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What’s the best day for e-mail marketing?

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Bob Bly’s Direct Response Letter:
Resources, ideas, and tips for improving response to
business-to-business, high-tech, and direct marketing.

March 2007


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***Promote yourself with a “10 reasons” mailing***

During his 1/11/07 tele-seminar on “Thriving as a Freelance
Copywriter” with Peter Bowerman, white paper writing guru
Michael Stelzner told how he got clients at the beginning
of his freelance career.

He simply mailed potential clients a sheet of paper with
the headline “10 Reasons to Hire Michael Stelzner to Write
Your White Paper” … followed by the 10 reasons.

It’s straightforward, simple, and amazingly effective. Best
of all, almost anyone selling their services can adapt it
to their market.

Example: Mary Smith is a freelancer who wants to write
patient information pamphlets for pharmaceutical companies.

The title of her mail-out sheet: “10 Reasons to Hire Mary
Smith to Write Your Patient Information Booklets.”


***New tele-class on “selling to techies”***

Have you been tasked to write to a technical audience? Does
your business market to engineers, developers, or other
technical people?

Then join me as I teach a special class on “Selling to
Techies” with Michael Stelzner of
Space is limited. Reserve your spot today by clicking here:


***Hidden danger of blogging***

Here’s one more drawback to blogging I did not anticipate
in my new book, “Blog, Schmog: What Blogging Can and Can’t
Do For Your Business.”

AL, a copywriter, had posted several comments on *my*
copywriting blog ? then, months later, asked me to remove

Reasons: when people searched his name online, his comments
on my blog came up way before his own Web site on Google …
and he was worried his prospects would call me instead of

By the way, you can order “Blog, Schmog” at:


***Best day to send e-mail?***

According to a new survey by eROI, Inc., high-level
executives read most of their e-mail messages on Mondays
and Tuesdays. Best time to send messages on those days:
during lunch hour.

Source: What’s Working in Sales Management, 1/10/07, p. 4.


***Tax savings you probably don’t even know you’re entitled

April 15 is fast-approaching. And in all likelihood, you’re
going to sit down sometime between now and then and write a
check to the IRS that’s bigger than it needs to be.

Turns out, 3 out of 4 people do exactly that.

Yet a whole slew of tax provisions exist, designed to
benefit consultants, writers, and other self-employed

If you’re a freelancer, wouldn’t you like to know you were
taking full advantage of them?

Now you can do just that by listening to this money-saving
interview with AWAI’s small-business tax expert — as he
walks you through the easiest and smartest ways you can
trim your tax bill, starting today.

To turn “Tax Day” into “Relax Day,” click here now:


***”Reverse-research” your marketing copy***

You come across a great fact in a competitor’s promo. Can
you use it in yours? Yes and no.

No, in that all facts and claims in copy must be well
documented ? and marketing materials are not an acceptable

Yes, in that you can “reverse research” the fact: Google
the information. Find an original source.

Note: The numbers and dates in the online article may be
different than the ones you read in the promotion. Use what
you found online, and credit the online source.


***Must-attend Webinar: Herschell Gordon Lewis on the art
of writing copy***

In his new Webinar, DMA Hall-of-Famer Herschell Gordon
Lewis shares his more than 30 years of experience and
winning results to show you how to write powerful copy that
multiplies leads, sales, and profits.

Whether you write copy for direct mail, e-mail, Web sites,
or sales collateral, you’ll gain skills from this program
to make all your writing more persuasive and effective. For
more information or to register online, click here now:


***Are people impressed by your messy desk?***

Do you keep your desk deliberately messy to impress others
? to convey the image that you are busy, productive, and

If so, stop: a study by the University of Texas found that
people with messy offices are less efficient, less
organized, and less imaginative than people with clean

Career consultant Penelope Trunk notes: “A messy desk sends
the message that you cannot handle your position, and that
assignments and important paper will go into a pile and
never come out.”

Trunk concludes: “Even if you get every project done well,
the perception will be that you don’t.”

Source: “Words from Woody,” Winter 2007, p. 7.


***7-point checklist for writing stronger headlines***

Clayton Makepeace, arguably the most successful freelance
copywriter on the planet, suggests asking these 7 questions
about the headline you’ve just written:

1. Does your headline touch a nerve?

2. Does it make a unique claim or statement?

3. Does it provoke curiosity?

4. Is it credible?

5. It is specific?

6. Does it have a news element?

7. Does it offer a compelling benefit for reading?

Source: Clayton Makepeace teleconference, 12/20/06.


***Upcoming speaking engagement***

I’ll be presenting a full-day copywriting seminar at the
Iowa Chapter of the International Association of Business
Communicators (IABC) on March 7 in Des Moines, Iowa. To
register, click on:


***How to create case studies that sell***

Create an exceptionally profitable copywriting niche for
yourself today ? or market your company’s products more
successfully — by learning how to write testimonial case
studies that sell.

In his course “How to Write Case Studies That Sell,” top
case study writer David Leland shares with you:

** A proven 9-step process for ensuring case study success.

** A tested case study template that gets you started fast.

** How to write captivating case study headlines that pull
readers in.

** 12 real-world case studies.

** How to create video case studies.

To order “How to Write Case Studies That Sell”, click below


***Get $120 million of copywriting ideas free — with no
sales pitch***

My friend Doug D’Anna is one of the world’s most successful
? and highest paid ? freelance copywriters specializing in
selling financial newsletter subscriptions.

Now you can join Doug’s e-list for copywriters, marketers
and entrepreneurs who want to supercharge their marketing

You get — absolutely free — time-tested copywriting
strategies that have generated more than $120 million in

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***Quotation of the month***

“Nobody ever sold anybody anything by appealing to their
reason alone.”
–Richard Armstrong, copywriter


***60-second commercial from Fern Dickey, Project

Bob is available on a limited basis for copywriting of
direct mail packages, sales letters, brochures, white
papers, ads, e-mail marketing campaigns, PR materials, and
Web pages. We recommend you call for a FREE copy of our
updated Copywriting Information Kit. Just let us know your
industry and the type of copy you’re interested in seeing
(ads, mailings, etc.), and if Bob is available to take your
assignment, we’ll tailor a package of recent samples to fit
your requirements. Call Fern Dickey at 201-797-8105 or


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