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Better FAQ pages; 3 ways to get paid what you’re worth

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December 3, 2015


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***Boomers not addicted to smart phones***

Boomers simply do not use smartphones as often as younger people
do. Looking specifically at iPhone users, Kantar Media found this
year that older users check the device much less often than
younger users. For many millennials, a day without their
smartphone would be an ordeal. Fewer boomers feel that way.

Source:, 11/2/15.


***How many questions should be on your FAQ page?***

If all your FAQs are on one web page, about five or six is a good
number to deal with. If you add too many more it can start to get
dense and boring.

However, there is a good alternative. You can simply list twenty
questions or so as links that can be clicked on. Each click takes
the prospect to a unique answer page. It’s a great way to handle
a lot of FAQs!

Source: The Levison Letter, 11/4/15.


***Wanted: Experienced direct response copywriters with
successful controls***

A top ad agency is looking for copywriters who understand the
difference between words that sell and words on a page. Expertise
in health supplement sales a must.

“We are one of the busiest direct response firms in America. The
work we can offer you is consistent. The writers we select are
rarely left without a job on their desk. But we don’t accept just
anybody,” says the owner. “We are looking for the best of the
best… proven copywriters with published promotions only.”

The agency asks that candidates please send samples of their best
work in direct mail, magalogs, envelope packages, print
(newspaper/magazine/inserts) or web and email promotions.
Financial, TV, radio and telemarketing scripts a plus.

100% confidential. Looking for complete PDF documents or
web-links only. Word documents and unpublished works will be
discarded. Reply to:


***Make your writing more reader-focused***

One of the most important things you can do to improve the
effectiveness of your copy and content, according to ace marketer
MaryEllen Tribby, is to make it less focused on you — and more
focused on the reader. Example:

>> Author-oriented writing: “I’m going to tell you about how I
lost weight.”

>> Reader-oriented writing: “You’re going to discover a
weight-loss trick that’s worked for me — and it will work for
you, too.”

As my mentor, the late Sig Rosenblum, said: “The reader doesn’t
care about you. She cares about herself — her wants, need,
problems, concerns, worries, and desires.”

Source: MaryEllen Tribby, Working Moms Only, 10/19/15.


***Million-dollar PR advice***

Ace marketer Graham McGregor has just published a new 64-page
e-book, “Million Dollar PR Advice: 12 Proven Strategies to Get
Profitable, Positive Publicity for Your Business.” In it, you
will discover:

** How to become a thought leader — page 44.
** The 4 R’s for successful publicity — page 51.
** Gain visibility and sales with press releases — page 19.
** Harness the power of storytelling in your PR — page 10.
** And more.

To get your free copy of this very practical and useful PR guide,
click here now:


***3 steps to getting paid what you are worth***

1–Tap into an already hungry audience looking for an answer to a
desperate problem they are willing to pay to solve.

2–Deliver the end results your customers are looking for, and it
should preferably be a greater value than available from others.

3–Share contrarian content, testimonials, and case studies that
brand you as an authority in your field.

Source: Terry Dean, Internet Lifestyle Mentor, 10/20/15.


***Spice up your content with contests***

“The desire to compete seems to be part of our DNA,” says Peter
Daisyme, co-founder of Hostt. “Dream up some type of challenge or
contest where people compete against each other for a prize —
they will like it. I’ve used apps like Challenged or the contest
generator on Facebook to add a social cause component, as well as
link participants to celebrities, companies or their friends to
deepen the engagement. What you create needs to be clear, within
reach and reflect what your audience likes.”

Source: STC TechComm Today, 10/21/15.


***Improve your infographics***

–Use a grid to keep the design aligned. This makes everyone’s
eyes happy.
–Keep colors to a minimum. No one wants to read the rainbow.
–Use one or two typefaces. There’s beauty in restraint.
–Use textures cautiously. They can make text difficult to read.
–Don’t use text when you can explain a concept visually.

Source: PR Daily News Feed, 11/4/15.


***Blog posts are getting longer and more frequent***

According to Copyblogger, approximately 23% of bloggers post 2 to
6 times per week. As for length, 57% of bloggers write posts that
average 500 to 1,000 words. When I am asked to write blog posts,
the client usually specifies a length of 500 to 700 words.

Source: Copyblogger, 11/4/15.


***Use the word “video” in your e-mail subject line***

If your e-mail hyperlinks to a web page with a video on it, use
the word “video” in the e-mail subject line. According to
MarketingTechBlog, doing so boosts open rates by 19% and
click-through rates by 65%. Also, putting a video on a product
page can help increase conversion, as 64% of consumers are more
likely to purchase after watching a video about the product.

Source: Ragan’s PR Daily, 11/5/15.


***Quick fitness tips for deskbound PC users***

Sitting at your PC for hours on end is not healthy. But you’re
too busy to take long fitness breaks during your day. So what
should you do?

>> Stand. Get out of your ergonomic chair often, at least every
hour. You’ll feel less tired and your brain will work better.
Work standing up for 5 to 10 minutes (while reading a draft, for
example). You’ll burn 25 percent more calories than sitting down.
>> Pace. If you can pace while you talk on the phone or
brainstorm, you’ll burn almost 4 times as many calories as you
will sitting.

Source: ASJA, The Word, 11/4/15.


***Don’t let your LinkedIn invites accumulate***

When you get a LinkedIn invitation, accept it immediately. Do NOT
allow a backlog of invitations to pile up. If you have too many
unaccepted invites — more than a thousand — glitches in LinkedIn
will make it difficult to accept all of them.

Generally, it’s a bad idea to let too many of anything pile up in
any online receptacle. For instance, if you let e-mails build up
to multiple thousands in your Outlook Trash, it can block you
from getting new e-mails and disable the one-button “Empty Trash”
capability, forcing you to empty them manually.


***Yikes! Yet another social network!***

Social networks — Meerkat, Blab, Periscope — are springing up at
a sickening rate. Now there’s yet another one: Snapchat is a
social media network/app where users can take “Snaps” — photos,
video, text, drawings — and send them to a list. The Snaps can
be viewed for a few seconds before they are deleted from
Snapchat’s servers. Billions of videos and photos are sent on
Snapchat daily. Honestly, I don’t see the value in all this crap.
But I thought you should know about it.


***Just published: my 85th book***

Entrepreneur Press has just published my 85th book, “The
Marketing Plan Handbook: Second Edition,” now available on Amazon
for 27% off the cover price. If you’ve ever wanted to my advice
on how to plan winning marketing campaigns, this is it:


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***Our 60-second commercial***

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