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For sale: my copywriting business

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Bob Bly’s Direct Response Letter:
Resources, ideas, and tips for improving response to
business-to-business, high-tech, and direct

September 2007


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***Add your location when bidding on keywords***

If your service is one where customers would prefer to work with
a local vendor (e.g., cosmetic dentistry, PC repair), bid on key
phrases that include your location. Example: “Hard drive data
recovery Northern NJ.”

Why it pays off: there are fewer people bidding on this key
phrase than on the broader “Hard drive data recovery,” so you’ll
likely be able to pay less per click … and, you attract
prospects more inclined to hire you.

Tip: Make sure your physical address is prominent on your Web
site. Many service providers bid on local key phrases, and then
try to hide the fact that they are actually out of town.


***Packaging information products for maximum profit***

The packaging of your information product has a huge effect on
perceived value, notes self-publishing guru Dan Poynter.

For a book, binder format has the highest perceived value. But
binder products are more expensive to produce, more difficult to
store, and harder to ship.

Publishing your book as a traditional “bookstore book” has more
prestige – people revere book authors – but the lowest perceived
value, because buyers compare its price with books sold in

Hardcover books, which can be printed with or without dust
jackets, have higher perceived value than paperbacks.

“Oddly enough” says Dan, “a hardcover without a dust jacket has
a higher perceived value than one with the dust jacket.”

Reason: books for professionals do not have dust jackets. Think
of the leather-bound volumes you see in the library or
conference room of any law firm.

E-books also have a higher perceived value than paperback books.
Because an e-book doesn’t look like a traditional book and has a
larger page size, buyers see it as a specialized report rather
than a regular book.


***Distract buyers from thinking about your product’s high

Ever notice how some car commercials avoid using the words
“dollars” or “thousands”?

Instead they say: “The car — fully loaded — is just twenty
four nine fifty.”

Next to your home and possibly a college education for your
kids, the most expensive product you buy is your car.

“This technique makes it sound like the car doesn’t cost any
money,” says mail order entrepreneur Bob Kalian. “It’s yours for
just a bunch of numbers.”


***Free white paper: 12 rules for effective marketing

“12 Essential Rules for Effective Marketing Communications” is a
new free white paper written by David Fideler, Creative Director
of Concord Communications and Design.

“Design communicates your message in the most effective way,” he
writes. “Superior design is needed to cut through the clutter
and engage attention. But design must not overpower the content
– and it must not overpower the strategic purpose behind your

I think that’s right on target. Weak design makes the piece look
dull and fails to attract readership. But over-designed
marketing materials cause the reader to focus on the graphics
instead of the copy. To download a free copy of David’s white
paper, go to:


***Shipping costs are a problem for some online buyers***

According to a recent study from the U.S. Postal Service, 43% of
online buyers abandon their orders at checkout.

The most common reason, cited by 48% of those surveyed, was that
shipping was too expensive.

Two solutions suggested by the study:

1) Offer free shipping.

2) Give buyers a choice of delivery options (12% of consumers
said they will not buy from online companies that do not offer
multiple delivery options).


***Bob Bly’s copywriting business for sale***

For a limited time only, I am selling unlimited rights to all of
the forms and other documents I use in my copywriting business.

You get over four dozen of my sales letters … contracts …
agreements … phone scripts … forms … and other materials
I’ve developed and tested — at a cost of more than $25,000.

These materials have helped me earn millions of dollars as a
freelance copywriter. And at a price of less than a dollar a
document, I’m practically giving the collection away. For more
information … or to order on a risk-free 90-day trial basis
… click here now:


***5 tips for profitable e-commerce***

1. The e-commerce business is built on repeat customers.

2. Don’t compete on price.

3. Make sure your Web inventory is 100%.

4. Centrally locate your distribution.

5. Be wary of so-called experts.

Source: DM News, 8/13/07, p. 4.


***Quotation of the month***

“Some criticism of advertising is justified. A lot of it is
awful, primarily because it doesn’t fulfill its intended
purpose: selling the product. It’s created by self-proclaimed
‘creative’ people solely – or so it often seems – to ‘entertain’
and to win industry awards and the plaudits of their peers.”
–Don Hauptman

Source: The New Individualist, 6/07


***60-second commercial from Fern Dickey, Project Manager***

Bob is available on a limited basis for copywriting of direct
mail packages, sales letters, brochures, white papers, ads,
e-mail marketing campaigns, PR materials, and Web pages. We
recommend you call for a FREE copy of our updated Copywriting
Information Kit. Just let me know your industry and the type of
copy you’re interested in seeing (ads, mailings, etc.) and if
Bob is available to take your assignment, we’ll tailor a package
of recent samples to fit your requirements. Call Fern Dickey at
201-797-8105 or e-mail


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