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Boost click rates up to 90%

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July 4, 2016


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***Little-known secrets increase CTA clicks up to 90%***

1–In a recent split test of call-to-action (CTA) copy by
OnBounce, the CTA generated a 90% better click rate using
first-person copy (“Start my free trial” vs. “Start your free

2–Want to add a bit of extra urgency? Simply include the word
“now” at the end of your CTA (“Start my free trial now”).

3–Test CTA button colors. Choice of color can make a huge
difference, but unfortunately there is no “right color” and
results vary from test to test. As a rule of thumb, we associate
blue with feelings of trust and security. Orange encourages
immediate action. Red amps up the urgency — both orange and red
are great for encouraging subscribers to sign up, buy, or join
right away. Green means “go,” which is why it should be tested
for CTA buttons.

Source: Today@TargetMarketing, 3/28/2016.


***How to feel more positive about life again***

“The key to unlocking our negative emotions is to retrain
ourselves to feel differently, so we can begin to focus on the
positive aspects of life and feel the passion again,” says life
coach Patricia Diesel.

So how do we do this? Answer: find something greater than
yourself to serve. “Live for your family, community, humanity,”
explains Diesel. “Choose something that you really can aspire to
and truly feels good.

“Life is too short to stay in a negative cycle. This is not to
say that you won’t ever feel sad, mad, or stressed out — of
course you will. The difference is that you will not live there
for very long. You can change it.”

Source: Keep It Simple Now e-newsletter, 3/30/2016.


***Help Google find your landing pages***

If you’re developing landing pages for specific search terms, try
to incorporate the keyword prominently in both the page copy and
headline. Make sure the overall message reflects what searchers
are looking for when they type in that query.

However, do not stuff a keyword into the page where it doesn’t
sound natural. Don’t forget that you are writing for people, not
search engines. Plus, search engines are getting better at using
semantics to find and return results, so synonyms and words that
naturally co-occur with your keyword are helpful as well.

Source: Building Better Landing Pages, e-book, Act-On, p. 5.


***The only 3 ways you can grow your business***

#1. Get new customers. Everyone focuses on this growth lever, but
it’s the most difficult and most expensive.

#2. Sell more to your existing customers.

#3. Keep the customers you get from method #1 longer.

“If you’re doing #1 the right way and attracting A+ quality
customers, getting them to happily pay premium pricing for the
added value you bring, then your big opportunity is in keeping
them for a long time,” says consultant Roxanne Emmerich.

She notes that the first 90-days are critical to cementing your
new, hopefully, life-long relationship.

Source: Grow Your Bank, The Emmerich Group, 6/2/2016.


***Promote your book before it’s published***

The biggest mistake authors make is waiting until their books are
published, before thinking about reaching out to media. Editors
and producers feature books exactly when those books come out.

For instance, if your book is scheduled for publication on
November 15, national magazine editors want the book review to
appear in the November issue of the magazine.

But mainstream national magazines plan about 4-5 months ahead of
time. So if you send the review copy and press release in
November, you’re too late.

Source: PW Daily, 3/29/2016.


***The advantages of striving for excellence in all you do***

To leave a legacy of excellence, strive to be your best every
day. As you strive for excellence you inspire excellence in
others. You serve as a role model for your children, your friends
and your colleagues.

One person in pursuit of excellence raises the energy, standards
and behaviors of everyone around them. Your life is your greatest
legacy and since you only have one life to live, give all you

Source: Jon Gordon’s Weekly Newsletter, 3/28/16.


***5 ideas for e-mail content***

1. Repurpose what you already have: Turn content from your latest
webinar or white paper into an e-mail.
2. Share a case study that features an awesome client
successfully (and happily!) using your product or service.
3. Do a Q&A interview with an employee or thought leader from
your organization.
4. Co-market with partners. Share their content with your
audience, and have them share your content with their audience in
5. People respond extremely well to numbered lists, so compile a
“Top 10” list of helpful tips or product recommendations.

Source: Emma Email Marketing, 3/30/2016.


***One way to defeat Writer’s Block***

Intimidated by the thought of writing a long video sales letter
or white paper? Then shrink the task. Mark Twain said, “The
secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret of getting
started is breaking your complex overwhelming tasks into small
manageable tasks, and then starting on the first one.”

Instead of trying to draft an entire presentation or post or
manifesto, break the work into smaller chunks. Write the
headlines. Insert your bio. Drop in the page numbers. Start with
the easy stuff, like the offer or testimonials, first.

Source: Ragan’s PR Daily, 3/30/2016.


***Why 94% of what you think holds you back***

Brian Tracy says that average person talks to himself in a
negative way: As much as 94% of your inner dialogue tends to be
about the things you fear, your worries, the people you’re angry
at, your problems, your concerns and so on.

Solution: You have to consciously keep your words, your inner
dialogue, consistent with what you wish to accomplish.

How to do it: Psychologists have proven that the words, “I can do
it,” are the antidote to the fear of failure that often holds you
back from trying. Repeat these words over and over to yourself
whenever you feel fearful or doubtful about anything that you
want to attempt.

“Say very enthusiastically to yourself, ‘I can do it, I can do
it, I can do it!'” advises Tracy. When you start saying, “I can
do it, I can do it,” you drive that message deep into your
subconscious mind. This message lowers your fears and builds your

Source: Brian Tracy’s Success Newsletter, 3/31/2016.


***Book of the month***

I highly recommend master copywriter Peter Schaible’s book “The
Secret Weapon of a Master Online Copywriter.” It suggests using
the psychology of Carl Jung to position your brand for success
online. Just 68 pages, this book is like a gem — small but


***Quotation of the month***

“Crabby honesty is more helpful to people than platitudes that do
not seem to acknowledge the horrible circumstances in the
spectrum of human existence.”
–Chris Donnelly


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***Our 60-second commercial***

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