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Boost renewal rates, D.U.T.M.A. rule for presentations

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June 1, 2018


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***D.U.T.M.A. (don’t use too many acronyms!)***

When giving presentations, you should avoid overuse of acronyms,
advises professional speaker Nick Morgan.

As Morgan notes, acronyms and abbreviations are everywhere, from
the FBI and CIA to FOMO and SMH. Some are helpful, even
essential. The FBI would never get anything done if all its
agents had to say, “Federal Bureau of Investigation,” every time
they explained where they worked. So, acronyms can be a

“However, in public speaking, acronyms are not very good at doing
what they’re enlisted for: helping the audience remember a long
list of concepts,” he says.

Example: You, the speaker, may have spent hours figuring out that
E.X.C.E.L.L.E.N.C.E. stands for “excellence, ‘xpertise,’ craft,
endurance, lavishness, length, enquiry, nonchalance, cleverness,
and evergreen.”

The problem is that your audience won’t assimilate that. Back in
the office, they’ll be scratching their heads saying, “What did
the third ‘e’ stand for?” — if they think about it at all

Source: Ragan’s PR Daily, 5/3/18.


***Make money online without a product — yours free***

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***Ideal word length for billboards***

It is best to keep text in a billboard to 6 words. The obvious
reason: When people pass a billboard while driving, they are
unlikely to stop and read it.

You can go a few words over if you must. But if you feel the need
for more copy to do the job, a billboard may not be the medium of
choice for you.

Source: Today@TargetMarketing, 5/16/18.


***Want to boost renewal rates? Pick up the phone!***

An extensive survey on renewal practices found that organizations
with the highest membership renewal rates don’t rely on email
renewals only. The secret? Boost your renewal rates by adding a
phone call as one of your renewal efforts. When? Ideally after
the first two email renewal notices have been sent.

Source: SIPAlert Daily, 5/16/18.


***Quotation of the month***

“Right now is the best time of your life. After all, the only
place in time that you actually occupy is now.”
–Ken Keis, CEO, Consulting Resource Group International


***Reprint my articles — free!***

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***Our 60-second commercial***

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