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Get blog leads; using fear in copy; don’t follow your passion

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September 1, 2014


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***3 ways to increase conversion on your blog***

1–Place an opt-in form at the top of your sidebar that
highlights your free content offer, and one at the end of your
posts–add “Like this post? You’ll love our free report.”

2–Add a graphic highlighting a free trial offer for your product
at the top of the sidebar and the end of the posts.

3–Have a contact form in your sidebar to inquire about your
services, and a graphic at the end of your posts that invites
visitors to find out how you can help them with the topic of the

Source: “Optimizing Your Online Content for Conversion,”


***How to use fear in your marketing***

The two primary motivators of human behavior are (1) to gain
reward and (2) to avoid punishment. Naturally, both work well in
copy when rendered correctly.

According to Professor Kim Witte, to use fear effectively, your
copy must include 3 elements, in this order:

1–First, the threat has to be moderate or severe. Make it
significant and vivid.

2–Next, the reader has to feel he is personally at risk.

3–Third, the reader must believe that preventative action
implemented with your product or service is simple and easy.

Source: Copyblogger, 3/20/14.


***Follow your passion: not***

According to an article in Psychology Today, following your
passion when choosing a career or business often leads to the

That’s because most people’s passions lie in mostly creative
outlets (e.g., writing), worthy causes (e.g., the environment),
entertainment (e.g., movies), or glitz (e.g., decorating).

As a result, the number of people pursuing these interests is
overwhelming, so many companies in these areas pay employees
poorly, and entrepreneurs in these niches are pressured to lower
prices because of too many competitors.

Source: Psychology Today, 8/14, 9. 46.


***Martin Edelston’s 4 secrets of outrageous business success***

According to my colleague Brian Kurtz, Boardroom founder Marty
Edelston had 4 core principles for business and life success:

1. He outworked everyone.

2. He had insatiable curiosity.

3. He surrounded himself with people smarter than himself
whenever and wherever possible.

4. He always thought about what he could do for you first.


***3 ways to get more clients with better follow-up***

Business coach Mara Glazer says everyone in a client-based
service business should spend 15 minutes a day doing the
following 3 activities:

1–Pick up the phone, and call someone you met at an event but
haven’t connected with offline quite yet.

2–Call an old lead that never turned into a client to see how
they are progressing (or not progressing) without you.

3–Call someone you maybe never met before but that you’ve
wanted to work with.

“I know for many it’s uncomfortable, but it works,” says Mara.
Her advice: Get comfortable with being uncomfortable, pick up
that phone, and finally follow-up so you can start watching your
client enrollment (and the number in your bank account) begin to

Source: Mara Glazer, Working Moms Only, 4/10/14.


***Get more attendees for your webinars***

Most of us promote our webinars heavily to our house e-lists,
but Rally Point Webinars suggest using 3 additional lists: lists
of affiliate partners, rented e-lists, and best of all, the
e-lists of the speakers you are featuring in your webinars.

If the webinar is a free event, point out to your speaker what a
great benefit it is to offer to her valued subscribers. If there
is a product up-sell or a fee for the event, give the speaker an
affiliate commission on all sales made.

Source: “How to Market Your Webinar,” Rally Point white paper,
p. 11.


***Print books are not dead — yet***

A study conducted at the University of Stavanger found that 10th
grade students had better comprehension when reading print books
than when reading books on a computer screen.

Researchers concluded that reading print texts improve
comprehension because of the greater ease of leafing back and
forth between different sections of the book.

Source: Galleycat, 8/12/14.


***The power of free***

It has been proven time and time again that the word “free”
turns more prospects into customers–for example, offering a free
bonus gift when the prospect buys. If you are building a list
or simply want a prospect to take a first action, offering a
valuable free report is often highly successful. Note: Dick
Benson wrote this in 1991 and it is every bit as true today.

Source: Richard Benson, “Secrets of Successful Direct Mail,”
Passport Books.


***My new “swipe file” of self-promotions for copywriters***

In my new e-book, “The Copywriter’s Self-Promotion Toolkit,” I
give you an exclusive swipe file of self-promotions from some of
today’s top freelance copywriters including Richard Armstrong,
Ed Gandia, Chris Marlow, Peter Bowerman, Gordon Graham, Denny
Hatch, and many, many more.

In this Toolkit you’ll find the web sites, brochures, sales
letters, lead magnets, ads, e-mails, press releases, case
studies, and other self-promotions these six-figure writers have
used to get all the clients and projects they need to stay busy
and profitable.

For more information or to download a 90-day risk-free preview
copy of “The Copywriter’s Self-Promotion Toolkit,” click here


***The annual report on social media marketing — yours free!***

Michael Stelzner of Social Media Examiner recently released his
“2014 Social Media Marketing Industry Report.” To download a
free copy of Stelzner’s 50-page social media survey and report,
click here now:

This report has convinced even a social media skeptic like me
that I have to start paying more attention to social media — and
I am already profiting from doing so. Based on a survey of 3,000
marketers, the report gives you a big-picture, bird’s-eye view
of the growing effectiveness of social media marketing and how
marketers are using it to make more money.


***Book of the month***

I’ve written a book on how to create an annual marketing plan.
But consultant Mark Satterfield may have done me one better with
the weekly marketing plain described in his new book “The
One-Week Marketing Plan” (BenBella Books, 2014).

Mark’s new 303-page hardcover book lays out a step-by-step
marketing system you can put in place in just 5 days to get a
consistent stream of new business. The components of the
one-week plan include: choosing your niche market, creating a
free offer, drip marketing messages, traffic building, video
marketing, blogging, social media, and more. Click here to


***And another Book of the Month….***

I am also reading “Hormegeddon: How Too Much of a Good Thing
Leads to Disaster,” by Bill Bonner of Agora Publishing. It’s a
Malcolm Gladwell style think piece against collectivism. Most of
the text is devoted to showing that when collectives (large
groups) are formed to achieve a goal, they often or even usually
fail spectacularly–and why. Read this book, and the next time
you want to form or join a committee, you wisely won’t. I have
always loathed and avoided committees, and now thanks to Bill I
know why.


***Joke of the month***

Who is the smartest sister in the convent? Nun the wiser.

Note: Do you know any good engineer jokes? If so, please e-mail
them to me at


***Quotation of the month***

“Do fewer things and do them well. Focus on the things only you
can do. Do the important things which must be done now.”
–Eric Barker

Source: Early to Rise, 4/10/14..


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