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STOCK #1 ... 9-11 and bin Laden have made defense stocks red hot. Dennis�s favorite defense pure play is a company that makes military support and electronics for the U.S. Armed Forces. Net income for the last quarter was up a whopping 44%.


STOCK #2 ... What business is 100% recession-proof? Health care! Even if the economy is in the toilet, people still get sick and go to the doctor. Dennis�s favorite health company makes automatic injectors and pre-filled syringes that prevent �needlestick� -- health care workers accidentally sticking themselves with needles and contracting AIDS or other infectious diseases -- a hot issue in the health care industry right now. Growth is through the roof, with earnings per share up 414.3%.


STOCK #3 ... Americans love gambling and want to win -- but at the track, they seldom do. By investing in Dennis�s favorite gaming company, you profit no matter which horse wins, places, or shows. Revenue for 2001 was up 78% over the previous year.


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