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Make copy more urgent; become a Google author

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Bob Bly’s Direct Response Letter:
Resources, ideas, and tips for improving response to
business-to-business, high-tech, Internet, and direct marketing.

November 4, 2013


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***Free tele-seminar: get instant info products with licensing***

This Wednesday 11/6/13 from 2 – 3 pm EST, Fred Gleeck and I
will present a free tele-seminar showing how you can get an
instant information product to sell (or even a line of products)
licensing one of our proven home study programs.

In “Product Licensing: The Ultimate Shortcut to Information
Marketing Success,” you’ll discover a quick and easy way to
start or jump start your info marketing business by selling our
“done for you” information products online. You pay us zero
commission. You keep all the money. And you have zero
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We’ll also explain how you can create a rapid increase in your
online revenues by licensing your products to others.

The tele-seminar is free, but we only have a few open lines
left, so to reserve your seat, click here now:


***Get noticed on LinkedIn***

To help the right people find you on LinkedIn, optimize your
profile. Add keywords a potential new client might use when
seeking out someone with the products or services you provide.

Include the best keywords in the title and summary sections of
your profile to ensure you show up in search results. Caveat:
You will show up only in search results for people in your
network, including first, second, and third level connections.

Source: Social Media Examiner, 9/30/13.


***3 ways to add specific urgency to your copy***

1– Establish a hard deadline. Specifics are always more
convincing. Example: Midnight, Monday, November 25, 2013.

2– Put your deadline in the subject line or make it part of
your outer envelope teaser; e.g., “3 days ’til Thanksgiving —
SAVE 35% NOW!”

3– Don’t be shy about where you place the deadline or how many
times you repeat it. You never know where a scanner’s eye will
land first.

Source: Pat Friesen, Today@TargetMarketing, 10/17/13.


***Something lots of marketers forget to do***

Too many companies focus on customer acquisition and don’t think
about how to sell more to existing customers. Their back-end
becomes automatic, and they spend very little time on it.

Companies test dozens of front-end offers, and rarely try new
creative approaches to their back-end mailings. In reality all
your profits come from back-end mailings, and that deserves as
much, if not more, attention than acquisition mailings.

Source: Avrick Direct, 10/8/13.


***Become a Google author***

Social media expert Jeff Molander notes that in its effort to
clean up the Web, Google launched Authorship. The essence of
becoming a recognized Author with Google is all about one thing:
Giving authors of high quality blog articles (you) more exposure.

Here’s how it works. Google gives maximum attention to
registered Authors by including a photo next to all blog posts
appearing in its index. This grabs eyes. This beats out
competing writers who aren’t Authors. “This drives more leads to
your page.” Jeff says. “You’re losing visibility if you’re not
aligned with Google via Authorship.”

To register as a Google Author, click here now:

Source: Today@Target Marketing, 10/11/13


***How to come up with promotional ideas***

I asked ace copywriter Richard Armstrong how he comes up
with ideas for his winning promotions. His answer:

“I ask myself three W questions: 1) what does my best prospect
WISH for; 2) what does my best prospect WORRY about; and 3) what
does my best prospect WONDER about, i.e. what question would he
or she really like to find the answer to. If I find one thing
that satisfies all three, I know I’ve got a big idea.”

Source: AWAI presentation, 10/24/13.


***My first Kindle e-book***

Two questions I am frequently asked by my subscribers are “Have
you published a Kindle e-book?” and “Do you write fiction?”

Now, with the publication of my first Kindle e-book, “The
Emancipation of Abraham Lincoln XL-3000 and Other Stories,” I
have killed these two birds with one stone.

This collection of my science fiction and fantasy short stories
sells for less than two bucks on Amazon, so you can sample my
fiction with a minimal investment.

In one of the several 5-star Amazon reviews of my book, reader
Mark Smallwood writes, “Bob Bly’s stories engage the reader from
the first sentence. From mainstream to science fiction and
everything in-between, these stories explore contemporary themes
with sensitivity and often a great deal of humor.

“If you grew up reading the stories of Ray Bradbury, Harlan
Ellison, or even early Kurt Vonnegut, like I did, you will get a
kick out of these stories. Some of them will evoke the joy you
experienced while watching TV shows like the Twilight Zone and
One Step Beyond.

