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Do you make your customers happy?

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Bob Bly’s Direct Response Letter:
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April 2007


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***4 steps to writing stronger e-mail marketing messages***

Matt Furey writes a simple e-mail message to his list each
day. It takes him about 20 minutes, and he averages $10,000
in sales per e-mail.

What’s his e-mail copywriting secret?

1. Brevity ? messages are 500 words or less.

2. Intimacy — Matt makes his messages feel like they are
personally addressed to the reader.

3. Informality ? he creates a bond with his readers by
writing like he speaks and using slang that his readers recognize
as their mutual language.

4. Pace — Matt varies the pace of his writing so you never
feel like it is slowing down. It’s always rushing forward and fun
to read.

Note: In May, Matt will teach a live seminar on his power
e-mail writing techniques. For more information or to sign
up, click below:

Source: AWAI, 3/15/07.


***Profit from your passion***

Not sure what you want to do with the rest of your life?
The late Dottie Walters, a speaker and author, suggested
you start by taking a personal inventory of your strengths and

“Find out what you know and like best,” said Walters. “What
work leaves you feeling a glowing sense of accomplishment?
Whatever you have within yourself, that is the thing you are
obligated to use.”

Of course, someone has to pay for it, she noted: “Find a
need and fill it. What do people really want” They want
something to make their life easier or pleasanter or more

And don’t procrastinate: “Don’t wait until you live in a
better neighborhood, until you get a new dress, until the
time is right. Start from where you are, right now.”

Source: Sharing Ideas, Winter 2007, p. 3.


***3 ways to boost response to small display ads***

1?Use big, bold headlines ? taking up to a third of the ad

2?Make your offer prominent ? use the word FREE in big,
bold letters.

3?Use a tight-cropped photo showing the product in action.

Source: The Marketing Report, 2/5/07, p. 1.


***Do you make your customers happy?***

A couple of months ago I heard a shocking ? and upsetting ?
statistic on the radio: there is a suicide attempt made
somewhere in the world every minute of the day and night.

If that many people are at a point where they want to end
their lives, it tells us there is ? clinical depression
aside — a lot of unhappiness in the world today.

And therefore, increasing happiness ? ours and others ? is
an important and worthy goal.

Most products ? from cars and clothing, to investments and
real estate ? in some way contribute to the buyer’s

What about your product or service makes people happy …
makes them smile?

Is there a way you could play up the happiness angle more
in your copy ? perhaps showing not just the benefits, but
the powerful way in which your product can potentially change
the buyer’s life for the better?


***Gary North’s 4 rules of marketing success***

1. Decide what today’s buyers are really after.

2. Seek out people who are already shopping.

3. Offer to sell to people who have money.

4. Understand the price vs. quality trade-off.

“The buyer is looking at both price and quality,” says
Gary. “He decides approximately what range of quality he
can buy for approximately the money he has budgeted, and then
he looks for the lowest price.”

Source: Gary North’s Reality Check, 3/13/07.


***Build your reputation through public speaking***

Few things are as effective at positioning yourself as an expert
in your field than public speaking.

Now, my friend, Peter “The Humorator” Fogel, has created a
superb multimedia program on public speaking for
beginner and intermediate speakers.

It reveals tips and techniques to help you overcome stage
fright … win over your audience with humor … and captivate
the listener’s attention ? plus, generate more revenues
from every talk you give.

For more information or to order:


***Free report on how to get more clients***

Getting leads, but can’t seem to close them?

Then I urge you to read this free special report from my
colleague Mark Satterfield: “Gentle Rain: How To Create a
Steady Stream of New Clients.”

The report walks you step-by-step through Mark’s
easy-to-implement process for 1) getting prospective
clients interested in what you offer, and 2) converting large
percentages of these prospects into paying clients.

Mark is an extremely successful copywriter and marketing
consultant specializing in the selling of professional

He makes a boatload of money selling services ? for himself
and his clients ? and his free report can help you do the

To download your free report, click here now:

By the way, if the leads your marketing generates are of
good quality, you can expect to close between 10% to 33% of
them … and in rare cases, as many as half.

According to an article in The Marketing Report (3/19/07,
p. 6), the average company turns 27% of its leads into
closed sales.


***Quotation of the month***

“Why did it take me 11 years to decide to become an actor?
I feel that most of us think about this aspect of our lives.

“We look back and wonder how we ended up where we are. What
amazing luck, genes, and people combined to determine that one
person ends up owning a key shop, another trains elephants, and a
third sells shoes.”
–Peter Falk

Source: “Just One More Thing: Stories from My Life” by
Peter Falk (Carroll & Graf, 2006, p. 15).


***60-second commercial from Fern Dickey, Project

Bob is available on a limited basis for copywriting of
direct mail packages, sales letters, brochures, white
papers, ads, e-mail marketing campaigns, PR materials, and
Web pages. We recommend you call for a FREE copy of our
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