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Pricing freelance services; closing more sales leads

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Bob Bly’s Direct Response Letter:
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May 1, 2017


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***The 20/20/20 rule of people photography in marketing

Show a photograph of your target market on the cover of your
brochure. The first question anyone will ask when he or she picks
up your sales literature is, “Who is this for — for people like

But remember the 20 percent rule. Show photos of people who are
20 percent younger than your target market, 20 percent more
attractive, 20 percent better dressed, and 20 percent thinner —
because that’s how most people see themselves.

Source: Today@Targetmarketing, 4/14/17.


***Brand new marketing guide for business coaches — yours free***

My marketing colleague Graham McGregor has just released a brand
new, no-cost 28-page marketing guide for business coaches called
“You Deserve Perfect Coaching Clients.” It reveals 5 simple
strategies you can use to attract great coaching clients from
around the world. To download your free copy, click here now:


***How trustworthy are web sites for information research?***

First, look at the source and its reputation. Is the author
trustworthy, perhaps with relevant credentials? Look for a Bio or
About tab. Contact information is a plus. Is the organization
well-known and reliable? Are sources identified? If the site’s
reputation isn’t clear, verify the information through other good

A print equivalent to an online source is a positive sign. For
example, The Writer has a web presence and a physical copy. This
increases the likelihood of editors checking for accuracy and clarity,
among other things.

Look at the web site’s domain extension. Sites with .com are
often commercial, so their interest in selling might affect how
and what they present. Sites with .edu are education-related
sites. That might seem to be reliable, but schools sometimes give
web site space to everyone associated with them. That means that
professors can have web sites discussing subjects other than
their field of expertise

Source: The Writer, 4/3/2017.


***Are you remarketing yet?***

“Remarketing” is an AdWords feature that puts your ads in front
of Web users who’ve already visited your site. Why is this

Think about it — if people have already expressed interest in
your product or service by visiting your website, then they’re
more likely to click on your ads and ultimately make a purchase.
Remarketing gives you a second chance to bring prospects back to
your website.

Source: Today@Targetmarketing


*** Pricing freelance services***

Pricing is a vital consideration for any freelancer looking for
clients. Price yourself too low and you will look suspiciously
cheap, price your services too high and clients will be put off.
Research is key here. Try to look at what your competitors are
doing, and base your pricing on what you find.

As above, though, make sure that you identify where you can add
value to a project, and build this into your price. Often,
potential clients won’t simply look for the lowest quote: they’ll
look for the one that offers the most value.

Source: ASJA Weekly, 4/4/17


***A great tip for following up sales leads***

Say you’ve had what you thought was a good discovery conversation
and your prospect asks for more detailed information or even a
proposal. They say, “Send me the proposal and call me back.” You
send off that proposal, call your prospect, and never, ever
connect again.

What to do? The answer is simple: Always schedule the next step.
When your prospect asks for a proposal, you say: “I’d be happy
to get a proposal to you. I’ll get it out to you by (fill in time frame).
Let’s set up a time to go over it together. What does your calendar
look like?”

Source: Wendy Weiss e-newsletter, 4/19/17.


***Outer envelopes for B2B direct mail***

Most business-to-business mail is intercepted by a gatekeeper. If
your DM package looks too much like advertising, the mail room
may dump it.

You stand a better chance of reaching your prospect if your
envelope looks personal, important, and businesslike. If you use
a blank envelope, make it completely blank — no teaser copy,
no graphics, no logo — just the letter signer’s name and street
address in the upper left corner on the front of the envelope.

Source: Dean Reick, Target Marketing, 4/3/2017.


***A smart way to get more PR***

Want your PR pitches to stand out? Then read articles written by
reporters to whom you want to pitch. Reason: You will get a sense
for what topics reporters cover, their writing style, and the kinds of
things they print.

You can then easily tailor a pitch or press release to a specific
reporter or publication. The more relevant it is to the reporter,
the more likely your piece will make it to print.

Source: PR Daily News Feed, 4/3/2017.


***Check out these charity vetting sites***

Unsure, either as a potential donor or a fundraising copywriter,
if a nonprofit is on the up and up? Then visit GuideStar,
CharityNavigator, and CharityWatch. These web sites will give you
an overview of an organization’s financial health and budget


***Attend my 2Q 2017 writing and marketing workshops***

I will be giving a presentation on how you can have the best of
both worlds as a freelance writer — writing what you are
passionate about plus making a six-figure annual income at the
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I’ll also be giving a talk on “The 4 Levels of Content Marketing”
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prerecorded and available with all the Summit presentations on
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***Take your creativity to the next level…***

…with our just-published multimedia home study program,
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