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Genuine soil from Dracula’s castle

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Bob Bly’s Direct Response Letter: Resources, ideas, and tips for
improving response to business-to-business, high-tech, and
direct marketing.

January 5, 2012


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***Best days to send e-mail***

According to an article in Target Marketing (12/11, p. 7), 56%
of e-mail is sent Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, distributed
almost evenly among those 3 days.

Participants at a 12/8/11 SIPA* Roundtable reported some success
e-mailing on other days, most notably Friday and Saturday.

I send 4 e-mails to my list weekly. Monday and Thursday are
content messages. Tuesday and Friday are promotions.

As a rule of thumb, at least 50% of your e-mail messages should
be content. If not, people unsubscribe.

*Specialized Information Publishers Association


***Mail-order magic***

Among the classic mail order products were those advertised with
tiny display ads in the pages of 1960s and 1970s comic books.
Example: Sea Monkeys.

Kirk Demarais collects photos of the products and the ads in his
book “Mail-Order Mysteries.” Classic headlines include:

“Enter the Wonderful World of Amazing Live Sea-Monkeys”

“Over 1,001 Free Items – Yours for the Asking”

“Genuine Soil from Dracula’s Castle”

“Absolutely Free! Giant Life Size Moon Monster”

“100-Piece Toy Soldier Set — $1.25”

“The Insult That Made a Man out of Mac”

“Amazing X-Ray Vision Instantly!”

“Discover the Hidden Secrets of Nature’s Most Exotic and
Mysterious House Plant!”

Source: Kirk Demarais, “Mail-Order Mysteries,” Insight Editions


***Eliminate parking hassle with this simple travel tip***

Use your cell phone’s camera to take a picture of the parking
lot post that has the row number/letter where you’re parked.
That way, you’ll be able to find your car. Delete the photo upon
your return.

Source: Ryan Lee and Bill Huddleston.


***4 free marketing e-books for you***

For a limited time only, my colleague Bill Hall is offering 4
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out his “Real Marketing Works” e-newsletter:

1-The Step by Step Guide to Writing Profitable E-Books.
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4-The Easy E-Book Idea Generator.

Bill has experience in corporate marketing as well as mail
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***Building your e-list***

According to my friend and consultant Wendy Montes de Oca,
conducting online polls is a great way to add names to your

She says that for an e-list built with online polls, less than
2% of the names dropped off the list after 6 months.

Other methods Wendy recommends for e-list building include
article marketing, reciprocal ad swaps for lead generation, and
pay-per-click advertising.

Not working so well: buying e-mail addresses (“almost always a
waste of money”), renting e-lists, sweepstakes, and e-mail
address appending. “With these methods, more than 50% of the
names dropped off the file after 6 months,” she says.


***Listening to Freud***

One day Dr. Sigmund Freud was visited by a depressed man seeking
help. After an extensive interview, Freud advised the man, “You
have severe clinical depression and it will take many visits for
an effective course of treatment.

“But in the meantime the famous clown, the Great Grimaldi, is in
town for the night, and I suggest you see his show, which may
provide some temporary relief against your gloom.”

“I cannot,” Freud’s patient answered sadly.

“And why not?” asked Freud.

“Because,” said the man, “I am the Great Grimaldi.”


***I have to think it over***

One of the most dreaded customer objections is “I have to think
it over.” Here are some responses that can help get past it:

>> “What exactly do you want to think about?”
>> “Let’s think it over out loud. Sometime two heads are better than one.”
>> “Let’s think it over while it is fresh in your mind. What are
some of the items you need to know more about?”

Source: Selling Power magazine


***Stop ignoring Facebook***

If, like me, you pretty much ignore social media, you are making
a mistake according to Rachel Yeomans, marketing director of
social media at Astek Consulting.

She notes that the average Facebook user is connected to 80
community pages, groups, and events. Facebook has nearly 657
million users worldwide with almost 8.7 billion visits per month.

***Focus on repeat sales***

Too many marketers focus on the initial sale, when the real
profits are often generated by repeat business over the lifetime
of the customer, says marketing expert Jay Abraham.

For Icy Hot, a balm, he got $10 million worth of advertising
without paying for a single spot. In exchange for running the
ads at no cost, the station or publication could keep the $3
customers paid for each jar bought from the ads. One million
people tried Icy Hot on that basis.

Approximately one-third of these buyers came back at least 6
times a year at an average order of $10, generating $21 million
a year in sales.

Icy Hot became so successful that a major pharmaceutical company
bought out its original manufacturer for many millions of

Source: The Abraham Files


***Quotation of the month***

“We never know which lives we influence, or when, or why.”
–Stephen King

Source: Stephen King, “11/22/63: A Novel” (Scribner, p. 454).


***Reprint my articles – free!***

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