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Bob Bly’s Direct Response Letter:
Resources, ideas, and tips for improving response to
business-to-business, high-tech, and direct marketing.

February 4, 2013


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***What to put on your home page***

Have you ever come across a home page littered with copy? Or, on
the opposite spectrum, a home page with barely any content at
all? Think of your home page as the gateway to your business.
This is your chance to make a first impression and convey what
you’re all about.

Your content should be enough to clarify who you are, what you
do, where you’re located (if you are local), your value
proposition, and what to do next. Users should leave satisfied,
not over- or underwhelmed, and certainly not confused.

Source: White paper, “17 SEO Myths You Should Leave Behind in
2013,” HubSpot.


***5 tips for marketing with free webinars***

Here are the 5 qualities of a successful webinar marketing

1—Intrinsic value – your free webinar offers such valuable
content that people would gladly pay for it if they have to.

2—Strategic alignment – the entire webinar is designed to
produce a specific action on the part of the prospect.

3—Topical precision – specific and well-targeted webinar content
helps attract quality leads and improve response rates.

4—Customer intelligence – take advantage of registration,
polling, questions, surveys, and other data collection

5—Conversational presenter – adopt a conversational style
between the moderator and the speaker.

Source: 1080 Group white paper, “Content Marketing with Webinar


***Should you write a business book?***

Writing a how-to business book has become a recognized tool for
business professionals marketing and branding themselves and
their companies.

Reason: It helps them establish their expertise while sharing useful
information appreciated by readers. Plus, it can introduce them to
a vast new audience of potential customers.

Today, more than 11,000 business books alone are published
each year – and that doesn’t include self-published e-books,
according to the authors of “The 100 Best Business Books
of All Time.”

“Whether you’re using your book to generate media, speaking
opportunities or new customers, it is the most powerful
marketing tool in your arsenal,” says Adam Witty, CEO
of Advantage Media Group, an international publisher.

When you consider that the average book sells less than 2,000
copies, getting rich off of book sales becomes a far away fantasy.
But if you use your book to get a feature in your industry trade
journal, what is that worth? If your typical customer is worth
$5,000, and you use your book to attract and generate new leads
into your business, how much more valuable does your book become?


***5 tested ways to get more famous online***

1–Assert expertise in your niche … Use content to position and
prove yourself as an authority. Give your ideas names and
labels, and present formulas alongside empirical evidence. This
approach has far more impact than simply spouting your opinion.

2–Develop a valuable free product … Offer valuable free content
as an incentive for people to opt into your e-list. First
discover what’s keeping your audience up at night, then provide
a detailed solution packaged in an e-book, special report, or
white paper.

3–Create a popular blog … Focus on your topic, express your
personality, and use it as a base to communicate your unique

4–Interview an expert … This proven technique lets you tap
into the audience of an influencer (and cheekily position yourself
with them). Post the interview on your blog or site.

5–Guest blog … If you write articulate, interesting, and unique
guest posts for relevant blogs, you can tap into a whole new
audience. It’s the quickest way to get known by more people.

Source:, 1/16/13.


***Free “18 marketing strategies” booklet***

Business expert Graham McGregor has a brand new booklet, and
he is willing to give a copy to my subscribers, including you.

It’s called “The Little Blue Book of Marketing Magic” and
contains a short summary of 18 of the marketing strategies from
his popular “Unfair Business Advantage Report.”

You can download a free copy of Graham’s new booklet – and like
all his stuff, it’s well worth reading – here (no registration required):


***Use text at the top of your e-mails***

If you send HTML e-mails, use real text, not graphics, at the
top of your e- mails.

Reason: a graphic-heavy e-mail will appear blank until the
subscriber has selected to download the graphics. Real text in
the message remains visible even in HTML.

Source: “10 Rules: Successful Email Marketing,” iContact White

Another e-mail tip: When I put a link to the landing page within
the first 2 paragraphs of my e-mail copy, click-through rates
increase substantially.


***What’s in a name?***

Dolphinfish tastes good, but people weren’t ordering it because
they thought it was dolphin (it isn’t; it’s a fish). The
solution? The restaurant industry changed the name of the fish
on menus to mahi mahi.

Other foods have similarly been handicapped with unappealing
names. Canola oil used to be known as rapeseed oil. The name of
another fish, the slimehead, was changed to the more appetizing
orange roughy.

Source: The Pohly Company


***Have more fun at work***

A subscriber recently wrote to tell me he wished to find a job
he could love but didn’t know how to go about it.

If you’re in that situation, I recommend my latest book Start
Your Own Home Business After 50: How to Survive, Thrive, and
Earn the Income You Deserve (Linden Publishing). As the title
communicates, it is a guide to starting your own home business
for men and women 50 and older.

Scheduled for May publication, the book may be pre-ordered on
Amazon at a 32% pre-publication discount. Click here for more
information or to order:


***Quotation of the month***

“What the world needs is more people who feel true enthusiasm
for their work … people who have taken the time to think out
what they uniquely can do and have to offer the world.”
–Richard Bolles


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