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HTML design tips; learn social media; 7 webinar tips

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Bob Bly’s Direct Response Letter:
Resources, ideas, and tips for improving response to
business-to-business, high-tech, and direct marketing.

April 2010


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***HTML e-mail design tips***

From Regina Brady, a few best practices in html e-mail design:

>> Use a two-column design.

>> Your e-mail should be between 600 and 700 pixels wide.

>> Make the header compact, so part of your content is visible in
the preview panel.

>> Use a standard color palette – stick to the 3 main colors.

>> Use no more than 3 different fonts.

>> Make calls to action clear and prominent.

Source: Target Marketing, 4/10, p. 15.


***Master social marketing***

Social Media Success Summit 2010 is a special online conference
designed to help you master social media marketing. Join Guy
Kawasaki (author, Art of the Start), Chris Brogan (author, Social
Media 101), Darren Rowse (author, ProBlogger), Mari Smith
(author, Facebook Marketing), experts from Best Buy, Home Depot,
Whole Foods, Foursquare and Groupon; Steve Rubel (Edelman), Ann
Handley (MarketingProfs), Brian Clark (Copyblogger), and Greg
Jarboe (author, YouTube and Video Marketing) just to mention a
few. So far more than 700 of your peers have signed up,
including GE, Intel, HP, Staples, Electronic Arts, Fox TV, and
Harvard (along with hundreds of small businesses). Go here for a
free sample class:


***Surviving voice mail***

Jeff Davidson, “The Work-Life Balance Expert®,” offers these tips
to successfully deal with other people’s voice mail:

* Speak a little louder than usual, enunciating as you speak.

* Say your name and organization, and then slowly leave your
phone number.

* Follow that with a short, essential message of 40 to 50

* Pretend you’re writing your phone number in the air as you’re
reciting it. Some callers speak too fast, making recipients replay the
message repeatedly.

* Days later, if you’ve had no reply? Say, “I’m calling to
follow-up on my call last Tuesday.”

* Be flexible when offering times and dates when you can be

Jeff has just posted the first 10 of his 24 iPhone Apps in his
Work-Life Guide Series. Check it out at:


***Live seminar appearances***

I will be speaking on how to get started in Internet marketing at
Ken McCarthy’s The System seminar on April 9 in Chicago. For more
information or to register, visit:

I’ll also talk about getting started in information marketing at
the annual conference of the American Society of Journalists and
Authors (ASJA) on April 24 in New York City. For more information
or to register, visit:

And, I’ll be speaking on “How to Get a Book Published” at Fred
Gleeck’s Publishing Seminar on May 24 in NYC:


***7 tips for webinar presenters***

1—Keep the overview under 5 minutes; attendees want to get to the
heart of the topic right away.

2—Reference page numbers or slides during the course of the

3—Use examples to help explain your topic.

4—Repeat each question before you answer to allow the audience to
hear both sides of the exchange.

5—Speak clearly and project your voice fully.

6—Make sure your presentation follows the advertised agenda – and
fits the allotted time.

7—Avoid reading directly from the materials.

Source: Lorman Education Services


***Free book: The New Profit Rules***

My colleague Charlie Cook has just published a worth-reading
e-book “The New Profit Rules.”

Among the new profit rules covered in the book:

>> “Free” is the new business model.

>>The speed of implementation determines success.

>> Marketing partners can make you rich.

>> Old-school selling is dead.

>> Your customers are in charge, not you.

You can download a free copy here:


***Membership site relaunch announced***

With the economy in dire straits …

… you need to get the best advice on starting — and running — a
successful Internet information marketing business:

But you don’t want to pay through the nose for it.

That’s why Fred Gleeck and I are happy to announce the relaunch
of our “Internet Information Marketing Club.”

Here you can get our latest articles, reports, speeches, seminars
… and more.

You’ll discover dozens of ways to make thousands of dollars a
week selling information products online – honestly and

Check it … and request a risk-free 10-day “test drive” … here:


***Can you still earn six figures during a down economy?***

You can either stick your head in the sand and wait for the
economy to turn around. Or you can dig in your heels and be pro
active like two of my colleagues, Peter Fogel and Donna Doyle

Even though other copywriters are moaning and groaning these
days, these two work horses are continually being offered loads
of work… getting the fees they want from “A” clients… and
actually turning down assignments that don’t fit in with their

So what are these battle-tested, in the trenches proven
strategies that have propelled Donna and Peter further than
other copywriters?

The answer is here:

Plus, when you read their whole letter you’ll discover how to
get a FREE report from yours truly that’ll show you how to get a
second income stream coming in.

Go to:


***Meet the wealthy freelancers***

My colleagues Ed Gandia, Pete Savage and Steve Slaunwhite at have just written an excellent book
titled “The Wealthy Freelancer: 12 Secrets to a Great Income and
an Enviable Lifestyle.”

Getting great clients and well-paying work is something that
alludes many freelancers — especially in this economy. But this
book is packed with the practical, hard-earned strategies Ed,
Pete and Steve have used to consistently attract good-paying
clients, earn high incomes and enjoy a great quality of life.

It’s is essential reading for any freelancer or solo professional
who wants to enjoy a business and lifestyle that are “wealthy” in
every sense of the word.

Here’s the best part. The book will only set you back 11 bucks
and change. To learn more about the book visit:


***Quotation of the month***

“If you’re an entrepreneur, it’s inevitable that you’re going to
go through a serious roller coaster of emotions. One day you’re
on top of the world and the next you feel like you’re about to
crash and burn. It’s an occupational hazard of being an
entrepreneur, and you just can’t get around it.”
–Yanik Silver


***Reprint my articles – free!***

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***Automate your Internet business***

My Internet business runs on Web Marketing Magic, an integrated
software including shopping cart, e-commerce, auto-responder, ad
tracker, affiliate marketing, e-mail distribution, and more. You
can try it for 30 days for under four bucks:


***60-second commercial from Fern Dickey, Project Manager***

Bob is available on a limited basis for copywriting of direct
mail packages, sales letters, brochures, white papers, ads,
e-mail marketing campaigns, PR materials, and Web pages. We
recommend you call for a FREE copy of our updated Copywriting
Information Kit. Just let me know your industry and the type of
copy you’re interested in seeing (ads, mailings, etc.) and if Bob
is available to take your assignment, we’ll tailor a package of
recent samples to fit your requirements. Call Fern Dickey at
201-797-8105 or e-mail


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