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Does color matter in online marketing?

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July, 2006


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***Does color matter in online marketing?***

Yes, according to Don Nicholas, a subscription marketing
expert and founder of the Mequoda Library, a resource for
online marketers.

Don tells of a publisher who did an A/B split test of two
versions of his landing page. The only difference: one had
an order button that said “Order Now” in navy blue type on a
dark orange (ochre) background, while the other version was
black type on a red background.

Did it make a difference? Yes, with the navy on ochre order
button generating 27% more orders than the red button —
another dramatic lesson of how seemingly minor and trivial
changes in online marketing can make a huge difference to
the bottom line.

Most people think of red as a hot, attention-getting color.
And it is. But it can work against you in online order
devices. Why? “Red means stop,” says Don. “Is that really
what you want the reader to do when he gets to a button that
says ‘order now’?”

Source: NEPA presentation on landing pages, 6/4/06.


***Copywriting tip: by the numbers***

When you want to make a number sound big, express it in the
largest unit of measure possible, even though the number
preceding that unit of measure will then be smaller.

Example: if you want to show the prospect that your
company has been in business a long time, which sounds
better to you?

A. “26 years.”

B. “More than a quarter of a century.”

Note: most statistical facts can be manipulated to support
whatever copy claim you want to make.

For instance, Harry and David says of their Royal Riviera
pears: “Not one person in a thousand has ever tasted them.”

Makes them sound exclusive, which is what the copywriter
intended. But really, it means not too many people buy them.


***Produce your own tele-seminar — for free!***

According to an article in the 6/15/06 issue of Bottom Line
Personal, you can now set up a tele-conference for a large
audience for free. Participants pay what they normally
would pay for the long-distance call ? the call-in number
is not toll-free ? but you, as the producer, pay nothing
for the service.

Up to 150 participants can take part in your
tele-conference, which can last up to 3 hours. For details,
click below now:

And if you?re interested in learning how to produce your
own tele-seminars for profit ? either to sell as a product
or to promote other offers ? I recommend Kim Stacey?s
excellent guide on the subject, “Tele-Seminar Profits: How
to Create Profitable Tele-Seminars for Fun, Fame, and
Money.” Click below for details:


***Create content for marketing campaigns quickly and

I often advise marketers to offer a white paper, special
report, or other free content -? known as a “bait piece” —
to generate leads.

The most common objections to that suggestion are “I can’t
write” or “I don’t have the time to write it.”

Now, Roger C. Parker’s Content Generator solves that

The Content Generator takes the work out of writing ?
providing you with a framework to easily and quickly
complete articles, brochures, e-books, newsletters,
presentations, and speeches.

Roger C. Parker’s Content Generator makes it easy to
consistently promote your expertise. It includes 167 pages
that describe how to use ‘list-based’ writing. You also get
more than 400 content ideas, each complete with definitions,
examples, and applications.

With the Content Generator, you can more easily produce
booklets, special reports, white papers, and other bait
pieces. By offering these freebies in your direct mail, ads,
and e-mails, you can potentially double your response rate.

This program normally sells for $139, but if you order today
by following the link below, you can purchase this great
program for $69 … a savings of 50%!

To order, simply go to:


***Upcoming speaking engagements***

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***E-zine of the month***

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