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Is fear getting in the way of your success?

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Subject: Is fear getting in the way of your success?


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April 3, 2014


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***Is fear getting in the way of your success?***

According to speaker Brian Tracy, the greatest obstacle to
success in adult life is the fear of failure. He says, “Taken to
its extreme, we become totally pre-occupied with not making a
mistake and seeking security above all other considerations.”

He says more than 99% of adults experience fear of failure,
and that the antidote to fear is the development of courage,
character and self-esteem. The opposite of fear is actually
self-love and self-respect. “Acting with courage in a fearful
situation is simply a technique that boosts our regard for
ourselves to such a degree that our fears subside and lose their
ability to affect our behavior and our decisions,” says Tracy.


***How to make your app make money***

Much like Facebook pages, mobile apps are often created just for
the sake of creating them. Make sure your app has clear business
objectives, but most importantly, there is a sufficiently
compelling reason for the audience to download, install, and
then actually use the app.

Even if you create a killer app, more often than not it will
fail if you don’t have a marketing plan. That’s because the huge
volume of apps out there means that most apps never get found in
the first place once they are available in the major app stores.
Make sure you have worked out how your audience will find your
app and once they have found it, that it’s clearly communicated
why they should install and use it.

Source: Today@TargetMarketing, 2/18/14.


***Simple trick makes it easier for folks to watch your online

My subscriber Al Colon recommends using the SSL (https:)
protocol in the links to your videos hosted on YouTube. Reason:
it gets through the proxy servers maintained by larger
companies, making it easier for corporate visitors to watch your
online video.


***Book of the month***

Jim Blasingame, host of a syndicated radios how on small
business, has written a worthwhile book, “The Age of the
Customer: Prepare for the Moment of Relevance” (SBN Books).

While the marketplace shift from the seller to the buyer being
in charge is not a new idea, Jim’s analysis of the shift is
insightful and his tips for surviving and thriving in the Age of
the Customer are practical and actionable. Order the book today
on Amazon:


***How to stand out at networking events***

If you belong to a group or organization for the networking,
consider becoming an officer of the group.

For decades I have advised businesspeople that, if they are
going to network in a group or organization, the worst way is to
attend as an ordinary member. A much better strategy is to boost
your visibility by volunteering to be an officer of the group or
head a committee.

Marketing consultant Sandra Lee Schubert agrees. “If you belong
to a group or organization, consider joining the leadership
team,” she advises. Spearhead a committee, plan an event, donate
your products, or volunteer your specialty services and time.

Be of service in the group, even if it means making the coffee
or staffing the registration table. But be ready to step into a
leadership position.

The more you get involved, the more impact you will make in the
lives and business of others. The more you create stronger
relationships, the more people get to know you and your

“Be the go to person for future business, by being the person
your groups can count on. It also looks good on a resume,”
Schubert advises.


***A smart way to keep in touch with people***

I keep in touch with clients by mailing or e-mailing them
articles. But people love video today. Sales trainer Flyn
Penoyer has a more modern approach than I do: He finds either
relevant or entertaining videos on YouTube, and e-mails people a
link. He says that you can search YouTube and find a video on
almost any subject you wish.

BTW, Flyn is a top LinkedIn expert, and you can subscribe to his
LinkedIn tips here:


***Tips for making webinars work***

>> Do not exceed the advertised webinar length. People have
schedules and want everything covered in the time you promised.

>> Allow time for Q&A. For a 60-minute webinar, the most popular
length, the presentation should be 45 to 50 minutes with a 10 to
15 minute Q&A. If you run out of questions before the allotted
time expires, don’t be afraid to finish early. Your audience
will not think less of you.

>> Don’t start more than 2 to 3 minutes after the hour. Doing so
abuses the time of those who are waiting.

>> Ensure that recordings of the webinar are available within 48
hours of the live event. Notify all registrants, not just those
who missed the webinar, that the recording is available on
demand and include the link.

>> Start promoting the event earlier than a week prior to the
date. While two third of registrants will register the week of
the webinar, a third will register earlier.

Source: White Paper, “10 Common Webinar Mistakes,” DN24.


***Which of these 4 social networks should you be using?***

Alex Hinojosa of EMSI Public Relations gives his rundown on
the advantages and disadvantages of the four most popular

** Facebook: This works best if you’re an individual
interacting on a personal level, as opposed to a business.
Artists, authors, public speakers and certain other
professionals may benefit from having potential customers get to
know them on a more personal basis.

** Twitter: Posts are limited to 140 characters – about the length
of a headline – and can include a photo or link to a website. People
use it primarily as a source of news, which makes it easy to interact
with people you don’t know.

** LinkedIn: The social network for professionals is a good place
to find and meet people within and outside your industry. The
background information on your profile page provides great fodder
for finding common ground with strangers and building relationships.

** Google+: The Google search engine favors anything posted on
Google+, which is great for SEO. It also combines the best features
of Facebook and Twitter, including photo sharing and categorizing
content using hashtags (#).


***Hire a copywriter or write it yourself?***

According to top copywriter John Carlton, when it comes to
hiring a freelance copywriter, you have decided that either your
own copywriting skills are not up to the task, or you should
hire a pro because it will save you time and get better results
– assuming you can afford it.

“There’s a cost to everything, which includes both the dollars
involved, and your time and invested energy, all balanced
against the odds of success,” says John.

“If you save time doing certain things yourself, and the results
are abysmal, how much have you really saved?” John sensibly
asks. “Or, if you write a check that makes your hand shake to a
top copywriter who produces something that opens the wealth
spigot on your head, how much did that writer ‘cost’ you?”


***10 steps to picking the right niche market***

Of everything I have written in the past few years, the one that
is most requested is “How to Find Your Niche in Life,” which
shows you how to pinpoint your ideal niche for info marketing,
freelance copywriting, or whatever it is you do by asking – and
answering – just 10 simple questions.

Now you can find these short but invaluable niche selection
guidelines starting on page 158 of my new book “Don’t Wear a
Cowboy Hat Unless You are a Cowboy” (CTC Publishing, 2014),
available on Amazon as a Kindle e-book or paperback. Click here
to order:


***Quotation of the month***

“It is sad that so many young people think older people are ‘out
of it’ and just don’t know the score. What they forget is that
while times and styles and methods of communication change,
human nature stays pretty constant. The same emotions that drove
our grandparents still drive our grandchildren.”
–Marte Cliff, Copywriter


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***Our 60-second commercial***

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