Everything You Need to Know About Email Marketing

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What’s Working
in E-mail Marketing Today


This session reveals what’s working today in e-mail marketing for selling information products – and how to apply these techniques to your own campaigns. You will discover:


·        4 proven business models for making money online.

·        Anatomy of an e-mail marketing message.

·        The back-end of the e-mail: landing pages and micro-sites.

·        Conversion tips for traffic generated by SEO, pay-per-click, e-zines, and e-mail.

·        Simple trick increases click-through rates to Google Adwords 170%.

·        5-minute formula for writing subject lines increases response 25% to 50%.

·        What should be in the “from” line?

·        Deciding on format: text, HTML, or text in an HTML shell.

·        What works best in e-mail: long or short copy?

·        Increasing e-mail response rates with pictures.

·        The most powerful secret for successful e-mail marketing

·        The rule of 10/10.


After leaving this session, Bob guarantees you will know how to:


·        Write e-mail copy at a level far above ordinary copywriters.

·        Know when e-mail copy submitted to you won’t work and what is needed to fix it.

·        Use testing to increase your chances of a profitable campaign.


About the instructor:


A freelance copywriter with more than 25 years experience, Bob Bly has written copy for dozens of publishers including Phillips, Agora, KCI, Brownstone, and Medical Economics. He is the author of more than 60 books including The Online Copywriter’s Handbook (McGraw-Hill) and Internet Direct Mail (NTC Business Books).




Contact Information:

Bob Bly. Copywriter

22 East Quackenbush Avenue, 3rd Floor

Dumont, NJ  07628


(fax) 201-385-1138