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Focusing your marketing on millennials? Big mistake!

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January 1, 2016


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***Focusing your marketing on millennials? Big mistake!***

The obsession with marketing to millenials is idiotic. We boomers
are who you should be selling to. Reason: As. HubSpot notes,
millenials have no where near the buying power of baby boomers:
70% of the disposable income in the U.S. is controlled by
boomers, and we own 80% of all the money in savings and loan
associations. Half the U.S. market will be over age 50 by 2017.
On top of that, we boomers will inherit $15 trillion in the next
20 years. HubSpot concludes: “You’d have to be an idiot to turn
your back on this humongous market.”

Source: Chief Marketer, 12/18/15.


***The most important question you can ask your prospect***

According to a white paper by CEB, perhaps the most important
question you can ask in sales is: “What do our customers fail to
fully understand about their business, but should, and that leads
uniquely back to our company?”

I have always put it this way: “What is the biggest problem the
customer has that is keeping him up nights that our product or
service can solve?”

Source: CEB Inc. white paper, “The Challenger Customer”


***The world’s most effective SEO tactic***

The most effective way to improve your Google ranking is to get
links to all of the pages of your web site from other
high-quality sites, especially those that are important in your
market. According to a survey of 150 SEO experts, these inbound
links are an 8 out of 10 on the scale of importance for ranking
in Google.

Source: Jonathan Leger, “Geek-Free SEO.”


***Proven 6-step formula gets people to buy***

I love this copywriting formula, which though brief, says it all:

1–Find a hungry buying audience.

2–Call out a desperate problem.

3–Make a unique promise.

4–Back up your promise with overwhelming proof.

5–Make them an irresistible offer.

6–Give them a good reason to take action now.

Source: Terry Dean e-newsletter, 11/19/15.


***Best day of the week for e-mail marketing***

Overwhelmingly, a high number of experts believe that there is no
‘right day’ to send an email campaign because there are just too
many factors that play into the correct timing of sending one
out. Think about it… your company, your industry, and your
audience all have unique demands and needs. Pinpointing those
needs on the right day can be tricky, so we recommend you test to
see what works the best with your audience.

Source: Pinpointe white paper, “Best and Worst Time to Send Email


***Just published: my 86th book***

Adams Media has just published my 86th book. “The Big Book of
Words You Should Know to Sound Smart,” which is now available on
Amazon for 21% off the cover price. If you enjoy words and
expanding your vocabulary, I think you’ll like this one:


***Build your opt-in e-list***

Expand e-newsletter coverage into more channels. The more places
marketers inhabit, the more consumers they will meet. Integrating
YouTube videos of customers or employees discussing a particular
subject, blog posts, and sharing pictures of events your business
has participated in can pique reader interest and humanize the
brand, says an article in Target Marketing.

Source: Today@TarketMarketing, 11/30/15


***Social media marketing exploding***

According to a new eMarketer report, Facebook and Twitter will
remain the top social networks used by U.S. companies in 2016.
And next year, 48.8% of marketers are expected to use Instagram,
up from 18.4% in 2014. Of the marketing professionals surveyed in
October 2015 by the research company Ascend2, only 2% planned to
decrease social budgets in the future, while 67% planned

In my opinion, the enthusiasm for social media is largely
misplaced. A few things do work. These include LinkedIn for
networking and Facebook ads and boosted posts for driving traffic
to squeeze pages and landing pages.

Source: eMarketer Daily, 12/2/15.


***Quotations of the month***

“The fact is life is great and horrible at the same time. Someone
else is always worse off and things could always be better.
Happiness is really a matter of what you are focused on.”
–Bond Halbert


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