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Optimize your site for voice searches

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Bob Bly’s Direct Response Letter:
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November 2, 2017


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***Optimize your website for voice-activated search***

Comscore predicts that half of searches will be done through
voice by 2020. So you may want to take these steps to do voice
SEO for your site:

>> Rewrite your site copy to mimic natural language.
>> Use hyperbolic words like “best” or “top” as consumers tend to
use these in voice searches.
>> Optimize your site for commonly asked questions.
>> Do SEO for long-tail queries including who, what, when,
where, and why words.
>> Incorporate regional or local language in your web copy.

Source: Today@TargetMarketing, 9/12/17.


***Webinar: How to write better and faster***

On November 15, from 1pm to 2:30pm EST, I will be giving a
webinar for Lorman Education on “Business Writing Fundamentals”
— and you are invited:

In this webinar, you will learn:

>> 10 steps to writing better and faster.
>> The SAP formula for writing success — Subject, Audience,
>> The 6 C’s of readable writing.
>> How to achieve just the right tone.
>> Core principles of modern business composition.
>> And more….

For the details … or to register and save 50% off the regular
tuition rate … click here now:


***Publishing and selling Kindle ebooks on Amazon — once
difficult, now easy***

One stop-resource reveals how to publish your book as a Kindle
ebook and make money selling it on Amazon. New authors making big
money by doing what we reveal on:


***Turn a 10% loser into a profitable winner***

Superstar copywriter Carline Anglade-Cole suggests that if your
package underperforms the control by a slim margin, then there’s
a chance you could improve the results with a stronger headline.

Her advice: Offer to write a new cover if the client is willing
to retest — and don’t charge the client for any additional
creative test. Your goal is to turn your package into a winner —
so you need another shot in the mail.

Also, let’s say your package was 10% behind the control in
response. So you’re not a winner — but you’re not a loser
either. The client should be able to recoup his losses on the
list rental side of his business. This is where he rents out his
names to other mailers.

Says Carline: “This is a HUGE source of income for marketing
companies. So, if your package brought in new names — the client
is making money off those names on the list side of the

Source: Copy Star, 8/25/17.


***The 24/2 method of selling more of your articles and stories***

Whenever a magazine rejects an article pitch, you should always
do two things within 24 hours of getting the rejection: First,
email the editor a “thank you” for considering your idea, and
also pitch her another idea in that same email.

Second, take the rejected query and email it to a different
editor at another magazine. Do these things without fail on every
rejection of an article query, essay, or short story, and watch
your hit rate improve.

Source: Kelly James-Enger, “Writers for Hire,” Writer’s Digest


***Moving toward positive change***

“Momentum is a force that makes it easier for someone who’s
successful to do what’s right rather than what’s wrong. Momentum
is the process of getting the snowball moving. The hardest part
about working out is getting to the gym. Once you get there, it’s
not that hard to do what you need to do. When you’re in motion,
things begin to line up.”

Source: Harv Eker,, 8/24/17.


***What works best in ads: color or black and white?***

According to Jay Siff, color ads get 42% more attention than
black and white. Prospective customers will hold on to a color
business card 10 times longer than a white card. Up to 90% of
people’s instant judgment of a product can be based solely on

Source: Jay Marketing Tips, 8/25/17.


***”Always” avoid absolutes***

In your writing, avoid using absolutes such as “always,” “never,”
“can’t,” “nothing,” and “won’t.” Reason: Because absolute claims
are difficult to prove, they cause readers to be skeptical of
them. For instance, instead of saying “Most people,” say instead
“Many people.” Much more credible.

Source: “10 Ways to Improve Your Writing Today,” Ragan.


***Vary sentence length to add rhythm to your writing***

“Short and broken sentences add energy to your writing,” writes
Henneke at Enchanting Marketing, who compares writing to
composing music.

To change the mood in a musical piece, a legato playing style can
be interrupted by a few notes of staccato. The same is true in
writing. When you only write long sentences, you slowly lull your
reader to sleep. By interrupting a calming flow with a few
ultra-short sentences, you attract attention to your point. You
wake your reader up.

Source: PR Daily News Feed, 8/28/17.


***5 ways to kill your goals***

1–Don’t start working until the optimal moment.

2–Wait until you have an uninterrupted span of time.

3–Hold off until you are sure there are no distractions.

4–Wait until you feel inspired.

5–Don’t start until you have an ideal plan for your process.

Says writer Taylor Grant, author of this list: “This is
perfectionism — and it is the surest way to stop your progress.

“If we want to meet goals and finish projects, we have to find
ways to work on them whether we want to or not. We can never
count on the perfect circumstance.”


***Quotation of the month***

“For a man to be at peace with himself was important, not what
people say. People are often wrong, and public opinion can
change, and the hatreds of people are rarely reasonable things.
There was no use a man wearing himself out with hatred and
–Louis L’Amour, “The First Fast Draw,” Bantam Books.


***Reprint my articles — free!***

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***Our 60-second commercial***

Bob Bly is available on a limited basis for copywriting of
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