“With his background in science and technology Bly brings a
fresh eye to speculation about the fate of humanity in the face
of topics like climate change, 24/7 entertainment, robotics, and
the hidden human costs of this modern world. And he courageously
and successfully tackles the themes of loss, loneliness, love
and redemption.”

To download my new Kindle e-book immediately, click here now:


***The key to demolishing writer’s block***

To push through your writing block, the secret is to stop
worrying, stop thinking, stop planning – and just write! Or as
Mark Ford puts it: “Ready, fire, aim.”

“Get enough down on paper so that your ‘paint’ (aka words)
covers the whole canvas,” says author Deb Weil.

“Whole canvas” means enough words to fill the document. Example:
the average magalog has 500 words per page. So for a 12-page
magalog, the first step is to get a draft, no matter how rough,
of about 6,000 words.

Yes, there will be holes. Yes, it may look awkward and
misshapen. But if you get enough out of your head and complete
that crude first draft, then (and only then) can you go on – and
fix what you’ve got, explains Weil.

She adds: “If you’re writing enough crap to finish your first
draft, you’ve made it into the big leagues. You are a writer.”

Source: Voxie Media, 10/22/13.


***”Instant” products for your Internet marketing business***

One of the barriers to getting into information marketing is
creating information products to sell.

Now I have removed that obstacle for you – by enabling you to
license some of my info products to sell.

When you have a license, you can sell as many copies of my
products as you want … without paying me a dime. I get NO

Owning a license to sell my products eliminates the need for you
to create your own info product – or, if you already have an
info product, another info product.

And you gain the security of knowing you are selling a product
that has already proven successful in the marketplace … because
I have already created and tested it at my own risk and expense.

For details on how to license one of my info products, just
click here now:

BTW, even if you have no interest in licensing my products,
click on the above link anyway to get a free education on how
licensing works in info marketing.


***Double your persuasive powers in seconds***

A review of 42 studies involving 22,000 participants found that
when you add “but you are free to choose” or a similar phrase to
your sales pitch, you double the chances that the person will do
as you ask. Reason: it gives people the security of knowing they
are free to choose.

Source: Jay’s Monthly Marketing Tip, 10/18/13.


***Avoid this tele-seminar announcement mistake***

Recently I sent an e-mail promoting a seminar with a starting
time of 12pm EST, which my reader AW took me to task for:

He writes, “Are you aware of the research that suggests if
someone e-mails one thousand prospects announcing the sponsor
will award one thousand dollars to the first one-hundred persons
who show up at 12:00 PM, half of all those who show up will do
so at noon and half at midnight.” Solution: If you want to start
at noon, announce the starting time as 12:01pm EST.


***An easy way to make meetings more productive***

Set a start and end time, but do not make them on the hour or
the half. Most folks schedule meetings right at the top of the
hour and many on the half. So they schedule for 2:00 or 2:30.

But to get the most out of your meeting, you should start
scheduling your meetings at 2:05. This sends a clear message
that you are protective about your time and everyone should be
respectful of your time and their own time as well. Also, by
stating an end time, you keep the meeting moving. It is clear
that this is business and not a social session.

Source: The CEO’s Edge, 10/23/13.


***Quotation of the month***

“There is such unconscionable and hypocritical pandering to the
youth demographic all around us, that anything older than a
fortnight risks eternal oblivion.” –Harlan Ellison


***Reprint my articles – free!***

Media, bloggers, marketers, editors, publishers, Web masters —
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***Our 60-second commercial***

Bob Bly is available on a limited basis for copywriting of
landing pages, direct mail packages, video sales letters,
brochures, white papers, ads, e-mail marketing campaigns, PR
materials, and Web pages. We recommend you call for a FREE copy
of our updated Copywriting Information Kit. Just let us know
your industry and the type of copy you’re interested in seeing
(ads, landing pages, etc.) and if Bob is available to take on
your assignment, we’ll tailor a package of recent samples to fit
your requirements. Call Bob Bly at 973-263-0562 or e-mail


***We’ve moved***

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