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Making social media manageable; best length for online video

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February 1, 2016


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***My 87th and 88th books are out!***

Talia Jevan has just published my 87th book, “Winning in
Commercial Real Estate,” coauthored with wealthy technology and
real estate investor Harmel Rayat — whose commercial real estate
holdings are worth almost $150 million. The book is now available
on Amazon:


Also this month, Motivational Press has released my 88th book,
“Marketing Dictionary for the 21st Century,” a glossary of
today’s most important marketing terms and concepts — also
available on Amazon:


***The secret to making social media manageable***

There are a lot of great social media tools out there, but a huge
part of the inefficiencies associated with social media marketing
involves trying to use too many at once. Many companies use a
publishing tool, a campaign tool, an analytics tool, and a
listening tool, but for most, this is overkill and a waste of
precious time.

Solution: Pick one good tool that fits your specific needs
instead of four that provide only pieces of the solution you
seek, and you’ll save a lot of effort.

Source: Today@Targetmarketing, 1/4/16.


***The death of e-mail marketing is greatly exaggerated***

Social and new media gurus love to tell us that e-mail is dead.
But the facts say otherwise. Experian reports that e-mail volume
rose 24.8% in Q3 2015 year over year. Plus, 37% of brands have
significant increase in transaction rates and revenue per e-mail.
Open rates were at 17.5% in 2015, up from 16.7% a year ago. Yes,
e-mail marketing, not social media, is still the killer app on
the web.

Source: FierceCMO, 12/23/15.


***How long should your online videos be?***

We read all the time how online videos must be short — just a
minute or two.

But video analytics firm Tubular Labs analyzed 24,000 YouTube and
Facebook videos with more than 10,000 engagements each. Their
findings: the average YouTube video was more than 14 minutes. On
Facebook, it was just 81 seconds. Keep in mind though that
YouTube is a platform dedicated to video, while Facebook is not.
BTW, Orchestrate reports that 86% of online marketers use video,
and that video will account for 69% of Internet traffic by next

Source: IAB SmartBrief, 12/15/15 & BMA SmartBrief, 12/28/15.


***How to look at meta tags***

Meta tags — yours and your competitors’ — are key to effective
search engine optimization. Yet the majority of marketers I meet
don’t know what their meta tags are or even how to look at a web
site’s meta tags.

It’s so easy. Open the web page in your browser on a Windows
computer. Right click with your mouse anywhere on the page. From
the boxed menu that pops up, select “View source” or “View Page
Source.” A new page will open showing the HTML code for the web
page in question.

Near the top of the page code, look for bracketed text labeled
“title” and “description.” Read the words between the brackets.
These are the title and description meta tags. Google relies
heavily on title tags for ranking pages in its search engine.
When someone finds your site or page on the Google Search Engine
Results Page (SERP), the descriptive copy displayed on the SERP
is your description meta tag, which you control.

Source: Today@TargetMarketing, 12/16/15


***The world’s most effective SEO tactic***

The most effective way to improve your Google ranking is to get
links to all of the pages of your web site from other
high-quality sites, especially those that are important in your
market. According to a survey of 150 SEO experts, these inbound
links are an 8 out of 10 on the scale of importance for ranking
in Google.

Source: Jonathan Leger, “Geek-Free SEO” e-book.


***More reasons not to market to millennials***

The median income of millennials in New York state (I live here
in NJ near the NY border) is a modest $25,000. That being the
case, Madison Avenue’s obsession to marketing to these kids is
beyond me. By comparison, Americans age 45 to 64 have a median
household income of almost $60,000 — and far greater net worth.

Source: Gotham Writer Newsletter, 1/5/16; Pew Research.


***The next generation isn’t millennials — it’s Z!***

Millennials are yesterday’s news! The new kids on the block are
“Generation Z” — the age group born between 1993 and 2012!

According to marketing firm Koupon, Gen Z is technology obsessed,
highly visual, and the first generation to live their entire
lives in a digital world full of mobile phones, social networks,
and ultra-fast information sharing.

Almost 100% of Gen Z’ers are connected to tech for at least an
hour a day, multitasking across an average of five different
screens throughout the course of their day — almost half are
connected for 10 hours or more daily.

Source: Getting Ahead of Generation Z, Koupon white paper.


***Really, really bad marketing jokes***

Q: Why should you always sit next to social media marketers at
A: Because they share.

Q: What is a pirate’s favorite PPC metric?
A: CT-Rrrrrrrrr.

Q: What do you call the number of times an e-mail marketing
expert can jump on a trampoline?
A: Bounce rate.

Q: Where does a keyword expert go to drink?
A: A bar, pub, tavern, drinks, inn, venue, restaurant, liquor

Q: Which kind of marketers are the happiest?
A: Content marketers.

Source: B2B Marketing Training Updates, 12/18/15.


***Quotations of the month***

“I believe people should aim to become wealthy — not for the sake
of accumulating things, but for the sake of being comfortable and
secure enough to reduce stress and anxiety about money.”
–Mark Ford


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