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How to market with articles

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Bob Bly’s Direct Response Letter:
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February 2010


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***Tele-seminar: how to market with articles***

On February 17, I’ll be leading a tele-seminar with Wendy
Montes de Oca on her “Content 2.0 Article Distribution

Wendy is the best-kept secret on the Internet today: the
consultant behind much of my Internet success … and the success
of many online marketers bigger and richer than me.

At Early to Rise, Wendy’s Content 2.0 system for content
syndication grew ETR to over 300,000 subscribers and a
multi-million-dollar business.

Best of all, Content 2.0 is a “do it yourself” system for
marketing with free content. Marketing with articles can help

>> Generate massive traffic.
>> Establish your reputation as an expert in your niche.
>> Build a large and profitable opt-in e-list.
>> Cement your relationship with your subscribers.
>> Increase orders, sales, and revenues online.

For more information on the “Content 2.0 Article Distribution
Method” … or to register for the event (it’s dirt-cheap at
$19) … click here now:


***Marketing tests: a neat copywriting technique that can boost

Want to create credibility and lift sales? Tell your prospects
that your current offer is a limited marketing test. This could
be the reason your price is so low, you have a limited quantity,
or that you are offering tons of bonuses. You can even say
you’re only testing your offer to a small percentage of your
visitors, lists, or subscribers.

Source: “1,800 Copywriting/Marketing/Conversion Tips” by Joe


***To get PR, be available”***

Always provide the media with your cell phone number and other
fast contact info, advises PR pro Annie Jennings.

“If you are actively seeking PR, keep yourself instantly
available,” says Jennings. “Check your messages immediately
so you don’t miss a thing.”

If you are traveling to a location for a TV segment, ask for the
producer’s emergency contact information, but only use it for
emergencies. That way, if you have trouble finding the location,
you can reach your media contact immediately.

Source: Behind the Podium, 1/10, p. 3.


***May I feature you in my next book?***

For a book I am writing about starting a business after age 50,
I’d love to hear from my readers who have started a new
business as older adults.

What kind of business did you start? When? Are you making a
living from it? E-mail me at Thanks!


***Who will buy from you?***

The 4 groups of prospects more likely to buy from you are:

1—People you know.

2—People you do business with.

3—People who do business with vendors their friends talk

4—People who do business with people they read about.

Action step: create and distribute more content so that more of
your prospects fall into categories #3 and #4 above.

Source: Patricia Fripp, The Podium, 12/09, p. 6.


***Handling work overload***

When asked to perform yet another time-consuming task at work or
at home, apply MaryEllen Tribby’s “Triple D” principle:

>> Ditch it – evaluate the task to see if it really needs to
be done at all.

>> Delegate it – is the task something that someone else can

>> Dominate it – if you DO take on the task, give it your



***Do you know these facts about white papers?***

Are you skeptical about the value of writing white papers? If
so, these survey results might change your mind….

Some 84% of businesspeople surveyed find white papers
influential in their purchasing decisions. And 89% of
businesspeople pass white papers along to others.

How long should your white papers be? The survey found that
readers prefer white papers that are 6 to 10 pages in length.

Source: WhitePaperSource Newsletter, 12/8/09.


***Affirmations for success***

Sales trainer Bill Caskey advises “travel the road to
abundance through detachment.” These affirmations can help:

** “It’s OK if you don’t buy from me; others will.”

** “It’s OK if you aren’t a prospect for me; others

** “It’s OK if you disagree with me; I am not my

** “It’s OK if you fire me; I’ll find better situations

** “It’s OK if you don’t love me; others will.”

Source: “49 Tips to Create Wealth in Selling,”


***Finding your best customers***

When segmenting your customer list, look for “RFM” –
recency, frequency, and monetary.

>> Recency – the customer who just bought from you is the most
likely to buy again. This is why you get more solicitations from
charities right after you give to them: the person who just made
a donation is the most likely to donate again.

>> Frequency – people who buy 2 or more times
(“multi-buyers”) are more loyal customers than those who have
bought only once. Reason: they experienced your product and
service, and came back for more.

>> Monetary – the more money a customer has spent with you,
the more likely they are to make additional purchases.


***Look forward to something***

Having trouble keeping a positive attitude these dreary days?
Think about one small, enjoyable thing you plan to do that day
(eating a bagel) and one really fun thing you plan on doing soon
(your upcoming fishing trip), suggests Allen Elkin, Ph.D.,
director of the Stress Management and Counseling Center in New
York City. Reason: this helps your brain not obsess about what
can go wrong that day.



***Quotation of the month***

“Like most drudge work, thinking is an undertaking that
Americans would rather subcontract to someone else.”
–Mattathias Schwartz

Source: Harper’s Magazine, 1/10, p. 28.


***Reprint my articles – free!***

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