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Improve online videos; make your brand stand out; generate leads on Twitter

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Bob Bly’s Direct Response Letter:
Resources, ideas, and tips for improving response to
business-to-business, high-tech, Internet, and direct marketing.

January 2, 2014


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***Improve online videos with keywords***

Does the number of times that you use a keyword in your online
video make a difference? Yes, says digital marketing expert John
Saunders, who advises that the number of times a keyword is used
can be vital to the success of any video marketing.

“Your keyword should be included in your title as well as your
description,” notes Saunders. “Your keywords should take up
approximately 3 percent of the text. Be careful not to overload
your content with the keyword too much.”

Source: John Saunders, Today@TargetMarketing, 12/16/13.


***4 ways to make your brand stand out***

1–Go slow in a world of speed … Each Rolex takes a year to
manufacture. The perception that a longer process is needed to
build the world’s best timepiece also reinforces the value.

2–Use country of origin to your advantage … Brands from
Switzerland are highly associated with precision and fine
craftsmanship. Seek to build brand associations with countries
that support your reputation for service, manufacturing,
innovation etc.

3–Behave differently … Online shoe retailer Zappos has built
its advantage on an iron clad return policy and customer service
that goes above and beyond, breaking down the perceived barriers
of selling and buying shoes online.

4–Look different … Apple always looks like Apple. Diesel always
looks like Diesel. Absolut Vodka always looks like Absolut.
They’re in a sector but they don’t look like part of the sector.

Source: Branding Strategy Insider, Derrick Daye, “50 Ways to
Differentiate Your Brand.”


***A tip for generating leads on Twitter***

On Twitter, your profile is what attracts followers. So your
Twitter profile should include a proper description of your
business, have the URL of your web site in the info section, and
show a nice profile picture with a background that represents
the business. These help make your brand distinct from others
and adds to the lead generation potential of the profile.

Source: Chief Marketer, 12/13/13.


***When it comes to customer choice, less is more***

Although it is counterintuitive, you usually can increase sales
by offering customers fewer choices rather than more choices.

Clare Florist, a U.K. company, knows if customers made previous
purchases, they will buy again. Originally the florist thought a
past purchaser might like to order different items. So, in
addition to the product most recently ordered, the company
provided two other additional items.

However, sometimes simple is better; too many choices may
paralyze the consumer. The florist tested featuring just the
product category of the past purchase. And the test won—by a
wide margin.

Source: Reggie Brady, Today@TargetMarketing, 12/12/13.


***My first nonfiction Kindle e-book***

I have just published my first nonfiction Kindle e-book – a
collection of my weekly e-mail essays titled “Don’t Wear a
Cowboy Hat Unless You are a Cowboy and Other Grumblings of a
Cranky Curmudgeon.”

Here are the 75 essays readers have responded to best, including:

>>How to choose your niche. Page 158.
>> Why the Law of Attraction is almost worthless. Page 3.
>> The 25-50-25 rule of time management. Ignore it at your peril.
Page 162.
>> The trouble with competing on price. Page 233.
>> Why copywriting is a more valuable skill than content marketing.
Page 268.
>> The 25 secrets of lasting success. Page 138.
>> And more.

You can download the Kindle version of “Don’t Wear a Cowboy Hat”
for less than five bucks … or order a nice 273-page paperback
for around $15 … by clicking here now:


***How to optimize web pages for new products***

According to SEO expert Trond Lynbo, good information
architecture, web site structure, and internal link architecture
are critical to rank new product pages well. His advice: Link
categories from your home page, and your product pages from the
category levels. This will ensure that Google finds, crawls, and
indexes your content fast. Also link to the new product pages
from their parent category pages.

Optimize your web site theme so that new products are always
presented on your home page where they’ll get found and indexed.
A good internal link architecture will get your new product
pages indexed and ranked quickly.

Source: Today@TargetMarketing


***The death of direct mail is greatly exaggerated***

No matter how much multichannel/integrated marketing will be a
constant theme and reality, expect direct mail to continue to be
featured as the “tree” of a campaign from which all the other
branches extend says Ethan Boldt, Director of the Who’s Mailing
What Archive. Why?

“Well, as you probably can guess, it’s still the big money
maker, and if a company’s integrative marketing cards are played
right, it’ll continue to be the major driver of revenue along
with email, social media, mobile and telemarketing,” he says.

Source: Target Marketing, 11/22/13.


***7 rules to live by***

1—Always say less than necessary.
2—Guard your reputation with your life.
3—Make people come to you.
4—Do not offend the wrong person.
5—Disdain things you cannot have.
6—When asking for help, appeal to people’s self-interest.
7—Win through your actions, never through argument.

Source: Robert Greene, “The 48 Laws of Power” (Penguin Books,


***Get off your duff and start publishing an online newsletter in

If you are serious about making money online, I strongly urge
you to write and publish a free e-newsletter. Now Fred Gleeck
and I show you how to do just that in our new home study audio
course, “Newsletter Marketing Magic.”

The 3 main advantages of publishing your own e-newsletter are:
(1) it helps you build a value-added relationship with your list
of subscribers, (2) it’s a great forum for promoting your ideas
and getting out news about you and your activities, and (3) it
helps generate direct sales of your products and services.

For more information … or to preview Newsletter Marketing Magic
on a risk-free trial basis … click here now:


***Remove this barrier to becoming an info marketer***

One thing that stops people from going into info marketing is
the belief that they don’t know enough about any topic to teach

But according to copywriter Nick Usborne, this really shouldn’t
stop you. Says Nick, “When someone needs an answer on a topic,
all they are looking for is someone who knows a little more than
they do.”

Example: If people want to know how to make extra chewy
brownies, they don’t need to find the world’s most famous chef.
They just need to find someone who is really good at baking
chewy brownies and is willing to share her secret.

Source: Nick Usborne, “How to Write Your Own Money-Making Web
Sites,” AWAI, p. 99.


***Why satisfied customers may not order again***

The late, great copywriter Ed McLean cites these reasons why
customers who bought once from you may not favor you with repeat

1—They have moved. One in five Americans moves each year. More
than half of businesspeople change jobs each year.

2—They are deceased.

3—They are physically ill or going through an upsetting
emotional crisis.

4—They are broke or strapped for cash.

5—They are no longer in the market for what you sell.

6—They have found a cheaper or more convenient way to buy what
you sell.

7—They are mad at you because your product did not live up to
the promises they think you made.

Source: Ed McLean, “The Basics of Copy,” pp. 22-23.


***Quotation of the month: words for writers and content
providers to live by***

“It turns out that helping is the main thing. If you feel that
you have a use, if you think your writing furthers life or truth
in some way, then you keep writing. But if that feeling stops,
you have to find something else to do.” –Nicholas Baker

Source: Nicholas Baker, “The Anthologist” (Simon & Schuster), p.


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***Our 60-second commercial***

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