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The awful truth about logos; the power of misdirection

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May 3, 2018


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***The awful truth about logos and slogans***

Superstar copywriter Drayton Bird says, “Nobody gives a hoot
about your logo or slogan. Have you ever gone to a shop and said
‘Love the logo. Got to buy that’? Or ever muttered to yourself
‘The best just got better. Fancy that! Must switch to Sky’?

People only want to know what you will do to help them. Tell them
— repeatedly. Show why you can do it better than alternatives.
They will notice your logo pretty soon. Don’t waste energy on the
slogan. It’s almost impossible to come up with a good one. Invest
on testing things that may make more money.

Source: Drayton Bird email, 4/12/18.


***Just published — my 95th book — FREE sample chapter!***

Entrepreneur Press has publishing my 95th book, “The Digital
Marketing Handbook: Make Your Websites Make More Money.”
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***”Misdirection” boosts content readership***

“Branded content” is content sponsored by a marketer for the
express purpose of promoting their company or product.

“Misdirection” is delaying the mention of the marketer or their
product until later on in the piece rather than the lead.

A study by Pressboard of 300 branded content articles found that
people spent on average 21% more time reading the articles when
the name of the sponsoring marketer was not mentioned until after
the first 300 words vs. articles in which the brand is mentioned
within the first 100 words.

Conclusion: Putting in a brand, company, or product name too
early signals readers that what they are reading is marketing,
not genuine objective content.

Source: PR Daily News Feed, 4/3/18.


***Free podcast: The Agora Model for online marketing***

The “Agora Model” is one of the best ways to market any business.
It’s used to market thousands of products ranging from
information publishing all the way up to fitness training and
even funeral homes.

Now, discover the secrets behind this powerful online marketing
model in this interview I’ve done with my new friend Igor
Kheifets on his show The List Building Lifestyle. To listen for
free, click here now:

***Does Ad Age needs a lesson in writing headlines?***

Recently got an email from Ad Age inviting me to several of their
events. The headline: “More events than you can shake a stick
at.” If that’s the best headline Ad Age’s marketing department
can write, they should go back to school and take Advertising 101


***3 steps to become a superior human being***

To become a superior human being, spend 1 hour a day on any one
of the following:

>> Reading a hard book.
>> Intense physical practice/training.
>> Writing.

Ben Settle says: “Do all three daily, and you’ll be within the
top 1% of human beings in 5 years, guaranteed.”

Even if he’s wrong, I can think of worse ways to spend one’s


***Quotation of the month***

“You are here for a reason and the most important thing you can
do in life is to find, live, and share your purpose. It’s the one
thing in life that truly matters and if you don’t pursue it,
everything else is meaningless.”
–Jon Gordon

Source: Jon Gordon’s Weekly Newsletter, 4/30/18.


***When social media is actually valuable***

In an interview with Poets & Writers magazine (6/18, p. 75), Lala
Lalami says, “As a critic, I think social media can be quite
dangerous. A place with so many opinions makes it hard to
maintain independent thinking.”

While I don’t love social media, I don’t agree with Lala’s logic:
the interactivity of social media actually forces you to think
even more about your independent opinion on any given topic
before you post and discuss it.


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