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Does your website have domain authority?

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Bob Bly’s Direct Response Letter:
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January 1, 2018


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***Does your website have “domain authority”?***

Your website’s domain authority (DA) is a major part of your SEO
ranking. DA has an ascending scale of 1 to 100. The higher your
domain authority, the higher you will land in Google searches.

Domain authority factors include links to your site, links from
your site to other sites with high DA’s, and your site’s age. Use
this free tool to discover your website’s domain authority:

Source: Ragan’s PR Daily, 10/17/17.


***Using customer insight to create competitive advantage***

Vera Bradley tapped into social media to gain insights into the
demographics of their customers. They identified the shortcomings
of smartphone battery life and the annoyance of awkward battery
cases as a pain point for their market of millennial women.
As a result, Vera Bradley created a bag with a built-in
smartphone charger. This helped to improve its offerings and
reach a new audience without introducing change that might
alienate its faithful, long-time customers.

Source: PR Daily News Feed, 10/26/17.


***To get good at writing, write every day***

If you have big writing goals, then you need to commit to writing
daily, says Ashley Eneriz, a freelance writer and children’s book
author. The same principle applies to getting in shape or
learning a new language.

“You can’t wait around for inspiration to hit, nor can you expect
creativity to flow the second you sit in front of your computer,”
says Eneriz. “You wouldn’t expect to run a marathon without
training, and the same is true with writing.”

Source: ASJA Weekly, 11/21/2017.


***Feeling buried under piles of paperwork?***

Rather than trying to handle bills and paperwork while they are a
mess, make a filing system first. Buy an expandable file box or
use a cardboard box and folders. Then, organize the folders for
bills, insurance, letters, bank statements and anything else you
may have on hand. Once you are coordinated and organized,
tackling the tasks will become easier than you think. And, it
will be easier to find the things you need on hand.

Source: Working Moms Only, 9/21/17.


***Before you bash other people’s marketing, read this***

Before you criticize other people’s work or abilities, remember
that you don’t know the full story. Their website might not be
“good” because they’ve been burning the midnight oil to keep a
struggling business afloat. Their latest project might not
impress because it was eviscerated in the review process.

Freelancer Kathy Cowan says: “May I instead suggest the real
reason behind your critical thinking? You’re insecure. You’re
threatened by others. Or worse, you’re so over-confident that you
actually think you’re better than everyone else.”

Her advice? Have an honest word with your ego. And consider
whether your criticism is justified or pointlessly negative.

Source: ASJA Weekly, 10/17/17.


***Have an attitude of gratitude***

Take a moment to let someone know that you appreciate them… a
spouse, family member, co-worker, or friend. Call them, write a
letter, send them a text, or whatever to let them know how much
they matter. Sometimes they need to hear this more than you know.
The benefits to expressing your thanks and gratitude will be
significant, both for them and for you.

Source: Jon Gordon’s Weekly Newsletter, 11/20/17.


***The FAST way to repurpose content***

“Recycling” or “repurposing” is taking existing content and using
it in another format or fashion. The FAST formula makes it quick
and easy:

F – FIND appropriate excerpts.
A – ADD to free materials.
S – SWIPE other people’s content.
T – TRANSCRIBE your rants.

Source: CEOs Edge 12/13/17


***5 easy ways to improve your life***

1–Meditate for 3 minutes daily.
2–Drink more water.
3–Set a budget.
4–Prune your possessions.
5–Have one night a week with no screens.

Source: Fast Track, 12/2017, p.2


***Time-saving holiday gift-giving tip***

This advice may seem inappropriately late since Christmas has
just passed, but it applies throughout the year as well: For
major holidays (e.g., Easter, Mother’s Day), get your gifts at
least 3-4 weeks ahead of the date. Advantages:

>> You avoid rush shipping charges and stock run-outs.
>> You get it off your to-do list which reduces stress.
>> You make a more thoughtful selection to increase the
recipient’s delight.
>> You actually have the luxury of time to think about it.


***Quotation of the month***

“Life is too short for work to suck.”
–Terry Dean, internet marketing coach.


***Reprint my articles — free!***

Media, bloggers, marketers, editors, publishers, Web masters —
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***Our 60-second commercial***

Bob Bly is available on a limited basis for copywriting of
landing pages, direct mail packages, video sales letters,
brochures, white papers, ads, email marketing campaigns, PR
materials, and webpages. We recommend you call for a FREE copy
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