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Marketing with LinkedIn, selecting print typefaces

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Bob Bly’s Direct Response Letter:
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June 14, 2012


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***How to profit from LinkedIn***

According to social media consultant Paul Gillin, here’s what
you should be doing on LinkedIn:

** Make sure your LinkedIn profile is up to date and tagged with
the right key words.

** Answer two questions in LinkedIn Groups or Answers every day.

** Contact current and past colleagues and ask them to write
recommendations for you – then return the favor.

** Send a connection request to any current or past contact who
might have value to you.

For more tips on how to market yourself with LinkedIn, click
here now:

Source: BtoB, 5/14/12, p. 6.


***Free cold-calling e-book***

Wendy Weiss is recognized as one of the leading authorities on
lead generation, cold calling, and new business development. Her
new e-book, The Cold Calling Survival Guide, shares her secrets
for getting face-to-face with highly qualified prospects. In it,
you’ll discover how to:

>> Identify real prospects fast.
>> Grab your prospect’s attention in the first few seconds.
>> Get more appointments and more sales in today’s tough selling environment.
>> Overcome phone fear forever.

After reading the Guide, you’ll start setting appointments
within 24 hours. Download your free cold calling guide here:


***Automate your direct mail***

The United States Post Office (USPS) has a new online tool,
Every Door Direct Mail, that enables you to easily send your
direct mail piece to prospects in any town, zip code, or county
you choose. You can decide whether you want to reach city
addresses, rural addresses, or PO boxes, and whether to mail to
residential only or business addresses too.

For more information on the Every Door Direct Mail service,
click here:


***What your customers want online***

According to an article in Target Marketing (6/12, p. 5):

** 59% want easy navigation.
** 57% desire a simple check-out process.
** 42% seek product images.
** 45% said in-store pick-up options for online purchases were important to them.
**28% wanted to return products bought online at a retail store.


***Put the important word last***

Speaker Patricia Fripp advises putting the most important word
or phrase in a sentence at the end.

Let’s say that word is “decision.” Instead of “You have to make
an important decision today,” write: “Today, you have to make an
important decision.”

Source: Patricia Fripp, Behind the Podium, Winter 2011, p. 11.


***Selecting print typefaces***

When evaluating new or unusual typefaces for e-books, white
papers, and other print documents, set a paragraph in the new
typeface and compare its appearance with the same text set in
Times Roman, suggests graphic designer Barb Willard. Here are
the steps she takes:

1–Format a paragraph to Times Roman 12 point, line spacing at
15 (a commonly used size and spacing in documents).

2–Copy the paragraph and apply the new font.

3–No two fonts are ever the same size visually, so you should
adjust the new font to a size that has the same “readability” as
the Times Roman paragraph.

Times Roman, while not exciting, is a standard for clear,
readable type. If the text in the new typeface doesn’t look as
good as the Times Roman version, stick with Times Roman for the
whole document.


***A simple rule of thumb for copy length***

When deciding whether you need long copy or short – whether in a
landing page, e-mail, or sales letter – follow this simple rule:
short copy for generating leads, longer copy for generating

“As a general proposition, an ad in which you are seeking only
inquiries should be short, merely leading the reader down to the
free booklet and the coupon,” writes copywriter Robert Collier,
“whereas an ad in which you are attempting to make the actual
sale should be long enough to tell all about your offer.

“Some authorities will tell you to write only short, crisp ads, with
plenty of white space – others to crowd in every word you can
get. Both are wrong. There is no hard and fast rule as to how
long an ad should be, except that it should be long enough to
tell your story, but short enough to hold your reader’s

Source: Collier, Robert, “How to Make Money at Home in Spare
Time by Mail,” p. 154.


***Don’t be an “affiliate pest”***

An “affiliate pest” is a newbie Internet marketer who thinks she
can convince a bigger Internet marketer to promote her product
as an affiliate by constantly calling, e-mailing, and otherwise
pestering him to get a commitment.

It’s OK to query and to follow-up in a reasonable manner. But
not every day. Even more important: don’t write a huffy e-mail
complaining “I haven’t heard from you” to the person you’re
trying to recruit as an affiliate.

Yes, all the big and even the medium-size (like me) Internet
marketers today are inundated with requests from people who want
us to promote their products to our lists.

But that means we’re busy. We have many other projects going. So
we can’t respond to requests for joint ventures as quickly as we

Acknowledge this, and you have a chance. Pressure us, and we’ll
avoid you like the plague.


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***Our 60-second commercial***

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