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3 keys to social media success

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Bob Bly’s Direct Response Letter:
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May 2010


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***3 keys to social media success***

1—Develop strategies for where your customers are hanging out
online – e.g., niche blogs, industry forum sites, Google groups …
don’t just concentrate on key social media sites like Twitter and

2—Make content the core of your social media strategy – stories
that are happening around your brand that make you interesting to
your prospects.

3—Understand your role in social media in your market – whether
it’s to observe, engage, develop conversations, or build

Source: Junta42 Content Marketing blog


***Keep track of article submissions***

Submitting articles to article directories is a great way to
generate traffic with your content, and it costs you nothing but

Now there is a free article submission tracking tool that allows
you to manage your article directory submissions.

It keeps track of all the article submissions you have done so
you don’t keep submitting the same articles to the same article
directories over and over again.


***Bill Bonner’s copywriting secret***

Agora Publishing founder Bill Bonner uses the “IRS” (interrupt,
reveal, sell) formula to write great copy:

1—Interrupt your audience with a big idea they haven’t heard

2—Reveal what it is you are talking about and how it connects to
the reader.

3—Sell by linking your big idea message to the product you are
about to offer.



***Add your location when bidding on keywords***

If your service is one where customers would prefer to work with
a local vendor (e.g., cosmetic dentistry, PC repair), bid on key
phrases that include your location. Example: “Hard drive data
recovery Northern NJ.”

Why it pays off: there are fewer people bidding on this key
phrase than on the broader “Hard drive data recovery,” so you’ll
likely be able to pay less per click … and, you attract
prospects more inclined to hire you.

Tip: Make sure your physical address is prominent on your Web
site. Many service providers bid on local key phrases, and then
try to hide the fact that they are actually out of town.


***Get a win on every call***

Would you like to eliminate fear and rejection from your
prospecting and get a win on every call? You can with Art
Sobczak’s Smart Calling method.

In “Smart Calling – Eliminate the Fear, Failure, and Rejection
from Cold Calling,” Art gives you the field-tested, practical
information you need to make your calls work. Packed with
hundreds of real-world examples, Smart Calling shows you how to:

— Grab your prospect’s interest in critical first 20 seconds;
— Use “social engineering” to get the inside scoop on prospects;
— Have screeners, gatekeepers, and assistants working for you;
— Stay motivated and avoid morale-killing rejection!

Receive instant access to special bonus gifts from leading
business experts when you order today. Check out Smart Calling


***Automate your tweeting***

Twuffer (short for “Twitter buffer”) is free software you can use
to compose a list of future tweets and schedule their release.

You can create a series of tweets to notify subscribers about
upcoming podcasts or video episodes or to remind your followers
of important dates.


***How to prevent typos in your copy***

According to an article in Customer Service Advantage,
spell-check fails to catch 7 out of 10 errors.

Therefore, you have to proofread your copy carefully. But that’s
difficult to do if you’ve already read the copy multiple times,
because your mind skips many words.

Solution: proofread your copy backward.

Why it works: the copy loses all meaning when read backward,
forcing you to focus on the words one at a time.


***5 ways to make a positive impression at work***

1—Keep your desk neat … tidiness conveys that you’re organized
and have things under control.

2—Be sincere and generous with compliments … people like to be
told you appreciate them.

3—Return phone calls and e-mails promptly … it makes co-workers
and customers feel valued.

4—Be on time … being late shows that you think your time is more
important than theirs.

5—Set a good example … find out what kind of behavior your
managers and colleagues expect, and do your best to practice it.

Source: Words from Woody, Spring 2010, p. 7.


***Fun with puns***

My friend, David Yale, has just written a very funny book of
original puns, Pun Enchanted Evenings: A Treasury of Wit, Wisdom,
Chuckles and Belly Laughs for Language Lovers. With puns on every
subject from Arizona to zealous crusaders, language lovers like
you are guaranteed to laugh out loud. David’s book has the best
new moron puns since the Fifties, and unique information on the
first scientific studies showing the mental superiority of
pun-lovers. As a special favor for my e-letter subscribers, David
is offering 25% off the regular eBook price. Go to and enter coupon code YZ98U. You can sample
the first 100 puns free. Hurry — the discount expires May 31!


***Marketing with precision***

Tap into the mind of renowned Internet marketing superstar, Wendy
Montes de Oca, MBA, and learn her powerful, cost effective
secrets to growing a business on a shoestring budget. Wendy was
the power-house marketer to many online publishers’ success
including Early to Rise, Total Health Breakthroughs, Money and
Markets, and NewsMax, just to name a few. Sign up now for her
free e-newsletter, Precision Marketing:


***Quotation of the month***

“You are far greater than you imagine. You are a unique entity
given the power to create your own life. When you look outside
yourself for self-definition, you are giving your power away.”
–Michael Dalton Johnson,


***Reprint my articles – free!***

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***60-second commercial from Fern Dickey, Project Manager***

Bob is available on a limited basis for copywriting of direct
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