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Keyword research tips; best fonts for landing pages

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Bob Bly’s Direct Response Letter:
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January 3, 2013


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***How to do keyword research***

Using keyword research tools like the Google Keyword Adwords Tool
to check out the popularity of your keywords. How many
times do people search on each of your terms, in comparison to
other search terms? You want to target keywords that attract
lots of monthly searches (at least 100,000 for global topics).
Lots of searches mean that your topic is in high demand, and
that people need information on that subject.

Next, take a look at how much competition you’re facing for
each of your keywords. How many pages of web content
(and how many websites) are specifically targeting your
keyword? Are there large numbers of people actively trying
to rank for that term? If so, you will have a harder time ranking
well for that keyword. A perfect keyword is one that has lots
of searches (high popularity) and very few people actively
trying to rank for it (low competition.)

Source: Copyblogger 12/13/12.


***The social media time suck***

Social Media Examiner founder, Michael Stelzner, in his “2012
Social Media Marketing Industry Report”, surveyed over 3,300
marketers’ social media practices and found that 59% of
marketers are using social media for 6 hours or more each week,
while more than 33% use it 11 or more hours per week.

Further, according to, recent studies have shown
that businesses must commit at least 6 hours per week to social
media marketing if it is going to have any positive impact at
all … something not easy for some small business owners to do.


***Best fonts for landing pages***

Some fonts are better on the screen than others. Try Georgia or
Cambria for serif fonts. For sans serif, use Tahoma, Verdana,
and Geneva. Remember, serif fonts have little extensions on the
ends of the letters; sans serif fonts don’t.

Source: Mequoda Daily, 11/27/12.


***Don’t join networking groups***

The best places to network are groups whose members are
marketing professionals. For instance, I am a member of the
Business Marketing Association, a group catering to B2B
marketing professionals.

The worst places to network are these groups formed specifically
for networking purposes and that attract local business owners,
usually one-person businesses.

“Don’t join a networking group full of financial planners, HVAC
guys, and chiropractors,” correctly warns subscriber MC. “You
will get leads to other tiny businesses with no money – and no
sense of the value of creative services.”


***Take a break from your worries***

If you’re like me, you have some big ongoing problems you deal
with. Speaker Brian Tracy says the best way to cope – is to
forget about it!

“If you are involved in a difficult relationship, or situation
at work that is emotionally draining, discipline yourself to
take a complete break from it at least one day per week,” says
Tracy. “Put the concern out of your mind.

“Refuse to think about it. Don’t continually discuss it, make
telephone calls about it or mull it over in your mind. You
cannot perform at your best mentally if you are emotionally
preoccupied with a person or situation. You have to give
yourself a break.”

Source: 11/30/12 e-mail from Brian Tracy.


***Mobile marketing tips***

Consultant Wendy Montes de Oca says web sites designed for
display on mobile devices should be fast and user friendly.

Being fast, according to de Oca, means having a site that loads
in around 5 seconds or less. Being user friendly means having
large buttons, easy search capabilities, and limited scrolling.

Consider having responsive templates that adjust accordingly
based on the user’s device, albeit template, desktop, or mobile
phone. Offer ready access to company information such as
easy-to-find business directions, contact numbers, product and
purchasing information.

Even better: add a click-to-call access button to contact a
customer service rep to take an order via the phone as well as
an option for users to visit a non-mobile site.

Source: Precision Marketing eNewsletter, 12/11/12.


***Quotation of the month***

“There are, of course, people who consider themselves happy
because they are successful: healthy and rich, lacking nothing,
respected by their neighbors. Such people might believe that
their life is what happiness is. But this is merely
self-deception; and even they, from time to time at least,
realize the truth. And the truth is that they are failures like
the rest of us.” –Leszek Kolakowski

Source: New York Review of Books, 12/20/12.


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***Our 60-second commercial***

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