Methodology for graphic design, production, and project management


Clients frequently ask whether we can bid on a direct mail package or e-mail marketing campaign “as an ad agency.” They may want us to do the design along with the copy, manage a direct mail project from start to finish, or otherwise provide a single source for their direct mail and e-mail marketing needs.


Here’s what we can – and cannot – do:


  1. Basically, I’m a freelance copywriter – not a creative services agency, marketing communications firm, ad agency, list broker, or boutique.
  2. My specialty is writing copy that sells. Period. I add little or no value performing any other function. Writing powerful copy is the primary value I deliver to my clients.
  3. If you need graphic design as well as copy, I will refer you to one of several graphic artists I regularly recommend to my clients.
  4. These designers are listed on the Vendors page of under the heading “Direct Mail Graphic Design.” You can get a quote for the design from them directly (the most efficient route), but we don’t mind doing this for you on your behalf.
  5. I can give the designer considerable guidance – as much or as little as you and she would like. My copy comes with a copywriter’s rough. It’s drawn neatly in Microsoft Word, making the design easy to follow (copy elements are clearly keyed to the layout).
  6. Whether you use your designer or ours, we would like (but do not insist upon) to get a PDF of the layout before the piece goes to press. I will review it at no charge to make sure the elements are laid out correctly and that everything works.
  7. We also proofread the PDF for you thoroughly, again at no charge, and usually find typos that our clients miss. However, you are responsible for the final proofing.
  8. If you need agency style project management with an account executive, we have several freelance project managers we recommend. These are on the Vendors page under “Project Management.”
  9. If you need list recommendations, just go to one of my recommended list brokers on the Vendors page under the heading “Mailing List Brokers.” There is no need for me to get involved, but if you want me to talk with the broker on your behalf or review their list recommendations and give you my opinion, I can do so on a consulting basis.
  10. My forte is writing copy for solo mailings. I can give advice on marketing strategy or campaign planning, but if you need a formal marketing plan, I will probably recommend you to one of the consultants listed on the Vendors page.