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Do prospects remember your domain name?

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Bob Bly’s Direct Response Letter:
Resources, ideas, and tips for improving response to
business-to-business, high-tech, and direct marketing.

February 2007


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***Give us your copywriting secrets — please!***

For a new e-book, I am looking for copywriting tips and
secrets. If we use your secret, you will get full credit.
And, you can sell the e-book to your prospects and customers
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***A little-known trick for picking effective domain names***

Most of us tend to pick a domain name that is a variation
of our name or company (e.g.,,
or area of expertise (

My friend, Internet marketing guru Fred Gleeck, says a
better strategy is to pick a domain that is easy for people
to remember without writing it down.

Example: Financial guru Doug Roberts promotes himself through
speeches, but audience members had difficulty remembering
the URL for his company

Since his investment method is based on following the
Federal Reserve, he reserved the domain name, and that’s the one he gives during
his talks.


***Why B2B advertising must be scrupulously honest***

Of course both B2B and B2C advertising must be honest. It’s
illegal to do otherwise.

But B2B marketing veteran Lewis Elin notes: “Another reason
for honesty, even hyper-honesty –especially in B2B — is
that when the mailing target is not the only or final
decision maker, he/she must be prepared to answer the
inevitable questions and objections from others.

“Send the prospect forth to do battle without being armed
with information about what others may see as flaws,
objections, or weak points, and he is exposed and
vulnerable. But give him the ammunition to respond to
slings and barbs, and he’ll be your best salesman.”


***Boost e-mail open rates 50%***

A study from e-mail services provider Silverpop showed that
in business-to-business marketing, e-mail open rates are
20% when the subject line does not mention the brand,
company, or product.

B2B e-mail open rates climb to 32% when the brand or
company name appears in the subject line ? an increase of
more than 50%.

But they fall to only 24% when both the company name *and*
the product name are in the same subject line.

Conclusion: B2B prospects want to read messages from
companies they have heard of.

But if you mention a product in the subject line,
recipients think it’s a sales pitch — and delete your
e-mail without opening it.

Source: Internet Marketing Report, 11/29/06, p. 7.


***How a Tom Collins can make you a better ad writer***

Direct response veteran Tom Collins suggests asking these
questions when assessing print advertising effectiveness:

1. Does the ad state or imply the problem? Every ad
presents a solution to a problem, whether it’s how to
quench your thirst or choose your next car.

2. Does typography invite reading? Text type not too small
or pale, lines not too wide?

3. Does it include proof? Favorable facts beat claims.

4. Does it identify the product? Best way to attract buyers
of what you’re selling is to make instantly clear what it

5. Does it tempt and reward response? Display web site
address clearly, promise something relevant and worthwhile

Source: Collins, Tom, “How I would Have Done These Ads”
(Wizard Press, 2006, p. 178).


***Another program on copywriting as a career worth looking

Joshua Boswell made more than $100,000 in his first year as
a freelance copywriter. And on March 1, he’ll show you
exactly how he did it.

Joshua Boswell is my good friend. But he’s not the world’s
best copywriter. In fact less than 2 years ago, he’d never
even heard of copywriting.

Yet today, he’s writing for companies like Microsoft,
Corel, Sony, and Easter Seals. He figured out how to go
from a below zero income (he’ll tell you that story) to being a
full-time, working-from-home, $100,000+ freelance
copywriter in less than 12 months.

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***Save money on your company blog***

Should you pay thousands of dollars to have a ghostwriter
blog under your CEO’s name?

No, says my colleague Deb Weil, who offers these 5 tips for
creating an effective CEO blog:

1. Don’t hire a ghost-blogger.
2. Write conversationally.
3. Always link.
4. Accept a bit of criticism.
5. Be passionate.

Source: “The Corporate Blogging Book” by Deb Weil (Penguin,


***Why is Marketing your Small Business so Hard?***

That’s the question that inspired marketing coach John
Jantsch to write his terrific new book, “Duct Tape
Marketing: The World’s Most Practical Small Business
Marketing Guide.”

Forbes says John’s new book is packed with “clever
marketing ideas galore and lots of contrarian thinking on
what works and what doesn’t.” They also named his blog
a “Forbes favorite” for small business and marketing.

Best way to order “Duct Tape Marketing” is at the URL
below, because you get, as a bonus, access to exclusive
premium content from some of today’s brightest marketing


***Quotation of the month***

“Don’t believe the myths that long copy online won’t be
read and that short copy produces more sales. You need to
say enough in your online copy to convince the prospect to act,
just as your direct mail or other media copy needs to spur
that act. If you don’t have good direct-response copy ?
copy that sells ? bad things happen.”
–Craig Huey, President, Creative Direct Marketing Group

Source: SIPA Hotline, 11/6/06, p. 4.


***60-second commercial from Fern Dickey, Project

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