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Increase FB audience; SEO for mobile

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July 3, 2017


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***Show your Facebook posts to more people….***

You don’t need to buy boosted posts or ads on Facebook to get
your message across on social media. Just pay attention to the
latest algorithm changes announced on the Facebook Newsroom link


Then adjust your Facebook content to widen distribution by
delivering content the updated algorithm favors. For example, in
autumn 2014, Facebook announced that it was going to start
favoring link posts with images attached over photo posts with
URLs in their captions. By February 2015, link posts were getting
as much as 3X the organic reach of photo posts.

Source: PR Daily News Feed, 5/22/17.


***…because Facebook gets people to buy!***

A recent Animo survey shows that 64% of Facebook video ad viewers
say it influences buying decisions. These consumers report that
watching a branded video on Facebook has affected a purchasing
decision made in the last month. Also, 84% of consumers use their
mobile devices to view social video, and 81% of marketers are
meeting that need by optimizing for mobile

Source: IAB SmartBrief, 6/7/17.


***Boost your mobile website’s ranking on Google***

With most people searching with a mobile device, Google’s
algorithms will primarily use the mobile version of a site’s
content to rank it in search results. The problem is that many
mobile websites contain less content than their desktop

So what should you do? If your mobile website content is
lightweight compared to your desktop site, consider moving to a
“responsive site,” meaning the website content and markup is the
same across mobile and desktop.

Source: Today@TargetMarketing, 6/27/17


***The psychology of web marketing***

Online sales psychology takes into account the psychology behind
elements on your website and ties it in with user behavior. The
goal: to offer a seamless experience for improved conversion and

“Use online sales psychology to bridge the gap between your
website visitors and website conversions,” says UK ad man Craig
Murphy. He insists that Google Analytics only tells half a story:
“Sure, it highlights high bounce rates on pages, but how do you
know exactly what is causing the high bounce rate?”

Solution: By using video recording software, you can gain insight
into the real-time behaviors of your users and watch exactly how
they are interacting with your website. Tip: Install some free
screen recording software such as It can
record visitor activity on your site and show you exactly what
your website issues are.



***What works in LinkedIn InMail when prospecting for new

The best way to communicate with potential clients on LinkedIn
InMail is to prove your value without asking for anything from

How to do this: show genuine interest in helping them and do so
by sharing some helpful information — a free white paper,
article, or ebook — to earn their trust and maybe even pique
their interest in you as a resource. If what you share ties back
or is related to your product, even better. What to avoid: blatant
selling and pitching for the reader’s business.

Source: How to Master the Art of LinkedIn InMail Prospecting,
Accent Technologies, white paper, p. 3.


***4 tips for overcoming writer’s block***

>> Lower your standards (at first). Drafts hold the promise of
the final version. Look for the possibilities in raw copy instead
of dismissing the effort as a failure. A draft is a necessary
step on the way to publication.

>> Make a note. Instead of wasting precious minutes crafting the
perfect lead, spew out a rough draft of a story, print and mark
it up. Note what can be cut, what can be moved, what needs to be

>> Write earlier. Let the first draft guide your research. As you
write it, you’ll rapidly find out what you know and what you need
to know.

>> Keep at it. Writing is hard work, but it’s fun. Strive to
improve, but accept what you produce.

Source: ASJA Weekly, 5/23/17.


***Best time of day for PR people to pitch journalists***

Want to get the media to pick up your press release? Then send it
out early. According to a survey from Muck Rack, 64% of
journalists prefer to be pitched between 7am and 11am.

Source: PR Daily News Feed, 6/7/17.


***Divide your writing day into segments to maximize energy and

The human brain thrives when it sees an end in sight. That’s why
long distance runners often get fatigued halfway through a race,
then get a “second wind” when the race is almost over. It’s much
easier to push through when you know the finish line is near.

Bringing the topic back to writing, you can trick your brain into
staying focused by dividing your day up into sections. Instead of
sitting down at 8 a.m. and planning on writing until 4 p.m.,
break your day up into hour-long segments. Write for an hour and
then take a 10-minute break. Write for another hour and take
another short break. When your mind knows that you only have to
push through for a 60-minute block of time, you’re much more apt
to stay on task.

Source: PR Daily News Feed, 5/31/17.


***Boost freelance productivity by outsourcing routine tasks***

The key to productivity as a freelancer is to focus only on your
core money-making activity — and getting help when you need it
for everything else. Look for ways that you can affordably build
an infrastructure to support you and ensure your time is free to
do your best work. As your business grows, you may look to
subcontractors, virtual assistants, or even an in-person
assistant who can take rote tasks off your plate and leave you
free for higher-value (and billable) tasks.

Source: ASJA Weekly, 5/30/17.


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