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Since 1979, freelance copywriter Bob Bly has written hundreds of winning promotions – including landing pages, white papers, e-mail marketing, ads, and sales letters – for over 100 clients including IBM, AT&T, Ingersoll-Rand, and Intech.

Now, in Bob’s 41-page special report, Marketing with Content, you’ll discover proven tips for using free information offers to generate more leads, conversion, and sales, including:

  • 10 steps to a successful content marketing campaign. Page 29.
  • How to write killer content-rich white papers. Page 4.
  • Where to get great content you can use in your marketing for free. Page 11.
  • An easy way to increase the perceived value of your content. Page 22.
  • 6 ways to create a great title for your lead magnets. Page 32.
  • How to write and designing a high-conversion landing page for content offers. Page 36.
  • 10 secrets of selling to techies. Page 1.
  • Free Bonus: Infographic: Marketing Rules of Thumb. Page 39.
  • And much more….