The Untapped Gold Mine of Copywriting That Virtually No One Knows About

The World’s Best-Kept Copywriting Secrets


Do you want to move up a level from being an ordinary or even a good copywriter to a master copywriter? This session gives you secrets master copywriters use to generate readership, reaction, and response far above the results average copywriters get. You will discover:


·        The USP: your product’s “reason for being.”

·        The secret of the Big Promise.

·        The secret of the 4 U’s.

·        Understanding the buyer’s Core Complex with “BDF.”

·        Reaching prospects on a deeper level (intellectual, emotional, personal).

·        The FAB pyramid of features and benefits.

·        The 4 legs of the stool.

·        The Motivating sequence.

·        The secret of Abundant Proof.

·        Creating a copy platform.


After leaving this session, Bob guarantees you will know how to:


·        Write copy at a level far above ordinary copywriters.

·        Know when copy submitted to you won’t work and what is needed to fix it.

·        Reach prospects with your copy on a deeper, more powerful level than you do right now.


About the instructor:


McGraw-Hill calls Bob Bly “America’s top copywriter.” A freelance copywriter with more than 25 years experience, Bob has written copy for over 100 companies including PSE&G, BOC Gases, Medical Economics, and IBM. He is the author of more than 70 books including The Copywriter’s Handbook (Henry Holt), cited as a “mini-classic of direct marketing” by the Direct Marketing Club of New York.




Contact Information:

Bob Bly

Copywriter/Consultant/Seminar Leader

22 East Quackenbush Avenue, 3rd Floor

Dumont, NJ  07628


(fax) 201-385-1138