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Gary Bencivenga’s “lost” copywriting formula

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August 1, 2016


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***A new formula for copywriting success***

Internet marketing coach Terry Dean cites a formula from Gary
Bencivenga for generating reader interest in your copy: Interest
= Benefit + Curiosity.

We know benefits sell. But Terry points out that even if you have
a strong, specific, emotional benefit, you lose the prospect’s
attention if it is not also combined with curiosity.

“It’s curiosity that gets you to click,” says Terry. “If your
audience can predict what you’re going to say next, you’ve
already lost their interest.”

Source: Internet Lifestyle Mentor, 3/31/2016.


***The true value of social media in marketing***

Subscriber Dennis Kelly, President First Impressions Media,
writes: “The tentacles of Social Media have grown to enormous
proportions, but all of your messaging on social networks is not
to make the pitch on there but to drive them to your turf. Your
landing page. Your website.” Ben Settle says essentially the same
thing, but adds the goal is to capture the e-mail address and build
your e-list.

Adds Dennis, “In the compound on M*A*S*H, there was a directional
pillar with dozens of cities and their miles away from Korea.
Modify that to demonstrate your website is the compound and all
those directional signs of Twitter and Facebook and Pinterest and
Instagram and dozens more are all pointing back to your site.
Share the information or wage the sale on your turf where you can
capture e-mail and full address options of your prospects.


***Why do some marketers not personalize their content?***

More than half (59%) of US marketers surveyed by Demand Metric
and Seismic said they do not personalize content because they
don’t have the technology. Some 59% of respondents said they
don’t have the bandwidth or resources, and 54% said they don’t
have the needed data.

Few — 6% of respondents — said the technology is not sufficiently
advanced. And another 6% of marketers said they tried to
personalize content, but it didn’t work well.

Source: eMarketer Daily, 4/3/2016.


***For best results, focus on your strengths***

Most of us are taught on work to improving our weaknesses. But
Jon Gordon says you get a better pay-off working to get even
better in your areas of strength.

“What are your strengths? What do you do best? What are your best
selling products? Where can you be the strongest? What do you want
to become known for?” asks author Jon Gordon.

“Once you know the answers to these questions then you’ll want to
spend your time, energy, focus, practice, and effort simplifying,
mastering the fundamentals, developing your strengths, and
creating a culture of execution.

“The more time you spend developing and leading with your
strengths the more you will become known for them. The stronger
your strengths become the greater impact you will have.”

Source: Jon Gordon’s Newsletter, 4/4/2016.


***How B2B marketing has changed***

B2B buyers today are self-educators and get much further along
the path to purchase before making contact with a business than
in decades past. Because of the level of information B2B
marketers have on their customer segments — or at least should
have — their aim should be to make sure customers are educating
themselves with their organization, rather than a competitor.

Rather than moving them down a funnel towards a sale, marketers
need to give customers what they want: relevant, timely
information which is appropriate to their situation. Get that
right, and sales are far more likely to follow.

Source: B2B Marketing e-newsletter, 4/5/2016.


***Be selective about who you accept as a customer or client***

“I don’t like dissatisfied customers, so, I’m big on
disqualification,” says Internet marketing master Perry Marshall.
“If I don’t think something is right for you, I’ll tell you. I
don’t like people coming back and saying, ‘It wasn’t worth it … it
didn’t help me … it wasn’t a good fit.’

“I suggest you put disqualification mechanisms in all of your
sales funnels too. It will save you refunds, chargebacks, and
customer service nightmares. And it will help you laser-in on
your best customers and make them giddy with satisfaction.”

Source: Perry Marshall e-mail, 4/7/2016.


***Advice for workaholics***

Work only five or six days per week, and rest completely on the
seventh day. Every single study in this area shows that you will
be far more productive in the five or six days that you work if
you take one or two days off completely than you ever would be if
you worked straight through for seven days.

During this time off, do not catch up on reports, organize your
desk, prepare proposals, or do anything else that requires mental
effort. Simply let your mind relax completely, and get busy doing
things with your family and friends.

Source: Brian Tracy’s Success Newsletter, 4/8/2016.


***Job hunting tip***

If you are looking for a senior executive position, you probably
won’t find it on or other online job sites. According
to ExecuNet, 82% of job openings paying $200,000 a year or more
are not posted online.

Also, if you want to search for a new job, improve and bring your
LinkedIn profile up to date. Today, LinkedIn is a major tool
recruiters use to find new talent, and your profile decides
whether they contact you or not. There is a circular graphic at
the top right of your LinkedIn profile that rates its strength.


***The right way to tell clients your opinion***

1–Give legitimate critical feedback in the selling process …
offering constructive criticism at the outset sets a precedent
for the ongoing relationship.

2–Be a recommender … problems are often easier to swallow when
they come with recommended solutions or at least alternative

3–Before weighing in, appreciate each aspect of the situation
and ask pertinent questions … more information is usually better
— and informal market research, competitive audits, and early
marketing test results all come into play here.

Source: Ragan’s PR Daily, 6/7/2016.


***Travel writing success — for writers who hate travel***

Did you know that you can be a very successful travel writer —
without traveling anywhere?

How? By writing articles on sites, attractions, activities, and
people right in your home town. Of course, this works better if
you live somewhere that is a travel destination — like Baltimore
or Rome.

One editor at Fodor’s Travel says she prefers working with local
writers because they “know how a city ticks. This inside status
gives you an edge when you pitch stories on your home town.”

Source: Beth Kanter, The Writer, 6/2012, p. 40.


***Joke of the month***

Q: Why do melons have to get married in a church?
A: Because they cantaloupe.


***Quotation of the month***

“We believe that we all come from the same source, and that,
ultimately, we are heading towards the same place and our
destinies are intertwined. Therefore, we must protect the sources
of all life on Earth, and we must work for the betterment of all
–Allison Miller

Source: Building the Beloved Community newsletter, April 2016,


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