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Measure social media ROI; boost blog readership

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Bob Bly’s Direct Response Letter:
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June 1, 2017


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***Why you should develop a stream of passive income***

About a week or so ago, after checking all my email, we left the
house at 6pm to get a quick dinner. When we returned at 7:30pm, I
checked my email again. In the 90 minutes we were out, I had
gotten approximately $900 in info product orders online, all for
products I was not currently promoting that week. Ah, the joy of
passive income! Full disclosure: this is an isolated incident and
not a typical result.

Action step: If you have a 9-to-5 job or are in a service
business where you are only paid when you are actively working, I
urge you to develop a second profit center that generates passive
income. Mine is info marketing online:


***How do you know whether social media is paying off for you?***

Measure conversions from your social media efforts to see if they
are paying off, that’s how. Conversions include white paper
downloads, e-newsletter subscriptions, opt-ins, inquiries, and

If you are generating leads instead of orders, you also need to
measure the conversion of leads to sales. Google analytics or
your ecommerce software can help you measure all this. Set up a
unique or trackable URL for each action, and you can track the
leads and sales generated by each tweet, blog post, or other
social marketing effort.

Source: Social Media Examiner, 5/19/17.


***A super-successful ad campaign of staggering genius***

“Many years ago, there was a wood heat stove/fireplace business
that fell victim to a flood,” says superstar ad man Brian Croner.
“We put the owners in a row boat in the middle of their showroom
amidst all the stoves which were partially underwater, and the
opening line was: ‘These stoves DON’T FLOAT!’ They sold every
water-damaged stove in stock and then some.”

Source: Brian Croner,


***Boost your blog readership***

Increase your social media shares by using Buffer, Hootsuite, or
Sprout Social. They all offer features that include blog feed
integration, social media scheduling, and analytics.

Make your blog post more visual by crafting images using Canva or
Adobe Spark. Both tools are free and can help you create images
to accompany your posts, illustrate a point or make a line of
text pop.

Many bloggers swear by Grammarly to ensure that their posts are
mistake-free and easy to read, and Grammar Girl offers an app to
help make sure your writing is clean and tight.

Source: PR Daily Extra, 5/19/17.


***How to stop wasting time in meetings***

Everyone knows how dull and boring meetings can be. Yet more than
half of employees report that the number of meetings they have is

Even worse, so many meetings are a waste of time: 2 out of 3
employees say that more than half the meetings they attend are
not of value.

Plus, more than a third of all meetings are ad hoc, meaning they
are an unplanned interruption. Research shows that unscheduled
interruptions at work leave people more exhausted and prone to
making errors.

It can also take up to an hour or more to regain the deep
concentration you have on your task before you were interrupted.

Action step: The next time someone asks for a meeting, ask why —
and whether the objective can’t be accomplished more quickly,
efficiently, and rapidly via e-mail, phone, or Skype.

Source: Workfront executive brief, “Stop Wasting 45% of Your


***Do you listen to your customers?***

Let your customers tell you what they want to buy. And after
they tell you, pay attention to what they actually buy (both
listen and watch because they’re not always sure exactly what
they want either). Keep the lines of communication open. You’ve
got to listen.

Source: Terry Dean, My Marketing Coach, 5/16/17.


***How to handle failure***

Superstar entrepreneur and investor Harmal Rayat observes, “The
average person is crushed when the fail. They sit and wallow. Get
over it. Entrepreneurs accept failure as a temporary setback and
as a teaching lesson on what to do, and what not to do next

Source: Rayat Report, 5/10/17.


***An underused approach to getting PR in major media outlets***

Want PR in the NY Times, Wall Street Journal, or Forbes? Then
stop insisting on features. Reason: If you’ll accept only
features or profile pieces in major media outlets, your chances
of ever getting covered are severely diminished.

Every executive wants a big profile of the company on the cover
of a major magazine or newspaper. But most stories are about a
trend, several companies, or some recent news with quotes from
experts. Profiles are few and far between.

Action step: You must think like a reporter or journalist. Your
business is never as exciting as you think it is. But if you tie
it to a current event or trend and pitch it that way, you’re on
the right track.

Source: PR Daily News Feed, 5/12/17.


***Employees love getting awards***

According to a survey conducted by Bersin and Associates,
businesses with successful employee awards programs have 31% less
voluntary turnover compared to other companies. Moreover, the
same study reported that workplaces which recognize staff enjoy
better employee engagement, productivity, and customer service
compared to organizations that don’t practice recognition.

Conclusion: Employee rewards programs are a great way to improve
morale. They can produce measurable returns that benefit your

Source: Successories email, 5/18/17,


***Use e-cover letters with digital press releases***

A press release may cover all of the necessary information you
are trying to convey. But it will bog down journalists who are
looking for news.

Solution: Try pairing a press release with a quick email
introduction highlighting main bullet points and key takeaways
from the release. Why it works: The reporter will appreciate your
taking the time to craft a separate message and simplifying the

Source Ragan’s PR Daily, 5/18/17.


***Quotation of the month***

“People tell you time is money. But that’s not true … time is
–Brian Walker

Source: Drayton Bird e-newsletter, 5/10/17.

And click here for details on Drayton’s next — and last — direct
marketing mastery workshop, June 28-29, 2017:


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