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6 secrets of successful self-employment

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July 2, 2018


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***The 6 secrets of successful self-employment***

1–Listen to the market and be flexible.

2–Focus instead of trying to help everyone.

3–Learn from every single experience, especially the ones that

4–Reinvent your services over and over, even when you don’t want

5–Care about people.

6–Fight constantly against the laziness that is in all of us.

Source: Ilise Benun, Marketing Mentor, 6/25/18.


***Free sample chapter — from my new email book***

My 96th book, “The New Email Revolution,” has just been released
by Skyhorse Publishing — and you can download a free sample
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***5 types of people you want to associate with***

#1: Positive people — these folks seem to have an inherent “can
do” attitude.

#2: Go-getters — someone who sets goals and goes after them.

#3: Those who can overcome adversity — instead of allowing
adversity to hold them back, they see it as challenge to turn
things around.

#4: Visionaries — they think out of the box and are often
innovative in their approach to solving problems.

#5: Knowledge seekers — lifelong learners who realize that
knowledge is dynamic and best practices can evolve over time.

Source: AWAI, Sandy Frank, The Golden Thread, 6/25/18.


***To be or not to be***

Whenever possible, replace “to be” verbs with something more
compelling and specific. For example, change “6 ways to be a
better content marketer” to “6 ways to write better content.”

Source: PR Daily, 6/25/18.


***The key to helping your team create big success***

The key to team success is having a “shared vision,” which is
simply a vision that the entire team shares. It’s a vision that
unites and inspires the team members individually and
collectively, and moves everyone on the team in the same

Source: Jon Gordon’s Weekly Newsletter, 6/25/18.


***5 tips for pricing your freelance writing services***

1–The riskier a project, whether due to the scope or aggressive
goals, the more you should charge.

2–The more a project allows you to deepen or broaden your skills
or portfolio, the more leniency you should have on price.

3–The tighter the timeline for a project, the more you should

4–Your daily rate should be approximately 1% percent of your
annual revenue target; e.g., if you want to make $100,000 a year,
charge $1,000 per day or $125 an hour. Reason: only 40% to 60% of
the average freelancer’s time in the office is billable.

5–Your anchor clients — the ones who give you significant
recurring business — should get a deal.

Source: ASJA Weekly, 6/26/18.


***Quotation of the month***

“Do your work with an energy which boggles the slack,
lackadaisical wishes and dreams of those who think things might
arrive without the good fight. They talk you down for making
things work when they can’t make things work … while they rail at
their seeming misfortune which is only brought about by a gross
laziness and a licorice stick-like backbone.”
–Charles Bukowski, “Charles Bukowski on Writing” (Ecco, 2015),
p. 187.


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