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Become an Instant Guru: How to Gain a Reputation As A Leading Expert In Your Field

 In 60 Days Or Less




What do Tom Peters, Steven Covey, Alan Dershowitz, and Dr. Ruth Weisthemier have in common? They are gurus -- recognized authorities in their fields. Because of their guru status, they enjoy greater visibility and reputation than their peers, not to mention more success, income, and wealth.


Based on his book How to Become a Recognized Authority in Your Field in 60 Days or Less (Alpha Books), Bob Bly will show you how you (or your client) can achieve guru status -- and enjoy the success, money, fame, and other benefits that go with the position.


By becoming a guru, you set yourself above your competitors, become the preferred source of advice and service in your market, and eliminate the need to make cold calls and do the selling ordinary vendors do.


If you have ever looked at the gurus in your field and thought, “How did they become gurus? Why does the media and the public fawn over them? I know more than they do, and I’m better than they are,” now you can join their elite ranks -- and have others envy and wonder about you in the same way.


In this program you’ll discover:


* Why the most talented people in any given field are usually not the recognized gurus ... and why their less talented competitors often win the coveted guru status instead.

* The one thing most gurus do to ensure their success that most other people never do.

* The easiest way to attain early guru status. Anyone can do it.

* How public relations can give you an enormous leg up over your competitors in your race to become the guru in your field.

* The “60 Day Instant Guru Program” ... start being recognized as a leading expert in your field in 2 months from today or less.

* “The Guru Shortcut” -- What Tom Peter, Wayne Dyer, and Alan Dershowitz did to become gurus literally overnight. With some luck, you can too.

* How to profit from becoming a guru -- even if you yourself personally hate gurus!




Bob Bly is a freelance copywriter specializing in business-to-business, high-tech, industrial, and direct marketing. Bly is the author of more than 55 books including Public Relations Kit for Dummies (Alpha books, with Eric Yaverbaum), Selling Your Services (Henry Holt & Co.), and The Copywriter’s Handbook (Henry Holt).


Bob’s articles have appeared in such publications as Direct Marketing, Business Marketing, Direct, Writer's Digest, New Jersey Monthly, Cosmopolitan, Amtrak Express, Computer Decisions, and Sharing Ideas. He has appeared on dozens of radio and TV shows including CNBC, News Channel 12, and Hard Copy.