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Learn to avoid this word in copywriting

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Bob Bly’s Direct Response Letter:
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February 1, 2018


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***Improving Facebook advertising ROI–once easier, now more

According to Facebook advertising expert Steve Fantasia, “We are
seeing a reduction in the number of overall Ad impressions but an
increase in FB ad revenue.” The result? An increase in cost per

“Advertisers need to acknowledge that Facebook is not designed to
be an ad platform,” says Steve. “Deep in their core, Facebook
doesn’ t want to show ads. Unlike TV or radio or print, FB is not
designed around your ad placement.”

The bottom line, he adds, is that FB is no longer a low-hanging
advertising placement that allows for sloppy tactics:
“Competition for ad space will be a survival of the fittest.”

Solution: Steve says FB advertisers need to be even more
strategic with their ad strategy including sequence, placement,
ad type, audience creation, and exclusion. “The platform still
carries immense targeting potential but new thinking will be
needed to capitalize,” he says.

Source: Bright Source Media,


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***Too many choices spoil the sale***

Although it may seem counterintuitive, the fewer choices you give
prospects, the more (not less) sales you will make. In a
supermarket study, one group of shoppers were offered 24
different samples of jams, and another group were offered 6
samples to choose from. Result: those shoppers with only 6
flavors to choose from bought 20% more jam than those with 24
flavors to choose from. An article about the study concludes:
“Understand the psychology of confusion. Offer fewer options, and
sales will be greater.”

Source: Ragan’s PR Daily, 12/29/2017.


***A good word for copywriters to learn to avoid***

Although it might sound counterintuitive, “learn” is actually not
a great word for copy.

Reason: For many people, learning is actually a bit of a
negative. It hints at hard work and study, and brings up memories
of endless classroom boredom from our school days.

Solution: Instead of learn, use “master,” “discover,” “get,” or
“gain” — e.g., “Gain new skills” is better than “learn new


***Let Uber help you recruit better employees***

When hiring an employee or even a virtual assistant, ask
candidates for their Uber rating — meaning the average rating
given to them as a passenger by their Uber drivers. Reason: the
rating gives you some insight into how nice the person is when
dealing with others.


***On finding your “voice”***

Every writer has a voice. The best way to find yours? Let your
personality shine through in your copy while keeping a
conversational tone. And keep in mind: It’s easier to write in
your own voice than it is to mimic someone else.

Source: PR Daily News Feed, 1/2/18.


***Quick tip for writing white papers better and faster***

When writing a white paper, check out other white papers on the
same topic. They may give you some ideas, useful data you don’t
have, and ideas on how to differentiate your white paper from
theirs. Two sites where you can find white papers:


***Marketers: think twice before posting bogus glowing reviews***

Many marketers ask friends and colleagues to post glowing online
product reviews, and some even pay strangers to do it.

But a recent survey of 548 business professionals indicates that
doing so may be an error. The survey found that 67% of buyers
want to see a MIX of positive and negative reviews, and 72% say
negative reviews help provide depth and insight. The survey
concludes, “Negatives add to your trustworthiness and

Source: G2 Crowd, 2018 Benchmark Report: Impact of Reviews on B2B


***The 6 things you need to successfully market your webinar***

1–Promotional e-mails — ideally 2 or 3 to your list as well as
affiliate lists.

2–Landing page — where registrants land when they click to
register for your event. Captures basic registration information
and provides brief detail about the presentation.

3–Confirmation e-mail with details about the date, time, topic,
and how to join the event.

4–Reminder e-mails on the day before and the day of the event to
maximize attendance.

5–Post-webinar e-mails — one to thank people for attending the
event and providing a link to the archive, and another to those
who registered but did not attend the live event, directing them
to the event on demand.

6–A banner you can put on your home page alerting visitors to
the upcoming presentation.

Source: 10 Steps to Planning a Successful Webinar, ON24 white
paper, pp. 6-7.


***Yanik Silver’s 3 tips for becoming a success***

>> Focus most of your time on your core strengths and less time
working in areas in which you are weak.

>> Get paid before you deliver your product or service — and when
possible figure how to create recurring revenue from

>> Bootstrap — start your business on a shoestring. Reason:
having too much capital leads to incredible waste and doing
things using conventional means.


***”Experiential marketing” moves millennials toward purchase***

Unlike the boomers before them, millennials would rather spend
their money on experiences over things. You can market more
effectively to millennials by creating memorable, special moments
for them. Example: The M&M Store in Manhattan has an “M&M Mood
Scale” customers can stand on that ostensibly displays their
mood. Customers also scoop out and weigh their own M&Ms before
taking the bag to checkout.

Source: PR Daily News Feed, 1/25/2018.


***Quotation of the month***

“A book that instructs in some profitable field is a priceless
treasure. It never forgets even a minor principle of its
conceptual message, yet it will not scold you if you forget even
the major ones. It will not rebuke you for your tardiness or
slow-witted comprehension. Such a book ranks as one of man’s best
friends. And if the bookseller offers it and you fail to assume
ownership, who will be the poorer, you or he?”
–Jerry Buchanan, Towers Club USA Newsletter, #39


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