone several times
(one year I got a book contract out of it!).

At this year?s event, on April 28 in New York City, I?ll be
on a panel talking about freelance copywriting, along with
superstar B2B copywriter Steve Slaunwhite. For details and
to register, click below:


***Quotation of the month***

?One of the most insidious monster trends to emerge in the
past few years ? and one that is growing relentlessly ? is
the mediocrity of all forms of creative ? the technological
embedding, digitalization, and all-important web
functionality have supplanted true creative excellence with
the dreary grayness of creative expediency. Those who seek
to maintain the highest standards of creativity will gain
more than those who allow creative vigor to wane and become
rote, flat, and automated.?
–Don Libey

Source: MeritDirect, ?Libey Economic Outlook,? 2/06, p. 5.


***60-second commercial from Fern Dickey, Project

Bob is available on a limited basis for copywriting of
direct mail packages, sales letters, brochures, white
papers, ads, e-mail marketing campaigns, PR materials, and
Web pages. We recommend you call for a FREE copy of our
updated Copywriting Information Kit. Just let us know your
industry and the type of copy you?re interested in seeing
(ads, mailings, etc.), and if Bob is available to take your
assignment, we?ll tailor a package of recent samples to fit
your requirements. Call Fern Dickey at 201-797-8105 or


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