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10 content writing tips; why people fail

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March 4, 2013


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***10 tips for writing content Google will love*** offers these 10 suggestions for writing strong
content that gets marketing results online:

1. Care — deeply — about the quality of your writing, and about
your audience.

2. Go deep with original research.

3. Share a never-before-seen interview.

4. Avoid redundant, duplicated, or stolen content.

5. Build so much trust with your audience that people would be
happy to hand over their credit card.

6. Build your authority — and your site’s authority.

7. Write for humans — not machines.

8. Create something nobody has ever seen before.

9. Remain balanced and worthy of your audience’s trust.

10. Cover a topic comprehensively (don’t aim for an arbitrary
word count and stop once you reach it).

According to, some of the types of content
Google likes include interviews, lists, surveys, polls, reviews, news,
case studies, predictions, humor, and contests.

Source:, 2/18/13.


***Are you really a business, marketing, or content

Writing on LinkedIn, Jeff Haden asserts that a lot of people who
sell themselves as strategists really aren’t. Says Haden: “I
sometimes help manufacturing plants improve productivity and
quality. There are strategies I use to identify areas for
improvement but I’m in no way a strategist. I don’t create
something new; I apply my experience and a few proven
methodologies to make improvements.”

Strategists look at the present, envision something new, and
develop approaches to make their vision a reality. “Very few
people are strategists,” says Haden. “Most ‘strategists’ are
actually coaches, specialists, or consultants who use what they
know to help others.” He adds the good news that 99% of the time
that’s what customers need – they don’t need or even want a


***The value of listening***

An old man was going deaf. He got a hearing aid that enabled him
to hear much better.

When he went for his checkup in a month, his audiologist said,
“Your hearing is great. Your family must be happy you can hear

The old man replied: “Oh, I haven’t told my family yet. I just
sit around and listen to them talking. I’ve already changed my
will 3 times!”

Source: American Dreamer, Vol. III, No. 2.


***5 reasons why people fail***

1—Uninspiring goals … make the goal the feeling you will get
when you achieve the thing rather than the thing itself.

2—Fear of failure … if you’re afraid of failing, you won’t take
the necessary risks required to achieve your goal.

3—Fear of success … you are worried that even if you achieve
something spectacular, like enormous wealth, it still won’t make
you happy.

4—An unrealistic timetable … most people overestimate what they
can do in a week and underestimate what they can do in a year.

5—Worrying about getting stuck … a plateau is almost always a
sign that you’re on the brink of a major breakthrough. Have

Source: The Ziglar Weekly Newsletter, 2/13/13.


***Hire a coach – not***

Internet marketing expert Terry Dean lists 5 situations in which
you should not hire a coach:

1—You only want a “yes” person to put a stamp of approval on
your project.

2—You refuse to track your stats and results or install Google

3—You’re not open to new ideas.

4—You want someone to do the work for you. “Coaches don’t do the
work for you,” says Terry. “They guide you.”

5—You simply can’t afford it. Don’t spend the rent money.

Source: Terry Dean e-newsletter, 2/14/13.


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